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B.R Michelle Hau (Editor), Steve Wong (Assistant Editor), Jenny Reed, Stephanie Anderson, Katharine Chan, Kim Barnes, Ms. K. Roth. 
M.R Greg Fowler, Evan Crawford, Vanessa Lee, Serlene Chan, Yvonne Au, Jason Lee, Gordon Cheung, Alfred Wong 
F.R.: Cosmos Yeh, David Tseng, Grace Koo, Sylvia Suen, Connie Sze, Chris Tse, Vince Lau. 

1 996-1 997 has been a very special year for the yearbook because the three schools have decided to do the layout and 
design of all the pages on the computer. It has been particularly difficult for the Senior School because we had to train all 
the members of the Committee to use PageMaker and to make matters worse, I am a complete computer idiot! Luckily, 
with the help of Mr, Jackson, Mrs. Richards and the support of Ms, Roth, we all survived the transition and most of the staff 
are now capable of operating the program. 

Special thanks to Mr. Smith, for photocopying all the tiny images (Sorry for killing all those trees!!) designed by this year's 
top grade 1 1 artist, David Tseng. The Middle School section and parts of the Senior School section are "equipped" with 
"Flip-Pages TM", and hopefully, all of you will be flipping through the yearbook more than once for "non-stop" cartoon 
action. Thanks to Aries for chatting with me and coming up with this fabulous idea. 

Thanks also to Mrs. Card, the Accounting Office, the Development Office, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Winters, Mrs. Nason and Mrs. 
Strauss for their help and continuous support. The yearbook will not exist without their assistance and constant 

This yearbook cannot possibly be produced without the help of the yearbook staff and there are just too many of you to 
mention! A big thank you to all of you for your hard work and for giving up your spare time everyday after school to help. 
To the grads who helped out this year, good luck to all of you in the future! To those who are staying, Steve Wong will need 
your regular support next year because he will be taking over as Editor, with Vanessa Lee as his assistant. 

Some final thoughts on the yearbook; the main reason for joining the Yearbook Committee for the past 2 years is because I 
feel very proud when I see a page that I have designed appear in over 600 yearbooks. Besides that, every single page in 
the yearbook gives everyone a particular memory about a certain event and this is what makes the job really rewarding. 

Thanks again for a tremendous and truly unforgettable experience. 


-Michelle Hau 
Editor, 96-97 


When I decided to make St Michaels University School my new career and Victoria my home, I knew I 
was beginning an exciting phase in my life. You do not make such changes without long, serious 
thoughts and lots of self analysis. I had to think hard about the affect upon my family as well as 
myself. I had to weigh the benefits of change opposed to stability. In the end my family's risk-taking, 
adventurous side took precedence over any qualms that we had. We have not regretted it one bit. 

I knew the Junior School would be a warm and busy environment where the attitudes to academics 
and personal growth were equally balanced in a nurturing and challenging environment. The school 
has provided many opportunities for me to learn and grow this year. I have thrilled at the excitement 
the students have derived from their studies. At every grade level there was a sense of energy as 
new projects or activities were initiated. The interest of these young children in their own learning is 
always high and constant. Teaching such children is an enormous privilege and, of course, lots of 
fun. You can more than meet learning expectations and go on to stretch those minds further. It is 
humbling and energizing to be a leader in this wonderful school! 

I would like to thank all the parents and students of the Junior School who made me feel welcome 
from the first day on. The patience you have all displayed as I learned the ropes of my new world has 
been long-suffering! Neither would I have been as effective without the support of the marvelous 
teachers of the Junior School. They have spent many hours teaching me the traditions and routines 
that are important to a school with the reputation we have at St. Michaels University School. Patient 
to the end, has been Wendy Wilson, who has organized me daily, weekly, monthly, with never an 
exasperated word or look! 

Finally, I would like to say a fond farewell to Peter Bousfield, teacher of Grade 5 English and Grade 4 
Social Studies this year. After many years Mr. Bousfield is retiring to begin an exciting life on the golf 
course and tennis courts. We hope he will enjoy every well-earned minute! The good wishes and 
resounding thanks of the whole school, teachers, students, young and old, near and far, go with him. 

Farewell for now-see you in the September in the newly renovated halls of the Junior School! 

Sally P. BIyth, Director 

St. Michaels University Junior School 

Photo Unavailable 
Portrait by Shannon and 
Melissa Ko 



Back Row L-R John Harris. Diana Nason, Kathleen Cook, Kelly Lindsay, Sunny Pollard, Susan Moore, Mary Smith , 

Peter Bousfield, Heidi Davis, Gary Barber 

Front Row L-R Elko Larson, Yoko Guthrie, Katie Dent, Anna Forbes. Sally BIyth, Wendy Wilson. Adrienne Boulton, 

Gordon Chan. 

Missing from photo: Mary Hunphreys 

Farewell, Mr. Bousfield 

We bid a fond farewell to Mr. Bousfield in June. After a long association witfi the 
school, including his early education and 26 years of teaching, he decided he 
wanted more time for golf, and other interests. He will be remembered as a fine 
teacher of English and Social Studies, who managed yearly, to encourage won- 
derful writing from his students. We're happy to know that his commitment to the 
school will continue, as he will be involved at the Development Office. We'll miss 
those wonderful one liners that put smiles on all our faces. Enjoy your well 
deserved retirement, Mr. Bousfield. 

The following is an excerpt from a song sung by the female staff for Mr. Bousfield 
at his retirement dinner. Lyrics by Sunny Pollard 

Thank heavens. Bowser Boy, you're going to join the newest swinging scene. 

Thank heavens, Bowser Boy, you're changing from caffeine to Ovaltine. 

Your charm, your laughs still lift us to the ceiling, one silly comment always sends 

the staff room reeling. 

Thank heavens, we've worked with you; we won't forget your charm, your wit ...A 

teacher such as you.... Without you. ...What would boys and girls do? 

Thank heavens... .Thank heavens.... 

Thank heavens.... Just for you! 


Back Row L-R Ms. Lindsay, Amrita Pooni, Tom Bridger, Monica Rossa, Charles Leitz, Mackenzie Stone, 
Katherine Peiffer, Douglas Grimmer, Madeline Parrott 

Front Row L-R Rachel Davel, Heather Timms, Elliott Wheeler, Janelle Hill, Olev Anniko, Joel Nason, 
KimberleyAnn McLean, Jennifer Bassyouni, Jake Kislock 



BACK ROW L-R Mrs. Cook, Peter Currie, Jeremy Chew, Andrew Crow, Clayton Thornber, Michael Van der Westhuizen, Hannah 

Wilson, Curtis Smith 

MIDDLE ROW L-R Qrlstina Bachand, Manny Pasquale, Nicole Cook, Owen Duckett, Terra Barnes, Gillian Harper, Carlie Hutchison 

FRONT ROW L-R Adam Kenes, Jack Wooder, Terry Kho. Annelies Bekes, Louis Hayes, Evan Rankin, Darren Broome, Jenny 



Front Row L-R Kelly Sharp, Jane Wooder, Nicholas Burnett, Daniel Dale, Justin Ko, Molly Cameron, Mckyla Mclntyre, Jennifer Smith. 
Middle Row L-R Miss Moore, Duncan Mclntyre, Ellis Gray, Christopher McCrodan, Taisuke Nakano-Scott, Callie Waters, Stephen 
Dong, Shane Keepence, Cheymus McNulty. 
Back Row L-R Kevin O'Riordan, Danielle Denley, Anne Penner, Aaron Brook, Ria Mavrikos, Stephanie Pollard, Joshua Wilson. 

The Discovery of Planet X 
The year was 2046. The month was June. There was a probe 
sent out into space, to see if there was a Planet X. Discoverer 1 
was two times as fast as light. In one hour, Discoverer 1 was at 
the asteroid belt. It went past Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and 
Pluto. Then Discoverer 1 blasted up to the stars. The probe 
had all sorts of stuff on it. Oxygen tanks, astronauts, cargo, zap 
guns for shooting unexpected Aliens, and some food. Then 
they saw a light. It was bigger than all of them. They got closer 
to it, but it was only a star. Then they saw something else. It 
was quite invisible. It was a black hole. They quickly turned 
away and landed on a planet, but it wasn't Planet X. It was 
Planet S. What had happened was that Discoverer 1 had 
landed on one of Planet X's moons. Then they took off and 
Discoverer 1 landed on Planet X. They got off the probe and 
took a look around. They looked around and saw nothing. 
Then they heard something. It was getting louder and louder 
and louder, and then they saw it. It was an alien army. They 
ran back to Discoverer 1 (the probe). They took off and did the 
same thing backward all the way to Earth. When they got back, 
they told everybody about their adventure. 
Kevin O'Riordan 

As I look out my window at the pouring rain, 
I think about how it's rained again. 
I can't go outside anymore, 
I sigh as I look at the door. 
As I sing a song, 

I keep on thinking about how this weekend is so long. 
I want to go to school. 
I am tired of not one rule. 
My brother is at a sleepover, 
and no one can come over. 

Just as I look outside to see the rain has come to a stop, 
I am so happy I begin to hop! 

Mckyla Mclntyre 


The Blizzard 
of 96. 

One day there was snow and more came then 
some ice and it turned into the blizzard of 96. 
Then some wind came. 

Aaron Brook 



Front Row L-R Christina Moser, Felicia Chapheau, Evan Finlay, James Bridger, Alastair Crow, Emma Bjornert, Gabrielle 

Quinian, Baylie McKnight, Laura Faryna. 

Middle Row L-R Amber Hill, Taylor McKinnon, Christopher Snider, Jasmine Bains, Rice Honeywell, Anton Laipnieks, Dan 

Christensen, Mrs. Sunny Pollard. 

Back Row L-R Scott Stone, Eraser Gow, Bianka Saravana-Bawan, Benz Phaisaltantiwongs, Matthew Gow, Alexandra Lee. 



It rained so hard that the weather 
station moved to France. 
The witch's cackle was so loud that 
it rumbled the Earth. 

Felicia Chapheau 

Baylie McKnight 

Five Little Dinosaurs 
Five little dinosaurs trying to roar, 
Along came a rock fall then there were four. 
Four little dinosaurs swimming in the sea, 
Along came a huge wave then there were three. 
Three little dinosaurs needing something to do, 
Along came a Deinoychus then there were two. 
Two little dinosaurs staring at the sun. 
Along came a drought then there was one. 
One little dinosaur our story's almost done, 
Along came an Iguanadon then there was none. 
Laura Faryna 


Grade 4D 

Front Row L-R Jeremy Hanson-Finger, Cheryl Tyndall, Christopher Burnett, Julie Ehrmantraut, Melissa Ko, Daniel Mcllvaney, 

Michael Loomer. 

Middle Row L-R Mrs. Nason, Janel Willms, Sydney Flavins, John Vernon, Nicholas Csomany 

Back Row L-R Davide Loggia, Graeme McCrodan, Tisah Tucknott, Evan Hesketh, Tomi Cherniawsky, Isiah Fasquale. 

Grade 4F 

Front Row L-R Taryn Bodrug, Evan Morgan, Ellie Shortt, Jeannine Bartz, Brendan Inglis, Quinn Cope, Liam Flannigan. 

Middle Row L-R Mrs. Forbes, Sean Smith, Marisa Brook, Jocelyn Smith, Diana Izard, Eve Honeywell. 

Back Row L-R Sidney McLaughlin, Kurt Penner, Andrew Sharp, Navraj Chima, Robert Orr. 


A Winter's Night in the Snow 

As I gallop through the woods on my horse, Calypso 
the snow gently patters on my back. I slow Calypso 
down to a walk to watch the soft, heavy snow, come 
down thicker, weighing the branches down until they 
almost touch the ground. I watch the snowflakes, 
dancing, whirling, around and around until they fall to 
the ground. This calm, peaceful world is suddenly 
shattered as a pheasant beats its wings and flutters to 
the sky, causing a heavily snow-laden branch to sway, 
dropping all of its snow. The snow becomes thicker so 
that I can only see a few feet ahead of me. I call to my 
horse to head home, but my voice is lost in the wind. 
Calypso didn't need me to tell him to head home, he 
knew already. As I leave the dark, cold woods, I think 
how peaceful it is. 

Diana Izard, 4F 

Festive Food 

As I walked in the kitchen I could 
smell that old fashioned scrumptious 
smell and the sound of the water 
sizzling. And when I sat down we 
said grace and the lined surface of 
the gnochhi was so fluffy, so bumpy, 
so spicy. The white soft gnocchi so 
chewy, so chewy, so chewy. At my 
Grandma's it is always cheerful, 
always warm. The old flowered table 
cloth I know so well, always warm, 
always big. 

Isiah Pasquale 4D 


Colorful, enthusiastic, kind, short-haired, 

Sister of Anna and Evan. 

Who loves art, corn, watermelon, whiskers 

Who fears spiders, wasps, the dark 

Who would like to see Small Hope Bay, 

Stratford On Avon, Paris 

A resident of Victoria 


Janel Willms4D 


Grade 5J 

Front Row L-R Deanna Singh. Michael Mlllerchip, Huf Mclntyre, Matthew Hill, Jeffrey Mitchelmore, Nicholas Purcell, Laura 


Middle Row L-R Ian Broome, Jory Mackay, Reay Foster, Jaimie Lee, Samantha Saravana-Bawan, Michelle Gow 

Back Row L-R Mr. Harris, Meredith Lewis, Farrah Merall, Arlane Vincent, Andrew Vander Westhuizen, Christina Moseley, 

Nicholas Hargrove 



Front Row L-R Bianca Barlz, John Mcintosh, Gillian Kirkham, Shannon Ko, Shannon Waters, Alec Harper, Jennifer Blumberg 

Middle Row L-R Stephen Paulson, Nikolas Sopow, Mark Zakus, Adam Jennings, Justin Pommervllle, Laura Chrlstensen, Lucas 


Front Row L-R Mr. Bousfleld, Bria Wilson, Robyn Plasterer, Mathis Rogner, Brittany Crow, Jessica Crow. Jessica Moll, Bradley 


The Lion 

Prowling through his fields. 
Lord of the Land, he is 
His mane-his crownn, 
His eyes-a terror to gaze on 
His teeth are swords. 

As he turns, 

An antelope grazes near. 

He stalks it. 

And brings it down. 

He roars, 

A loud, terrifying roar. 

That makes echoes over the land. 

As the king 

He never goes hungry, 

Taking food from others, 

Just by showing his proud, muscular 


sleeping in peace, 

All but invincible. 

He is the lion. 

Lord of the Land 

Jennifer Blumberg 5P 



















A Sundae In May 

A sundae in May 

Is wonderful I say. 

A sundae on a hot day. 

A sundae in December 

Is not one to remember. 

For something hot, is a better 


A sundae is, 

as you will see, 

A wonderfully tasty thing 

If it's strawberry or butterscotch, 

Maple or cherry 

It tastes delicious, all the same 

Ariane Vincent 5J 



The string orchestra musicians at the Junior School learned 
new skills and performed with enthusiasm on serval occa- 
sions this year. Grade 4 strings learned their basic skills in 
the fall, and subsequently performed in school assemblies 
and at the Arts Festival. The Grade 5 class journeyed with 
their instruments in 2nd term to Middle School and per- 
formed in a chapel service. At the end of the third term their 
visit was to the Senior School where they experienced a 
stringclass with the Grade 10 students. That was fun! The 
cross grade orchestra played in December at the Monterey 
Centre, at the Carol Service and in the final presentation at 
Speech Day. It was a fine year of strong ensemble playing 
and we were happy to introduce our new school director to 
the sound of music making. 

Mrs. M. F. Smith 



During the Christmas season the Grade 5 and 12 choirs and Grade 5 strings 
performed at the Monterey Senior's Centre for their annual December tea. 
This has been quite a tradition, and the date has already been set for the next 
gathering. The SMUS Christmas Bazaar started off with festive singing of 
carols from the Grade 4, 5, and 12 choirs, and the term ended with all Grades 
K-5 participating in the Junior School Carol Service. 

In February during the mid term break, members of the Grade 4/5 choir were 
invited to perform at a Memorial Service in the Lt. Governor General's House, 
and in March, the Grades 4/5 choirs joined in a massed choral celebration with 
the Grade 9, 10, 11, 12, and Alumni Choirs in the old gym at the Senior 

On May 14th, the Grade 3 class joined forces with the Grades 4 and 5, and 
performed several choral selections, as well as playing recorders. This concert 
also included all the stnngs players. 

The final presentation of the year was at Prize Day, which took place in the 
Royal Theatre. 

It has been a pleasure working with this year's Grade 5 class, and I hope they 
will continue to sing on their journey through the Middle and Senior School. 
Mrs. Mary Humphreys 

Rice Honeywell, grade 3 


As I slowly blunder in the cold, dark forest, 
As the snow slowly drifts down from the sky, 
I am trying to find my way, I am trying to find my 
way home. 

As the snow gets heavier, 

As a bright yellow, bird flashes by, 

I am trying to find my way home, I am trying to find 

my way home. 

There is my house, I see it over there. 

The one with the windows, frosty and patterned, 

I have found my way home, I have found my way 


Julie Ehrmantraut, Grade 4D 

Wonderful Spring 

The golden sun casts rays of yellow 

Upon our wonderful world 

And all the animals that share Earth 

With all considerate folk. 

Newborn animals chirp and bleat. 

To peck and graze from day to day, 

For us to look at Mother Nature's 

Radiant bouquet of countless colours 

Flowing to meet the sea of sky. 

In the distance the clouds flushed, 

A joyous pink from the departing of 

The weary sun. 

Soon the stars will set out 

To help the moon to lead the way. 

Evan Morgan, Grade 4F 

The French Board Walk 

The early morning touch of sun. 

Rose over the town and then began. 

To sprinkle its light over the sea. 

Which brought out the warmth like in a cup of tea. 

I edged toward the old grey dock, 

To see if maybe the winds could talk, 

They spoke in a very gentle voice, 

"We give a small breeze or gusts your choice!" 

I saw a mademoiselle in a fancy dress. 
Which I envied for my dress was less, 
She walked her normal walk with style, 
Which I tried to learn for quite a while. 

Farrah Merali, Grade 5J 

A Mouth Watering Pizza 



Big and Round 

To sink my teeth 

I dream of you 

Pepperoni, Cheese, 

Peppers, Mushrooms, 


Hard to resist 

the sensation 

of those taste buds 


Bria Wilson, Grade 5P 


Bugs by Kindergarten Class 


The moon is standing 

In the sky 

Like an ornament 

On a pine tree 

Anne Penner, Grade 2 

Graeme McCrodan. Grade 4D 

The Horse 

Wild and free 

A long golden streak 

He flies away running on air over the 


A speck of gold on the horizon 

Running right in the path of danger 

Never caught, always running 

On long, strong legs 

Hunters catching nothing 

But a strand of a long golden tail 

Christina Moseley, Grade 5J 

T. _, Taylor McKinnon, Grade 3 

The Poppy 

The Poppy 

I am a poppy 

I grow around the graves 

I am both happy and sad 

When I am happy I take care of the people who died 

When I am sad I remind you of them 

I, the poppy will be here forever 

I will remino you to think of the people that helped 

the families grow. 

I am the poppy 

I twist and turn around the graves 

With my bright red petals people see me 

They stop to think "Thank you very much" 

I am the poppy 

I am the symbol of war and peace 

People wear me on Remembrance Day 

I am the poppy I have seen everything 
I was lying around a grave when it happened 
I have seen the happiness of the soldiers 
I have seen the hurt souls of the soldiers 
It was my job to take care of the graves 

I have tried to make war stop.... 

But what can I do? I am only a flower 

Taryn Bodrug, Grade 4F 

The Poppies 

The poppies in Flanders Fields blow. 

The men who died 

lie below the crosses 

row by row. 

These mark the places of the men 

who lost their lives. 

Their lives were cut by a knife. 

They fought to set us free 

They see us above 

When they hand us the torch. 

Stephen Dong, Grade 2 

Jennifer Blumberg. Grade 5P 





m^L ,At^ 


H^HF -^ ^ 






, \ 

1996-97 has undoubtedly been one of the most 
successful years for sporting achievement. In the 
Fall Term our Cross Country runners won four 
championships. A team of 60 runners participated in 
the seven races and showed great determination in 
tackling the rigors of this sport. 
The Grade 5 Boy's and Girl's Soccer teams 
completed their seasons undefeated. The Boys 
played 1 games, won 9, drew 1 . The highlight of the 
season was victory at the ISA tournament defeating 
perennial powerhouse St. George's 2-1 ( goals by 
Brad Booth & Nik Puree!! ). The girl's won all seven 
of their games. 

The Basketball season was again incredibly 
successful. The Grade 5 Boys were undefeated 
and won the ISA Championship. The highlight of 
the season was the Tournament held at our Senior 
School. Students from Grades 4 & 5 played 64 
games in 3 1/2 hours- and a great time was had by 

Our Swimmers showed great dedication in attending 
early morning practises. We had a team of 35 
swimmers compete in the Victoria All School 
Championships and secured a 3rd place finish. 
The Summer Term saw the Junior School again 
host a series of track meets. Participation rates 
were very high with most students from Grades 2-5 
running. The ISA & VISAA championships produced 
4th place finishes against strong competition. 

Gary Barber 









Daniel Christensen 
Laura Faryna 


Nicholas Csomany 

Melissa Ko 

Michael Loomer 

Sydney Flavins 
Janel Willms 

Evan Hesketh 

Daniel Mcllvaney 
Tisah Tucknott 
Graeme McCrodan 

Jeremy Hanson-Finger 


Liam Flannigan 
Evan Morgan 

Andrew Sharp 

Sean Smith 
Navraj Chima 

Marisa Brook 

Diana Izard 


2nd in Form 
1st in Form 

1st in Computers 

Most Improved in Strings 

Outstanding Effort in Choral 

Distinction in Choral 
Honour Roll 

Honour Roll 
Distinction in Strings 

Distinction in Art 

1st in Science 

Honour Roll 

1st in Japanese - 4-1 

Honour Roll 

1st in French 

2nd in Form 

Distinction in Mathematics 

Honour Roll 

1st in Social Studies 

1st in English 

1st in Mathematics 

1st in Form 

1st in Science 

Distinction in Art 

Honour Roll 

1st in Computers 

Honour Roll 
Honour Roll 
1st in Social Studies 

Honour Roll 

Equal 1st in English 

1st in Mathematics 

Honour Roll 
Distinction in Art 
1st in French 
Equal 1st in English 
1st in Form 
1st in Japanese - 4-2 


Ian Broome 
Michelle Gow 
Matthew Hill 
Jaimie Lee 
Jory MacKay 
Huf Mclntyre 
Farrah Merali 
Christina Moseley 
Nicholas Hargrove 

Meredith Lewis 

Deanna Singh 

Andrew Van der Westhuizen 

Jeffrey Mitchelmore 

Samantha Saravana-Bawan 

Ariane Vincent 


Alec Harper 
John Mcintosh 
Shannon Waters 
Bria Wilson 
Shannon Ko 

Mathis Rogner 

Mark Zakus 

Brittany Crow 

Robyn Plasterer 

Jennifer Blumberg 

Outstanding Effort in Strings 

Honour Roll 

Honour Roll 

Honour Roll 

Honour Roll 

Honour Roll 

Honour Roll 

Honour Roll 

Honour Roll 
Outstanding Effort in Art 

Honour Roll 

1st in Social Studies 

Honour Roll 
Distinction in French 

Honour Roll 
Distinction in Art 

Honour Roll 

1st in Computers 

2nd in Form 

Honour Roll 

1st in Japanese - 5-1 

1st in Science 

Honour Roll 
1st in French 
1st in English 
1st in Mathematics 
1st in Form 

Honour Roll 

Outstanding Effort in Choral 

Honour Roll 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in Strings 
1st in Japanese - 5-2 

Honour Roll 

1st in Mathematics 

Honour Roll 

1st in Computers 

Honour Roll 
Distinction in Science 
2nd in Form 

Honour Roll 
Distinction in Art 
Distinction in Social Studies 

Honour Roll 
1st in French 
1st in Social Studies 
1st in Science 
1st in English 
1st in Form 









































1^ t*- -■' 





John Campbell 

— Kr 

Middle School Director's Foreword 

At the start of this school year the Headmaster produced the school's educational philosophy document 
which has given St. Michaels University School a clear direction and vision. The paper emphasizes a 
commitment to excellence and to the development of the whole child as well as providing a framework for 
a sound education. 

But what does it mean to be educated? We often think in terms of academics, the arts and athletics and 
we work vigorously to improve skills in these areas. We reinforce positive values such as honesty and respect 
and strive to develop a sense of community. All these components are essential if we are to provide an 
excellent education for our students. 

But how has St. Michaels University School achieved such great success as an educational institution? 
I believe it is the understanding that the process of learning is as important as the product and that developing 
a love of learning is the true purpose of education. As Leonardo Da Vinci so aptly stated - "Just as eating 
against one's will is injurious to health, so study without a liking for it spoils the memory and it retains nothing 
it takes in." 

The faculty at St. Michaels University School recognizes various learning styles and abilities and actively 
involves the students in education. It concentrates on the development of higher level thinking skills: skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation 
and strives to produce problem solvers and creative thinkers while reinforcing basic skills to ensure a strong foundation of knowledge. The 
staff shares a great appreciation of the Arts with the students and introduces '1he finer things in life" in a stimulating fashion. All children are 
encouraged to open their minds to appreciate various artistic and musical experiences. Physical Education is a source of great pleasure 
for many students and opportunities are provided for both competitive and recreational pursuits. Enjoyment of sport and character 
development become significant objectives and contribute to personal satisfaction. 

St. Michaels University School is proud to produce students who are able to meet the challenges of university and who are able to 
select stimulating careers in a highly competitive world. However, the school is even more proud to produce students who exhibit a love of 
learning and who seek new opportunities in which their knowledge and experiences are broadened. 

Our reputation as a fine educational institution continues to flourish and 1 996\97 has been a successful school year. Academically, 
a high proportion of the students has excelled, with the grade 8 mathematics team finishing third in the Canadian National Mathematics League 
and the grade 6 team, sixteenth, in competitions with over 600 schools. Our Commonwealth Essay writers dominated the Vancouver Island 
Division presentations, accumulating sixteen awards, including a second and third place finish in B.C. All grade 7 were introduced to Writers 
in Electronic Residence based at York University and the programme allowed the children to e-mail their writing to professionals who 
responded with constructive comments. We will continue this activity next year with just a few refinements. 

Thanks to the English department and other members of staff, every child in the school was afforded the opportunity to participate 
in recitation, public speaking, and debating competitions. The most skilled performers were invited to share their talents in front of the entire 
school. This was a fine beginning to what we hope will become a Middle School tradition. 

Eight of our young artists won awards in an international competition in China, including a gold, a silver and two bronze medals. 
Another six students will have their creations displayed in the Crayola travelling exhibition occurring later this year — only eighty works were 
chosen from across North America, and a grade 8 student placed first in the local Canadian Cancer Society painting competition. In addition 
to individual achievements, two outstanding art exhibitions were organized and each contained works of brilliance. 

The musicians, as usual, displayed a great deal of professionalism and an equal amount of enthusiasm. Numerous concerts were 
performed and each one in its own way was a masterpiece. What a joy it is to see our students develop during their time at our school and 
how often we see audiences shake their heads in amazement when they are fortunate enough to be present at a performance. 

The Outdoor Programme is gaining in diversity and besides its usual challenging components, its academic content has many 
exciting prospects for next year. In the winter term, a rock climbing course was offered to many of our students and the response was 
overwhelmingly enthusiastic. We will be pursuing other outdoor education opportunities in the coming year as part of the P.E. programme. 
Once again the Middle School ran over twenty athletic teams and a large proportion of the school population was able to experience 
the joy of victory or the agony of defeat. Our Girls' Under 1 5 Soccer Team travelled to Montreal and successfully defended our Canadian 
Independent Schools' title. The team for next year is already practising and is hoping to claim its third consecutive national championship 
in Halifax during the first week of October. The Boys' Under 13 Soccer Team performed well in the national championship in Ottawa this 
year, but was unable to master atrocious weather conditions. However, the marvellous cultural experience was appreciated by all. 

The grade 8 rugby team had an exceptional season, winning all but one of its matches and securing the B.C. Independent Schools 
Championship. A highlight of the season was a thnlling 'come from behind' victory over a team from Swansea, Wales. Our players have 
the potential to become a real force in the Senior School and to uphold the fine traditions we have in this sport. The Girls' Grade 8 Basketball 
Team also had a wonderful season; despite being a small squad, it managed to get through a few rounds of the city play-offs. Similarly, the 
boys' team achieved much success against all of the odds. 

Cross country, badminton, field hockey, swimming, track and field were all competitive sports and much potential was shown. Many 

thanks to all of the dedicated and hard working coaches whose efforts in the trenches forged many of the best teacher/student relationships. 

Finally, a word to our grade 8 graduating class. It is now time for you to move on to the Senior School. The Middle School faculty 

are confident that you are ready to meet the challenge and to emerge as outstanding students, as well as fine young men and women. On 

your behalf , I would like to thank the teachers for the dedication they have shown to you all. We will follow your careers with great 

ji interest and hope that you will visit as often as possible. It has, indeed, been a privilege having you at the Middle School. Good 

______ luck. 

i ^ ^^ Cliff Yorath 

Director, S.M.U. Middle School 

Middle School Staff 

B.R: E. Larsen, N. Mollenhauer, E. Jones, D. Pollock, L. Van Alstlne, G. Floyd, D. Manson-Blair, A. Strauss, P. Richards, M. Morican, 

L. Ross, J. Reid, J. De Goede. 
F.R: Y. Guthrie, J. Goodwin, M. Walsh, C. Yoralh (Director), C. Booth. J. Williams, S. Alford, S. Biden. 

(missing: H. Thatcher, M. Smith, J. Walinga) 

Student Council 


C. Bailey, N. Harper, A. Ouan, Mr. Williams, E. Willms, C. Mick, M. Fisher, D. Klaibert, S. Braunig, P. Karchut, 
G. Lawrence. (Missing: K. Macintosh, A. Chadha) 



Alford (Grade 6) 

Jaimie Boyd 
Kevin Burkett 

Stephen Csomany 
Else Hume 

Fraser Lee 

William Lee 

Tosh Matsumura 

Andrew McCrodan 

Alandra Miller 

Owen Parrott 

Bronwenn Powell 

Miranda Pratt 

Amanda Quan 

Justin Ross 

Zachary Smith 
Kerry Spearing 

Liberty Williams 
Randy Wong-Mui 


Walinga (Grade 6) 

Jessica Bodrug 
Tall Cherniawsky 

Gareth Davles 
Nicholas Faryna 

Tristan Gething 
Nicola Grant 
Hailey Holberg 
Graham Klrkham 
Duncan Macrae 

Erin Mitchell-Katz 
Emma Naismith 
Eric Penner 
Hilary Punnett 
Mark Quinlan 

Elizabeth Saunders 
Chelsea TIrling 

Chad Travis 
Andrew Wilson 


Pollock (Grade 6) 

Nathan Beswick 
Brian Gregson 

Richards (Grade 7) 

Javier Aifaro 
Caitlin Bailey 

Sean Bell 
\ ^ Justin Binab 

Florencia Bonet 
Christopher Chapheau 
Peter Churcher 
Elspeth Finlay 
Hilary Gibson-Wood 

Emily Gregson 
Brent Hemsworth 
Geoffrey Martin 
Graham Mclntyre 
Karlie O'Connor 

Andrew Orr 
Katherine Schaan 
Mycroft Schwartz 

Conal Shepherd 
Tnstan Spearing 
Robert Stevulak 




Ross (Grade 7) 

Christopher Adair 

Pelle Bjornert 

Nicholas Black 

David Burnett 
John Campbell 
Meara Crawford 

Ryan Emperingham 

Keldi Forbes 

Elliot Holtham 

Strauss (Grade 7) 

Yong Seok An 
Michael Brownlee 
Brendan Bull 

John Chien 
Mark Fisher 
Jane Frisby 

Nicola Harper 
Bradley Jawl 
Paul Jenkins 

Gavin Lawrence 
Avalon McLean 
Max Nevill 

Michael Pyke 
Louise Reid 
Ashlin Richardson 
Jason Smith 
Knstie Tyrrel 

Kristen Vernon 
Matthew Woodland 




De Goede (Grade 8) 

Patrick Bourke k, 
Sascha Braunig ' 
Andrew Brownlee k 

Kenneth Cheng 

Taylor Crawford 

Heather Ellis-Thicke 

Nicholas Hincks 

Diana Hughes 

Christina Kim 

Tina Korki 

Wayne Lau 

Jesse McCallum 

Steven Mitchelmore 

Kerry Morin 

Conor Pommerville 

Chelsea Richardson 

Drew Robson 

Mark Shortt 

Peter Williamson 

Adam Wilson 

Caria Wollach 

Christopher Wong 



Morican (Grade 8) 

Jayne Bidgood 
Rory Connolly 
Geoffrey Dunlop 

Geoff Homer 
Justin Hume 
Paul Karchut 

Daisy Klaibert 
Jennifer Langwith 
Cameron Lee 
Yun-Ji Lee 
Kate Louman-Gardiner 

TInomas McCarten 
Murray McCullocti 
Nicholas Melling 
Farfiad Merali 
Corrina Mick 

Scott Mitcfiell 
Noelle Quin 
Glen Roberts 

Tony Su 
Kendra Tombu 
Paul Zakus 


Manson-Blair (Grade 8) 

Keely Bays 
Amar Chadha 
Kate Charlton 

Zevi Cherniawsky 

Christine Chou 

Amy Fellenz 

Hilary Flanagan 

Ell Gibson 

Susan Green 

Alain Haddad 

Philip Joergensen 

Marie LaFreniere 

Andrew Lampard 

Stephen Lee 

Matthew Lemay 

Keegan Macintosh 

Ryan Mogensen 

Andrew Moll 

Sebastian Ritter 

Gregory Smith 

Cameron Soderberg 

Daisuke Yukawa 

.-^^ ^: 


Goodwin (Grade 8) 

Michael Blumberg 
Maximilan Boehnlein 
Bradley Broder 
Matthew Celuszak 
Katherine Cheung 

Chester Cotter 
Graham Day 
Lianne English 
Wilson Hong 
Vicki Hsieh 

Stuart Masterton 
Frances McBride 
Scott McBride 
Caitlin McKenzie 
Christopher Naismith 

Kate Paulson 
Paul Saunders 

Caitlin Smith 
Michael Spicer 

Ka Yiu Tao 
Nikolaus Wegner 

47 ;J^f 


Grade One 

IViiddle Scliooi 



49 J\^ 


B.R: Mr. Alford, C. Chou, K. Louman-Gardiner, T. KorkI, V. Hsieh, C. McKenzle, C. Mick, D. Hughes, K. Cheng, C. Richardson, K. Tao, Mr. Floyd 
M.R: R. Stevulak, T. Swift. M. Pyke, F. Bonet, K. Schaan, S. Moseley, K. Forbes 
F.R: N. Black, A. Orr, A. Richardson, T. Matsumura, M. Lai, A. Miller, W. Lee. 

The badminton season was quite short this term as it was sandwiched between a long spring breal< and track. The 
turnout for both the grade 6/7 ISA team and the grade 8 team was extremely good, and it was a real pleasure for the 
coaches, Mr. Alford and Mr. Floyd, to see so many students interested in participating. After a bnef set of practices, 
members of the 6/7 team travelled to St. Patrick's School for some additional competition. A group of grade 8's joined 
up with members of the senior school team, coached by Mr. Peter Gardiner, for training sessions with Anil Kaul, a 
local coach and member of Canada's Olympic Badminton team. These students showed significant improvements 
in their level of skill and game strategy. The tournament week (ISA and Victoria City Junior Secondary) took place 
at the end of April and the first week of May. Both the ISA and the Gr. 8 teams acquitted themselves well, with wins 
and places in almost all categories entered. 

Track & Field 




Grade 8 


BR: Mr Williams, L. English, K. Charlton. 
C. Smith, N. Quin, D. Hughes 
FR: C. Richardson, K .Tombu, K. Paulson, 
C. McKenzie, C. Mick, F. McBride (Missing: 
H. Ellis-Thicke) 

The girls' volleyball team had a gruel- 
ling schedule of 32 games over the 
course of 6 weeks. Though we had a 
bit of a slow start, the team started 
working together and combining on 
some spectacular plays late in the 
season. By the end of our round-robin 
regular games, we had accumulated a 
respectable 1 1 wins against some very 
strong opposition. Congratulations, 
and many thanks for a well-played 
season, ladies! 

Grade 6/7 

B.R: K. Tyrrell, E, Maclver, K. O'Connor, S. Moseley, Ms. Van Alstine, K. Forbes, J. Wynn, M. Crawford, F. Sonet, E. Gregson, N, Harper, 

K. Jones. K. Vernon. A. McLean, L. Reid. 
M.R: M. Lai, E. Finlay, C. Bailey, D. Parton, E. Mitchell-Katz, E. Naismith, K. Schaan. N. Grant, J. Frisby. H. Gibson-Wood. 
FR: H. Holberg, A. Miller, C. Tirling, H. Punnett. M. Margolus, L. Williams, E. Saunders, J. Bodrug. 

We had a tremendous turnout with close to 30 girls eager to play volleyball. We were fortunate to have balls for 
everyone, and practice sessions focused on skill development and an introduction to the game. Unfortunately the 
league play for this age group is very limited, and so we had very few weekly games. The grade 7 girls were given 
priority in the league, and in most cases two teams were able to play. A tournament in Vancouver 
and the final league tournament provided many opportunities for all girls to play and experience 
the emotions of competition. The girls' skills improved over the season and much fun was had by 




U-1 3 Soccer -1996 

BR: Mr. Jones. M. Woodland, M.Lemay, MrPollock. MR: M. Quinlan, J Smith. C Adair, F. Lee, M. Pyke, P Churcher 

F.R: N, Black, J. Binab. A, Orr, E. Holtham, G, Martin, C. Chapheau. S. Bell. 

Bright and early one late October morning, the boys U-1 3 soccer team, accompanied by coaches Mr. Evan Jones, 
Mr. Don Pollock, and parent, Mr, Steve Martin, left Victoria for the Canadian Independent Schools Invitational Soccer 
Tournament, hosted this year by Ashbury College in Ottawa. Having just clinched the VISAA elementary soccer 
championship with an undefeated season and having earned a 3-3 tie with a talented team from Hazelwood School, 
England, the SMUS boys were pnmed for an exciting week of touring and soccer in Eastern Canada. 

During the course of the week long stay, the team visited Toronto where they were billeted by St. Andrews College 
in Aurora, Ontario, Highlights were, most definitely, going up the CN tower, watching the Toronto Raptors practice 
at the Skydome while we ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, and, of course, a tour of the Hockey Hall of Fame. 
After a four hour train nde to Ottawa, the boys met their billets at Ashbury and Fraser Lee, one of two Grade VI boys 
on the team, courageously volunteered to stay with an Ashbury family on his own. (All other boys were billeted in 
pairs or triples!) The next day was a busy one indeed! The sights of Old Town Ottawa, a tour of the Parliament 
buildings (including a meeting with Victoria MP David Anderson) and a visit to the Heart Institute were the highlights 
of a busy day! 

Although SMUS won one, lost one, and tied one game on opening day, the boys managed to reorganize and 
revitalize to go undefeated on the second day winning all three games. On Saturday, the team lost a close 2-1 
decision to St. Andrews College and finished the tour with a 4-2-1 record. 

All in all, the season proved to be a most successful one. Leadership was well provided by captains Matt Lemay 
and Mike Pyke and both Justin Binab and Matt Woodland were recognized for their outstanding performances at the 
tournament. The greatest success, however, came with the dignified, mature manner in which they represented our 




Outside the Parliament buildings: Future /^embers of Parliament from St. Michaelsf 

Grade 6/7 Boys 

B.R: R. Wong-Mui, N. Faryna, T. Switt, B. Gregson, O^ Parrott, MR: J. Campbell, K. Burkett, R. So, F. Lee, N. Beswick 
F.R: Z. Smith, S. Jones, D. Burnett, A. Pooni. 

We had an enthusiastic group of grade 6 and 7 students this season. Practices 
were held twice a week and good weather resulted in some good games. The 
team was strengthened by four members of the U-1 3 squad when they returned 
from Ontario. After the league games we hosted the ISA Tournament on Oct. 
17th. It was a 5-day tournament and the team was successful in the morning. 
Unfortunately strong winds forced cancellation after lunch. 




Under 15 Girls Soccer 

On Tuesday, October 1st, fifteen excited soccer players from grades 7-9 and two Middle School teachers set off for 
Montreal to take part in the Canadian Independent Schools Junior Soccer Tournament, which was to be hosted by five 
private schools in Montreal. We hired a bus for the morning, which enabled us to view; albeit briefly, some of the notable 
and historic sites of the city: I'Oratoire St. Joseph, Mount Royal, McGill 
University. A guided tour of the Centre Molson, the new home of the Montreal 
Canadians, was next on the itinerary, and to our surprise and delight the team 
came out to practise while we were there. Lunch at a French restaurant was 
followed by a guided tour of "Vieux Montreal" where we were fascinated to 
discover the history and to step back in time: quaint cobbled streets, centuries- 
old stonebuildings, the beautiful Basilica and the chapel Bons-Secours. 

Thursday was the first day of the soccer tournament and fifteen SMUS 
girls had their hearts set on the unthinkable: winning back-to-back cham- 
pionships. A variety of weather conditions and playing their opening three 
games on a heavily used community field dampened their early enthusiasm. 
At the day's end, however, SMUS was undefeated having beaten Ambrae 
Academy, Sacred Heart School of Montreal and a very talented St. 
Mildred's Lightbourn School. 

Day two of competition had the SMUS girls playing on Lower Canada 
College's playing fields and the weather being kinder. Victories over 
Hillfield-Strathallen, Centennial Academy, and Country Day School meant 
that we were through to the championship semi-finals and, as yet, 

Saint John's Ravenscourt forced the SMUS girls to work hard but when the 
dust had settled, we were through to the finals with a 3-1 victory. We were not surprised to learn that our opponent would 
be St. Mildred's-Lightbourn. For forty minutes we looked to be in complete control and at one time held a 3 to 1 lead that 
vanished with ten minutes remaining and the score now 3 to 2. With only moments left to go in the contest, the referee 
awarded St. Mildred's-Lightbourn a penalty shot. The shot was well struck and true but Diana, our goalie, dove and stopped 
the ball on the goal line. As she stood up to volley the ball downfield, the referee blew the final whistle and, St. Michaels 
University School were again, CAIS Champions! 

Jim de Goede 
Penny Richards 



From left to right : C, Richardson, J. Jennings, Mr. Alford (Coach). E Jawl, K. Tyrell. F. Bonet, C. Somerset, K. Barry, J Fairhurst, Mr. 
De Goede (Coach), N. Quin, S. Turner, C. McKenzie, C. Smith, S. Hoiberg, Mrs. Richards (Manager), D. Hughes. 

Grade 6/7 Girls 

B.R: K. Tyrrell, E. Hinz, A. McLean, J. Wynn, K. Jones, M. Crawford, K. Schaan, E. Mclver. 
MR: D. Parton, K. Vernon, E. Finlay, F. Bonet, C. Bailey, K. O'Connnor. F.R: M. Lai, L. Williams, A. Lobb, M. Margolus, E. Hume. 

This year's season was short, busy and successful. The regular season play with the other Victoria independent 

schools proved to be our best opportunities for the development of a team strategy and familiarization with the 

fundamentals of the game. We attempted to provide everyone with exposure to a variety of 

positions in game situations and worked on skill development and fitness. The girls responded 

extremely well and although our win/loss record was fairly even, it was clear that the team was 

coming together as a unit. In the final tournament the girls went undefeated through to the final 

championship game in which they played a team that had dominated regular season play. Both 

teams played superbly and SMUS managed to score a goal and hold a powerful opponent to 55 

two. Congratulations to the many girls who contributed to the year's success! S. Alford (coach) 


Grade 8 


HH ■ flHI- .1 ■ Vi. '':::tHi 

iii^-q" 1 

i'"^ ,A.'^ .i 

K ^L //^'^^ 

m ' Vv^. kJI^^I 

^m ft. .^ ^^■PMhB s^ ■ 



^^''^SP.. 7^^ 

BR: Mr. Jones, B. Broder, A.Moll, P. Bourke. A. Haddad, A. Brownlee, T. McCarten, G. Roberts, M. Lemay. Mr. Manson-Blair. G. Homer, 

M. Shortt 
MR: S. Masterton, P. Joergenson, S. MItchelmore. R, Connolly, M. Splcer, J. McCallum. Wayne Lau, G. Smith 
r^rpHp y ^^' ^ Cheng, C, Naismlth, A, Chadha. C. Lee, N. Hincks, C. Soderberg. 

BR: M. Brownlee, M. Pyke, T. Swift, J. Smith, M. Nevill, S. Tucknott, P. Bjornert, B. Bull. P. Churcher, Mr, De Goede 
F.R: N. Black, R. Liu, C, Chapheau, T. Speanng. S. Bell, G, Martin. R, Stevulak, B. Hemsworlh, J. Ko. 

Despite a very short season, this group of students developed basic skills and an understanding of the game 
quite quickly. Our season consisted of a half dozen practices, two exhibition matches with GNS and 
culminated with the ISA tournament in Vancouver. We lost our two matches with GNS but they provided us 
with invaluable experience that we used to great advantage in Vancouver where we played exceptionally 
jwell. In the ISA tournament every player played in every game to maximize their learning and in the finals 
]We lost to a very talented St. George's team. Our boys have now laid the foundation for next year's Warriors. 

57 r^ 


Grade 6 Boys 

B.R: Mr. de Goede, H, Mabee, T. Killins, N. Faryna. T. Matsumura. C.Travis. BGregson, M. Quinlan, A. Poonl. 
F.R: W. Lee, K. Burkett, O. Parrott, F. Lee, R, So, Z. Smith, R Wong-Mui, S. Csomany, 

This year's team consisted of sixteen enthusiastic boys who played several games locally, went to Vancouver and 
were in two tournaments. All players were guaranteed at least one quarter of play in every game and we had a most 
enjoyable season. Our final tournament at PCS was where we played best. We won four out of five games and lost 
the one game by a single point. This team should provide the school with fine prospects for next year when they reach 
grade seven and, best of all, they were fine representatives of their school. 

J. de Goede 

Grade 7 Boys 

B.R: Mr. Pollock, M. Brownlee, P. Churcher. B. Jawl, Y. An, M. Woodland, M. Pyke, T. Swfit. 
F.R: J. Binab, N. Black, S. Bell, R. Liu, J. Smith. 


Grade 7 Girls 

BR: E Fint<)y, K Jones, M. Crawford, E, Gregson, J. Wynn, K. O'Connor. 
F,R: N. Harper, C. Bailey, E. Maclver, J. Frisby, H. Gibson-Wood. 

The Grade 7 basketball team learned a lot in a very short season and had a good time in the process. Helped 
along by Jo Nash, the girls improved significantly and finished the season with a third place result in the VISAA 
tourney with GNS after an exciting final consolation game which ended in a tie at the buzzer. Congratulations to 
all those girls who played this year. 

Grade 6 Girls 

B.R; Mr. Yorath, G, Tirling, A, Miller, E. Langwith, M. Lai, M. Palmer, D. Parton, E, Saunders. 
F.R: A. Lobb, N. Grant, H. Holberg, A. Quan, E, Tombu, H. Punnett. 




Grade 8 Boys 

BR P Zdkub, J MuOdiluiii, A. Brownlee, P. Bourke, P. Joergensen. S. Mitchelmore, F. Merali, Mr. Jones. 
F.R; W Lau, B. Broder. K. Cheng, K, Yiu Tao, R. Connolly, M, Spicer, G. Homer 

Grade 8 Girls 



B.R: C. Richardson, C. Smith, D. Klaibert, V. Hsieh 
F.R: A. Hunter, D. Hughes, C. McKenzie, N. Quin, C. Mick, Mrs. Mick. 

We Started off the year with 8 girls who had never played together before. 
Through hard work and commitment the girls gelled early into a highly competitive 
unit. Rising above expectations, the team charged onto the city playoffs where they 
played with heart and determination. It was an extremely successful season, and 
I am proud of the high level of skill each team member achieved. 


Our swim team enjoyed its usual success at the pool again this year with some excellent results 
at the VISAA, ISA, and elementary school meets. Once again our early morning practices proved 
fruitful with approximately 35 swimmers taking part on a regular basis. Thanks to all those involved 
for your commitment to the early mornings and your effort. 


Unglamourous...true; mucky. ..true; hard work. ..definitely; personal bests. ..absolutely. That 
pretty much sums up the grade 8 cross-country season this year. Great commitment from a small, 
but talented group of grade 6/7 and 8 students who trained on a regular basis and slogged it out 
through some of the toughest courses during some of the ugliest weather we have experienced. 
Congratulations to all those who took part. It was a great year. 

Field Hockey 

BR: Mrs. Mollenhauer, J. Campbell. C. Adair, E. Hinz. N. Grant, D. Parton, L. Williams, E. Naismith, J. Bodrug. N. Beswick, F. Lee. 

B.R: R. So, S. Jones, E. Holtham, K. Speanng, E. Mitchell-Katz, J. Boyd. D. Burnett. 

F.R: E. Hume, H. Holberg, H. Punnett, A. Lobb, E, Saunders, M. Margolus. 

The spring field hockey season is shorl and sweet, but we had a very enthusiastic group 
of girls and boys play over a 5-week period. The team played great and improved a 
tremendous amount. We had our fair share in the win/loss column and wound up the 
season with a great afternoon of games at Lansdowne. The number of teams in the 
league continues to grow, therefore, the level of play is rapidly improving which is very 
exciting. Thanks to all those athletes who came out and played for the squad. 



Grade 7 Outdoor 

Colours Day 

■i';-:;!?^ _'•;.-■ ■ 



SSSJSjg^'.'';' :'.'''": 




ij\ - ^ 


— 1 











W 1 


J ^ 

' '^^^HLJ 


J 9 





^ 64 


si Of 

^ ^t^ 



By: Paul Zakus 


A place where you hear 
the pitter 

the patter 

Mud is one thing that it makes 
Trees are also what it makes 



and Strong 
It makes other things 
thousands more 
Its list is endless 

Debt for more 
Overall I'll tell you what 
life grows most in 

The Rainforest 

By: Alex Nicholls 

A force that falls softly 



a magician 

who makes white balls 



like a feather 


in the wind 

like a galaxy of crystals 

freed from the darkness 

a wild horse 

running this way and that 

until its energy is all spent and 

everywhere is silent 


The Terrible Snow 

When you look left right high and low 

All you can see is this terrible snow 

The people of Victoria have seen many 


But you can't ignore the cold look on their 


The men are angry the ladies wail 

Probably cause they missed the Boxing 

Day Sale 

All the kids think that the snow is cool 

"Who knows?" they all thought -" there 

may not be any school!" 

If you go outside, you would likely fall 

Even worse you couldn't even go to the 


The mall owner told everyone that he 


That all the stores would have to close 

It's easy to say and easy to show 

That most of Victoria really hates snow! 

By: Farhad Merali 

The Ballad of the Snowball Fight 

My brother and I were out in the snow, 
We were laughing and smiling, our eyes all aglow. 
The thermometer's reading had dropped down to low, 
And I looked on brave at my brotherly foe. 

Before I could think, a snowball was zooming 
Straight at my face at incredible pace. 
I raised up my hand with its burden of snow -- 
I aimed at my rival and I let it go. 

My brother struck back with a rocky ice ball: 
The force of the sphere, it drove me to fall. 
I felt myself crash down innumerable mountains, 
And drown in the ice of half-frozen fountains. 

The pain of the shock throbbed through my head 
And it lingered like hot molten lead. 
When I opened my eyes I was in bright sunlight, 
Maybe I'd dreamed the snowball fight. . . 

By: Jaimie Boyd 

Andrew Brownlee 


An eruption of 

Roaring red hot 


The smoke pours 

out filling the air 

with blackness 

Splashing rivers 

pouring out 

of a once 

Solid summit 

Then it stops 


when the smoke 

clears you could 

have never guessed 

that it was once 

a lava fountain 

By: Tristan Gething 

By: Wayne Lau 


Under the Water 

Under the water, the deep blue sea 

the deep dark black is surrounding me 

As I look to my left... What a glorious sight 

The Titanic stares up at me with all of its might 

It's so boring down here, its been so long 

They said I'd never sink, I guess they were wrong 

I see a human, oh, how I let them down 

That stupid iceburg made me drown 

I have only seven legs, and I should have eight 
for the human that hurt me, I shall patiently wait 

When I see him shiver, I have fear and hate 
I know the next time I see him I will reach my fate 

The human in the Titanic 

The octopus in panic 

The ship is now a battle ground 

The seven legs, await the round 

They go forth into war 

While the fear of death, knocks on each door 

Two arms meet with seven 

Now they both are in heaven 

By: Joanna Wynn 

By; Corrina Mick 


Fluffy and soft like a white bunny. 

Moving quickly 

Sometimes slowly 

They seem to huddle together for warmth 

The tail is big and puffy. 

They never ever make a sound. 

I wonder where they go? 

By: Erin Langwith 

The Bear 

The bear, the predator 

He's so rare 

It's hard to see him anywhere. 

Because he's a bear. 

His metal teeth tear the beef. 

From his prey as they lay. 

By: Carla Wollach 

By; Fraser Lee 


The old way of life, 
Needing a 

Needing something after 

Now, we call it their 
bw, it's dying, 

slowly disappearing. 
For we need it 
no longer. 

No hugs 

Nor kisses 

No romantic rendez-vous left for you 

They were all taken for someone else 

Someone much better than you 

You were too busy 

Too depressed, maybe tired 

Oh, look at the time! was your daily excuse 

You refused to search for him 

The one meant for you 

When they followed you 
You turned your heei on them 
They weren't who you wanted 
You were saving your love for the true 
But he never came to you 

Now you're all alone 

With nothing to do 

No places to go 

No people to meet 

Left all alone all by yourself. 


By: Amy Lobb| 



3y: Paul Zakus 


"weighed down roofs of white 
oh! what a wonderous sight! 
shining in the light. 

Caitlin Bailey 

The Canoe 

The white canoe 


Under green branches 


Past rocky gray shore 


Through clear black water. 

The storm is arising. 
It comes fast. 
A torrent of words 
the thunder 
Of the blows to 
the wall, 

Anything in the way 
Of anger. 

By: Kendra Tombu 

By: Duncan Macrae 



By: John Campbell 

By: Lianne English 

By: Yong An 

Love is like the ocean 
When you start out on the shore 
You're too afraid to go in 
Scared of what might happen 
Scared of the unknown. 

Start in tentatively 

Small baby steps at a time 

Let the wet sand squish between your toes 

And the water swirl around your ankles. 

On some days 

The ocean will feel deliciously cool 

Others will feel the 

Salty water sting their wounds. 

The deeper you wade in 

The harder it is to swim 

Back to the warm security of the sands. 

Sometimes you will drown in love 
Or maybe you will 
Lose yourself in it. 

Love has tricks 
It also holds power 
Love is scary 
Love is you. 

^.^ 72 

By: Christina Kim 

The Conductor's Baton 

The conductor painted the sky black, 
with clouds, 
with his baton 

The waves lapped at his feet, 
with anger, 
with rage 

Bolts of power fell from the sky, 
controlled by him, 
and his baton 

The conductor's power went beyond, 
he was brewing a storm, 
or was a storm brewing? 

By: Keegan Macintosh 

By: Meara Crawford 


A fiery torment, 

destructive as it is, 

the volcano bursting like 

a flower blooming 

the lava flowing like 

jam on ice cream. 

A fiery torrent of smoke 

and ash. It's destructive 

power roaring across miles 

on end. Prepare for a shock 

prepare for a burst, 

you never know where it could 

end up next. 

By: Sasha Izard 

By: Amy Fellenz 

In the Park 

If you have the chance, 
go take a walk in the park, 
close your eyes and just listen. 

You'll hear the birds chirping, 
the river flowing and gushing, 
leaves fluttehng to the ground, 
the soft breeze whistling, 
the sounds of heaven. 

You really don't realize, 

how beautiful nature's sounds are, 

until you sit and listen. 

By: Steven Mitchelmore 


By: Hilary Gibson-Wood 

A whirling force that spins 
A razor blade 

that shreds 
buildings apart 
as a swirling dust cloud 

like a stampede of wild animals 
its black 
transparentable freaky skin 
it may be soft 
but its very 
powerful I! 

by William Lee 

Cool nice refreshing 

people are fishing 

Where the fish swim all day 

Where the dolphins like to play 

Where I'm free to roam 

Where I feel at home 

Where the vastness surrounds 

And life abounds 

Where the fishes swim in swarms 

And I feel nice and warm 

By: Maureen Palmer 

9 74 

By: Corrina Mick 

Middle School Orchestra 

Middle School Music Report: 

Ou r young musicians in Grades 6, 7 and 8 have had another busy but successful year with many Inappy memories to recall. Our annual 
concert was this year held at the University Centre in February and featured the entire student body of S.M.U. Middle School in bands, 
string ensembles, choir and orchestra with special items by the "Scottish" Fiddlers and the "Three Little Maids". A rendition of Saint 
Saens' Carnival of the Animals was part of the concert programme.. 

Stage Band: Performances by members of the Stage Band included the Parents' Auxiliary Christmas Bazaar, the Alumni Dinner 
Dance in May and a visit to the Junior School together with the Grade 8 Advanced Band. In November, they visited the Univer- 
sity Centre to see Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass. 

Honour Band: The Band is preparing for the Music Festival season and a performance in Chapel following the orientation meeting 
for Grade 5 students and their parents. 

Concert Choir The Concert Choir boasted a membership of 97 students and performed at Chateau Victoria, Ocean Pointe Resort, 
the Carol Service and Prize Day at the Royal Theatre. Congratulations to all soloists who sang at these events. 
Theatre Visits: Our theatre visits this year included productions by both the Pacific Opera and the Victoria Operatic Society, and to 
round of the year a visit has been arranged to see the "Phantom of the Opera" in Vancouver. 

String Ensembles: The Grade 7s launched the performing season in the first term by playing at a Junior School assembly and at the 
Parents' Auxiliary Bazaar. In November, the cross-grade strings played pre-concert music at the MacPherson Theatre for a gala concert 
that included student performers from S.M.U. with the Victoria Symphony. The Grade 8 class performed at the Chateau Victoria Hotel 
and Ocean Pointe Resort. A cross-grade chamber group accompanied the choir at the Carol Sen/ice and performed a movement of 
Corelli's Christmas Concerto. The Grade 6 string class was asked to lead in a Tuesday morning Chapel Service. 
The study of Saint Saens' Carnival of the Animals . which was performed at the Concert Evening in the University Auditorium, 
incorporated student talent from the Art, French and English Departments of Middle School. 

At the end of February, the Lafayette Stnng Quarted spent a morning with the string students by performing for them and teaching them 
in small groups. 
In the third term, the string students are preparing for the Prize Day ceremonies as well as performances in the Music Festival in April. 

-; Mary F. Smith 

«"t, John S. Reid 

r» 76 

Honour Band 

Stage Band 

R. Mogc 

M. Slioitt, G. Homer. 

BR: N. Hincks, J. Frisby, A. Orr, M. Pyke, E- Holtham M. Lalienii 

MR; B. Jawl. G. Martin. P. Bourke, P. Karchut 

FR; C. Shepherd, T. McCarten, G. Dunlop, D. Hughes, S. Masterton, C. Naismlth, T. Spearing, J. Smith, M. Lemay, 

Piano. M. Crawford, Percussion: C. Lee, ( A, Chadha, S. Jones. C. Chapheau Bass: P. Joergensen, P. Bjornert), 




Concert Choir 

r^''. ^^ 80 

"Three Little Maids from School": K. Schaan, J. Wynn, A. McLeu 

Community Service 

A major focus at St. Michaels University iVIiddle School this year has been on community. This "sense 
of community" within the school, has made our students aware that respect and kindness, and dealing 
constructively with each others' differences is very important. 

We branched out to the Victoria community in October (through the Mustard Seed Food Bank) with 
our "Peanut Butter Blitz" and helped provide many school children with lunches. In December, our 
second project was "Clean Your Closet." The "Hill House" Women's Transition Organization and the 
Mustard Seed Street Church were ovenwhelmed by your generous support of clothing, toys, books, and 
sporting equipment. 

Our third project involved the "Big Brothers and Big Sisters" of Victoria. This organization provides a 
wonderful service to children and teenagers who live primarily in a one parent home where they 
desperately need a role model. They match a child with an adult who becomes involved as a friend and 
support person to help them experience a more positive side of life. 

The students contributed to"Big Brothers and Big Sisters" through proceeds from the Computer Club's 
fund-raising tournament, our March 14 Grub Day, and the St. Patrick's Day Fun Run. 

Many thanks to students and parents for your enthusiasm and commitment to our community service 
at St. Michaels University Middle School. 




More Candids! 


'i"^HBJiiiMBWT^ISI^K-^^* — ^1 


Stage Band playing at the Alumni Dinner 

1st place at the Track: Knstie Tyrre 

Jaimie Boyd and Amanda Quan at band 

Our friend Dudley is taken for a walk! 


Caitlin Smith and Keely Bays in class on Halloween Day 

Grade 8 Team 

Math Winners 

B.R: S. Masterton, S. MItchelmore. P. Zakus. Mr. Goodwin. 
F.R: D. Robson. E. Gibson, C. Smith. S. McBride. 

We have seen some exceptional mathematicians in the Middle 
School and this was reflected in the contest results over the 

Grade 6: CNML 16th in Canada (680 schools) 

Grade 6/7; Gauss 3rd in Victoria 

(Andrew Orr highest score in Grade 7) 
(Evan Willms highest score in Grade 6) 

Grade 8: ATPAC 4th in Canada 

(Eli Gibson finishing 1st in Grade 8 & 9) 
( Scott McBride was 3rd) 

CNML 3rd in Canada (660 schools) 

(Team: E. Gibson, S. McBride, 

G. Homer, C. Smith, D. Robson) 

GAUSS 3rd in Victoria 

(Eli Gibson: highest score in Grade 8) 

PASCAL A grade 9 contest but we had ten Grade 8 
students that were awarded distinctions. Caitlin Smith had the 
highest score. 

J. J. Goodwin 

Royal Commonwealth Essay Winners 

B.R: B. Gregson, E. Willms, G. Smith, L. English, 0, Mick, A. Fellenz, M. Crawford. K. Vernon. 
F.R: J. Frisby, M. Palmer, J. Boyd. A. Lobb, E. Saunders, H Holberg 

Lianne English and Jaimie Boyd are to be congratulated for placing 2nd and 3rd in British Columbia. 



Grade VI 

Fraser Lee Outstanding Effort In Pfiysical Education 

ErinTombu Outstanding Effort: Art 

Mark Ouinlan Outstanding Effort: Physical Education 

Gareth Davies Outstanding Effort: Frenchi 

Erin Langwith Outstanding Effort: Englisti 

William Lee Outstanding Effort: Mathematics 

Owen Parrott Outstanding Effort: Social Studies 

Evan Willms Outstanding Effort: Science 

Chad Travis Outstanding Effort: Music Band, Computers 

Amy Lobb Outstanding Effort: Science. Choir 

Malina Margolus Outstanding Effort: Mathematics, Art 

EmmaNaismith Distinction: French 

Kerry Spearing Outstanding Effort: Japanese, Physical Education, Art 

Hilary Punnett Outstanding Effort: English, Japanese, Music Band 

Brian Gregson Distinction: Computers: Outstanding Effort: Mathematics 

Maureen Palmer Distinction: Art: Outstanding Effort: Music Strings 

Nicholas Faryna Distinction: Physical Education: Outstanding Effort: 

Alandra Miller Distinction: Japanese; Outstanding Effort: 

Social Studies 
Malcolm Wollach Distinction: Music Band; Outstanding Effort: Computers 
Michelle Lai Distinction: Mathematics; Outstanding Effort: French 

Elsa Hume Distinction: Physical Education; Outstanding Effort: 

English, Social Studies 
Chelsea Tirling Distinction: English, Japanese, Computers 

AmandaQuan Distinction: Mathematics. Science, Social Studies; 

Outstanding Effort: French; 2"" Overall in Grade VI 
Jaimie Boyd Distinction: English, French, Science, Social Studies, 

Music Strings, Art; Outstanding Effort: Japanese, 

Computers; 1"' Overall in Grade VI 

Grade VII 

John Chien Outstanding Effort: Computers 

Brent Hemsworth Outstanding Effort: Art 

Conal Shepherd Outstanding Effort: Computers 

Nicholas Black Outstanding Effort: Communication Skills 

Andrew Orr Outstanding Effort: Physical Education 

Brad Jawl Outstanding Effort: Music Band 

Kristie Tyrrell Outstanding Effort: Physical Education 

Chris Chapheau Outstanding Effort: Science 

Caitlin Bailey Outstanding Effort: Social Studies 

Katie Jones Outstanding Effort: Science 

Emily Gregson Outstanding Effort: English 

Ashlin Richardson Outstanding Effort: Mathematics 

Andrew Murgatroyd Outstanding Effort: English 

Katie Schaan Outstanding Effort: Music Strings, Choir 

Stuart Jones Outstanding Effort: Music Band, Art 

Yong Seok An Outstanding Effort: Mathematics, French 

Mycroft Schwartz Outstanding Effort: Mathematics, Social Studies 

Jason Ko Distinction: Computers 

Florencia Bonet Distinction: Physical Education 

Jane Frisby Distinction: Communication Skills 

Sean Tucknott Distinction: Japanese 

Kristen Vernon Distinction: English 

Susanna Moseley Outstanding Effort; English, French, Social Studies 

Hilary Gibson-Wood Distinction: Art; Outstanding Effort: 

Communication Skills 

Mike Pyke Distinction: Physical Education; Outstanding Effort: 


Nicola Harper Distinction: Science: Outstanding Effort: Japanese 

Erin Maclver Distinction: Social Studies; Outstanding Effort: Science 

Rach Liu Distinction: Mathematics, Computers 

Louise Reid Distinction: Mathematics, Music Strings; 

Outstanding Effort: French 
Meara Crawford Distinction: English, French, Art; Outstanding Effort: 

Physical Education, Computers; 2"" Overall in Grade VII 
Elliot Holtham Distinction: French, Science, Social Studies. Music 

Band; Outstanding Effort: Art; 1^' Overall in Grade VII 

Outstanding Effort: Computers 
Outstanding Effort: Choir 
Outstanding Effort: Computers 
Outstanding Effort: Communication Skills 

Grade VIII 

Kenneth Cheng 

Jennifer Langwith 

Jesse McCallum 

Nicholas Melling 

Steven Mitchelmore Outstanding Effort; Computers 

Farhad Merali Outstanding Effort: Physical Education 

Chris Naismith Outstanding Effort: Japanese 

Noelle Quin Outstanding Effort: Music Strings 

Chelsea Richardson Outstanding Effort: Physical Education 

Chris Wong Outstanding Effort: Music Band 

Michael Blumberg Outstanding Effort: Science 

Outstanding Effort: French 

Outstanding Effort: English 

Outstanding Effort: Mathematics 

Outstanding Effort: English 

Outstanding Effort: ESL 

Outstanding Effort: Communication Skills. Art 

Outstanding Effort: Mathematics. Music Band 

Outstanding Effort: Science. Social Studies 

Outstanding Effort: Science. Social Studies 

Distinction: Computers 

Distinction Physical Education 

Distinction: Computers 

Distinction: French 

Distinction: ESL 

Outstanding Effort: French, Social Studies, Music Band 
Kate Louman-Gardiner Distinction: Music Band; Outstanding Effort: 

Physical Education 

Distinction: Social Studies: Outstanding Effort: 


Distinction: Mathematics; Outstanding Effort: Art 

Distinction: Physical Education; Outstanding Effort: 

Communication Skills. Art 
Keegan Macintosh Distinction: Music Band; Outstanding Effort: French. 


Distinction: English, Art 

Distinction: Social Studies: Outstanding Effort: English, 

Japanese, Physical Education 

Distinction: Music Strings, Art; Outstanding Effort: 

English, Social Studies 

Distinction: Mathematics, French, Science, 

Communication Skills 

Distinction: English, Choir; Outstanding Effort: Art; 

2"" Overall in Grade VIII 

Distinction: Science, Japanese: Outstanding Effort: 

Mathematics; 1^' Overall in Grade VIII 

Vicki Hsieh 
Hilary Flanagan 
Yun-Ji Lee 
Andrew Lampard 
Tina Korki 
Kerry Morin 
Justin Hume 
Graham Day 
Wayne Lau 
Drew Robson 
Peter Williamson 
Christine Chou 
Diana Hughes 

Cornna Mick 

Susan Green 
Gregory Smith 



Eli Gibson 

Lianne English 

Caitlin Smith 



DR. ALISTAIR BAIRD CUP ( top citizen - grade 8 ) 
Paul Karchut 

PARENTS' AUXILIARY PLAQUE ( top citizen - grade 7 ) 
Louise Reid 

MR. IAN JESSIMAN CUP ( top citizen - grade 6 ) 
Hailey Holberg 


( most deserving student that has not been recognized ) 

Diana Hughes 

IAN JESSIMAN TROPHY ( "soldienng on" ) 
Chelsea Richardson 

LEWIS FAMILY PLAQUE ( top male and female athletes ) 

Corrlna Mick, Noelle Quin 

Rory Connolly 

ROBERT MURPHY CUP ( most improved student ) 
Justin Hume 

NORMAN TOOKE CUP ( most improved student ) 
Katie Jones 


( top student in fine arts ) 

Kendra Tombu 


( all-round ability - Grade VI ) 

Elsa Hume 

MERIT BOWL ( all-round ability - Grade VII ) 
Elliot Holtham 

TWENTY CLUB CUP ( all-round ability - Grade VIII ) 
Corrina Mick 

Gregory Smith 

Corrina Mick 


{ best overall conthbution to Middle School ) 

Caitlin Smith 


Grade VIII 
Lianne English 
Vicki Hsieh 
Diana Hughes 
Katherine Louman- 

Grade VII 
David Burnett 
Emily Gregson 
Nicola Harper 
Andrew Orr 

Gardiner Andrew Murgatroyd 
Cornna MIckTristan Tristan Swift 
Drew Robson 
Kendra Tombu 
Christopher Wong 

Grade VI 
Jaimie Boyd 
Brian Gregson 
Maureen Palmer 
Hilary Punnett 
Amanda Quan 
Chelsea Tirling 


Grade VIII Grade VII 

Eli Gibson Meara Crawford 

Susan Green Hilary Gibson-Wood 

Scott McBnde Elliot Holtham 

Caitlin Smith Nurrachman Liu 

Paul Zakus Ashlin Richardson 



9 9 


0^ood iudi. next (featfti 





\. /. 1- /- K IL ^. ('- 1. /J \. /_ \. fi \. li \. I L L /_ \. /—L /— L /_L/_L 

ci; (1) (i) (.1) u) U.) u) -:i) a^ O 0) CD (i) 'J; a^ 

87 ^^^ 




Mr. Peter Tongue 
Senior School Director 

Another action-packed year is racing to its conclusion, although, even after the end of a busy school year, activities will continue. For the first 
time. Mrs. Humphreys and her senior choir have been invited to participate as members of a mass Canadian Choir to perform in Carnegie Hall 
New Yort(. to celebrate July 1st. Such is the calibre of music in the school that invitations abound for our staff and students to be involved in 
Provincial and National competitions. Another first saw the senior jazz band nse to second spot in the National Jazz Festival held in Ottawa in 
May. as well as perfonning at several schools in Ontano. A highlight was a reciprocal visit to the Father Bressani High School. Woodbndge. 
Ontano. who brought a band, choir and rugby team to Victona in March, 

Once again, the B,C Honour Orchestra and choir were disproportionately represented by our students. For the second year running the school 
provided the concert master for the orchestra, this time in the capable musicianship of Taylor Rankin, We had our second school concerto 
concert highlighting Chns Smith and Enc Kim, two of our outstanding young musicians The music composers continue to grow in numbers and 
quality, and it was wonderful to see the full orchestra perform one of Michael Kwan's pieces on Pnze Day, The Composer's Evening was 
beautifully complemented by a display of the impressive grade twelve art work created this year. 

Unfortunately, the planned musical 'Grease' could not go ahead for copyright reasons, but the students showed tremendous resourcefulness 
and, under the dnving influence of Devon Hahn and Amy Slegg, put together their own Musical Revue of some of the show stopping numbers 
from musicals performed at the school over the last ten years. It was an unprecedented success. 

The grade twelve play, Shakespeare s A Midsummer Night's Dream', saw some wonderfully hammy performances, including Nick Stanger as BottonVPyramus, Joel Bowman as Snug/the iion, 
and Blair Nelson as a hilanous Flute/Thisbe. 

The intense, at times funny, at times tragic. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Next', was superbly performed by the grade elevens, with strong lead roles from Megan Volk as Nurse Patched and 
Chns Stolarski as McMurphy (Jack Nicholson's role). Other grade eleven plays were put on as lunch time theatre presentations and were much enjoyed by those in attendance. 

This has been one of the most successful sporting years in the school's history, and. in temis of Provincial performances, SMUS must be ranked f rst in the Province this year. The year began 
on a high note when the senior girls' field hockey squad repeated their impressive performance of last year in winning the Provincial Championship in Vancouver in early November This was 
an outstanding all-round team effort, and the girls' thoroughly deserved their success This was quickly followed by the Colts' Rugby squad winning the Island championship, with big wins 
against arch nvals Shawnigan Lake and Oak Bay, After Chnstmas, the junior boys' (grade nine and ten) basketball team swept all before them on the Island and went on to win the unofficial 
provincial championship The school year then finished on a high note with grade nine student Natalie Lisinski winning a silver medal in the Provincial Senior High Jump Championship (only 
the second medalist the school has ever had) and the senior rugby squad proving successful in winning the Provincials Few gave this team a chance. Seeded third, we required victories on 
successive days against Oak Bay (6th), Lord Byng (2nd) and Shawnigan {1st) , Captain Ed Fairtiurst led a determined, first time tackling team to victory. Other Provincial playoff performances 
of excellent quality 

were provided by the senior boys' soccer, senior girls' basketball.senior boys' cross-country, badminton, tennis and senior girls' soccer teams. Congratulations to Female Athlete of the Year 
Deanne Age, who has won a full scholarship to attend the University of Alaska and play basketball. Other sports in the school continue to fiourish.including cycling and cricket, while ten pin 
bowling has become a very popular and successful intramural activity 

Once again, the senior school prize day and graduaton ceremonies were amalgamated and this year were held at the University of Victona Auditonum Centre, The major pnze winners were 
rewarded for years of commitment and excellent contributions to the school. 

The premier award, the Ker Cup, was won by Patrick Gill, an extraordinary young man who featured in the National ranking in three different academic areas: mathematics, physics and 
chemistry A wonderful musician and prolific composer, Patnck was central to the success of the jazz band on his melodic trombone. He also managed to find time to perform on behalf of the 
senior boys provincial cross-country team. 

Kathryn Wynn was the leader of the grade, expending enomnous time and effort on b)ehalf of the grad class: she was a worthy winner of the Bnan Dyer Award for community sen/ice inside the 

A new award this year, the Dartene McCue Award', also went to a most deserving young lady, Andrea Horsman is the first winner of this Award for building bndges between diverse groups 
within our community. 

The John Nation Bowl goes to the student who serves the community in such a way that you would want this person as a next door neighbour -this year. Van Mak, This talented young lady 
has led the jazz band vocals, and her warm hearted nature has raised the spints of all who come in contact with her. 

The Groos Salver goes to the student who has put in the most significant contribution to community service outside the school, Ufer Robin Featherstone has done a fantastic job tjoth outside 
and inside the school. Talented, detennined and caring, Robin'scontnbution has been enormous. 

It is pertiaps fitting that Robin should receive this award after twelve committed years to the school at the same time that father Grenfell has decided to retire from teaching. Grenfell, a larger 
than life character who has entertained, educated and inspired young men and women over the last twenty years will be sorely missed at the school and will never be replaced. I know that he 
is pleased to have finished marking the last of his thousands of red ink covered essays, but I also know that he will miss the aspects of the school that enable the students to show their talent, 
creativity and character. Our very best wishes go with Grenfell in his retirement from the school, and our thanks for many happy hours listening to his intelligent and insightfijl discourses. 

This school year began on a sad note when veteran campaigner Commander Douglas Williams died suddenly of a stroke in late Septemtaer, There will be other tnbutes made to Douglas in 
this Yearbook, but I did want to recognize the outstanding contnbution that "Uncle Willy" made to the school. In the latter years he was first and foremost a trend and counsellor to the staff and 
students, and he will be missed by all of us. 

Looking fonward to the new year, I am confident that we have outstanding leadership and talent in the school. The new student leaders, Jenny Reed and Chns Stolarski, have strong support 
and considerable abilities around them in the new grad class and their prefect body. 

We look forward to the amval of our new Director of Academics, DrTom Matthews, who will ensure that the academic side of the school retains its prominent position, as well as wori<ing further 
to guarantee that all of our students obtain excellent teaching. It will be a good year. 

-Peter Tongue 

Patrick Gill 
Captain Scholar 

Rohanna Green 
Captain Scholar 

Robert Bateman 
Head Boy 

Kathryn Wynn 
Head Girl 

The valedictory address is traditionally a farewell to the graduating class^ However, I refuse to say goodbye because this is not the end of the 
class of '97. Although we will disperse to the corners of the world, our class will not be disbanded: only altered. Connections will always keep us part of 
grad '97. We have built friendships which will extend across the world and last our lifetimes. As well as giving us an exceptional education, SMU has given 
us connections around the world. 

In his poem "A Valediction Forbidding Mourning ", John Donne compares the parting of two people in love to gold being beaten to an airy thinness: 
expanding, but not breaking. The grad class is also like a piece of gold that will be beaten by the hammers of time until we will wrap around the world. And 
everywhere we go, we will take with us the glitter of gold. Like Gold, we will continue to shine wherever we go: and we will be identified as graduates of SMU's 
class of '97 just as gold foil can be identified as gold. 

We did not become gold on our own, however, I think I speak for the whole class of '97 when I say that the instruction we have been given has 
been first rate. We would like to thank the faculty at the school for their hard work. One of the school's great strengths is the fact that our teachers truly 
care about their subjects. The music, art and drama teachers give us opportunity to create, as well as perform. The English faculty teach us to live well 
and think clearly. The Math and P.E. teachers show a gargantuan enthusiasm for their subjects. The science and second language teachers constantly 
enrich the material given to us to the point where provincial exams seem trivial. The supreme quality of instruction at the school is a testament to the 
dedication of the staff and the wisdom of our leaders. 

There is a group of people whose contribution to the school merits special recognition. These people must work with irate teachers, organise 
events and occasionally even stay up into the wee hours of the night doing extra work. Obviously, I refer to the students. To state the obvious, the co-operation 
of the students is key in any school. My fellow classmates have an enthusiasm for the material which renders classes enjoyable. Also, the students contribute 
to the overall character of the school more than any other group. They come from all over the world, and each contributes to the school in their own unique 
way. The numerous and prestigious successes earned by our artists, scholars and athletes are a reflection not only of the quality of instruction at SMU. 
but of the raw material our teachers have to work with. 

To those students not graduating this year, I would like to remind you of the colossal opportunity available at this school. You attend a school 
where you may participate in a myriad of activities, from music composition to scuba diving to meditation. Do not put off your dreams until after high school. 
You have the chance to follow your dreams right now. Take that chance. 

To the grads. I would like to leave you with an analogy. If life is like music, that music is jazz. We find ourselves on stage in front of the whole 
world, who we may acknowledge or not: and we are in a position to play if we want. We are given no sheet music: the whole thing is improvised. The song 
has no name. It has been playing before we arrive, and will continue playing after we are gone. The footlights are bright, so we have no hope of seeing 
our whole audience. We all have stage fright. We can. however, take heart in the fact that the audience has no idea what the song is supposed to sound 
like and that they are jazz musicians themselves. When our turn comes, we harmonise with our friends and trade fours with our rivals. We hope to sound 
good, but there is no real way of hearing ourselves properly. Some of us enjoy the performance: others bitterly complain. As in life, the happiest improvisers 
are not those who play the best, but the ones who appreciate the music most. They enjoy the music without feeling the need to compare their playing with 
others, as they know there can be no absolute comparison. Life defies criticism, but is conducive to appreciation. 

There is a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon I remember in which Calvin brings a snowflake into the classroom for show and tell and says: 

Did you ever notice how a snowflake, an utterly unique and exquisite crystal, turns into a boring molecule of water the minute you bring 
it in the classroom? Now, while the analogy sinks in, I'm going to leave you drips and go play outside. 

In one way, our school is like a moist deep-freeze. SMU has allowed us to crystallise further by offering opportunities to develop ourselves without 
melting the snowflake it was given, 

I speak for the whole class when I say I have mixed feelings about graduating. Many of you I will never see again. Many of my casual friendships 
will melt away. I want you to know that you will always have a place in my heart and I will miss you. The mixed feelings come from the tremendous excitement 
M stepping out into the world after having received an empowering education. We've made it, Grad '97. The world is out there waiting for us. Let's go get 

-Patrcik Gill, Rohanna Green 
Captain Scholars 

Mrs. Mary Humphreys, Mr. David Stoll, Mrs. Hedda Thatcher, Mr. Rob Cameron, Mrs. Peggy Murphy, Mrs. Colleen 
McLeish, Mrs. Marilyn Levitt, Mrs. Laura Keziere, Comm. Douglas Williams, Ms. Judy Tobacco, Mr. Bob Richards, 
Chap. Lynford Smith, Mr. Ron Dyson, Mr. Allen McCracken, Mr. Grenfell Featherstone, Mr. Bruce Kuklinski, Mr. Peter 
Gardiner, Ms. Catherine Greer, Mr. Chuck Shergold, Mr. Alan Jones, Mr. Colin Skinner, Mrs. Kirsten Davel, Ms. Kathy 
Roth, Mr. Michael Jackson, Mr. George Belliveau, Mr. Ken Smith, Mrs. Toshi Thumm, Mr. Keith Murdoch, Mr. Tony 
Keble, Ms. Kim Poland, Mrs. Margaret Skinner, Mr. Bill Buckingham, Mr. Bill Greenwell, Ms. Simone Hart, Mr. Melville 
Jones, Mr. Peter Tongue, Mr. Robert Snowden, Mrs. Jean Ives, Mr. Kevin Cook, Mrs. Kathy Rae 


This page is dedicated to Mr. Grenfell Featherstone. 

1. Ms. Kim Poland 

2. Mr. Bill Greenwell 

3. Mr. Melville Jones, Mr. Bill Greenwell 

4. Mrs. Sylvia Hamilton and Paige Hamilton 


1 . Mr. Colin Skinner and Mrs. Margaret Skinner 

2. Mr. Tony Keble 

3. Mrs. Sylvia Greenwell. Mrs. Mary Humphreys 

4. Ms. Simone Hart 

5. Mr. Alan Jones 


1. Mr. Fraser Hannah 

2. Mr. Peter Leggat 

3. Mr. Kevin Cook 

4. Mr. Peter McLeod 

5. Ms. Catherine Greer 

6. Mr. Bill Buckingham 


\\ (LXQjiA ana fnua4zzn anu 
rnoAAjQ. hta/i^^ oJ^'aiiqlaA 


ha luxa a nxiAAuui 1x2^^ Lile, 


"He has guarded the Chapel with his life, and somewhere in there 
today, he will be brandishing his walking stick in one hand and with his other f 
he will be shouting "Yaberdabber Doo! Have a great life- 'cause I did." 

Peter Tongue 

"/ doubt that I'll ever be able to forget my friend Commcmder Williams. Since grade nine, 
when I first came to SMUS as a boarder, he had helped and encouraged me not only in 
studying French, but also in so many other aspects of my life. He soon became a close friend 
of mine and I value every moment that I had spent with him. Whenever I need to laugh or 
smile, I simply think of all of his funny remarks and curious little habits, whether it was 
drawing me pictures to reward me for good work or hearing him across the quad yelling 
"Yabadabadool Meny Christmas!!", even though it would be the middle of May. Most of 
all, he always had a way of cheering me up when I needed it. He had such a great sense of 
humour, yet when he wanted to he could act seriously, like the Commander that he was. I feel 
very fortunate that I had the chance to come to know Commander Williams and I only regret 
that others didn 't have the same opportunity. I know that he cared for all of his students 
although he may have had different ways of showing it. Commcmder Williams always had 
a way of constantly giving me words of advice by disguising them in our conversations. 
Whenever I beccune frustrated or confused over French, he became intolerant reminding 
me that he considered me a top student in French, so the best was expected from me. At 
least every other class he would sit down with me and stare me straight in the eye and say, 
'^Courtenay, I want you to know that if you ever have any problems - cmy problems at all - 
you can just come talk to your Uncle Willy." He taught me to believe in myself and not 
doubt my ability and I know that his encouragement has contributed to all of my personal 
goals. He has left me with not only wondeifid memories and laughs, but also with a 
determination to do well at whatever I t)y and to dare myself into achieving beyond what I 
expect. Although my heart tells me to grieve for him, I realise that it is selfish to feel any 
regret on his behalf as he lived a truly fidl and productive life. And so with due respect to 
Commander Williams, my mentor and my friend, I look forward to the day that we meet 
again. II y etait et il y aura qu 'un seul Uncle Willy." 
Coiirtenay Mitchell 

"I went to school one day with a terrible cold. I had tutorial with the Commander, and he 
was appalled by my condition. Sitting beside me, almost shouting, he said "Comrie, if 
there's one thing I learned in the War, I learned that it is sometimes better to make a 
tactical withdrawl. Return to base, regroup the troops, get a rest, form a new game plan, 
and commence the offensive the next day. I submit that you are in such a position. You go 
home at once. Fll take care of the paperwork. Go." 

Andrew Comrie- Picard 


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Benjamin Acton 

Clea Adair 

Katherine Barry 

Bronwen Bell 

David Beswick 

Philip Beverley 
Dominic Borzoni 

Scott Brown 
Lauchlln Burnett 

Erick Calder 

Taran Chadha 

Kenneth Chan 

Lila Chelmak 

Johnny Chen 

Katrina Cheung 

Ross Chlan 

Lorien Chilton 

Gary Chou 

Jin-Hyuk Chung 

Evan Crawford 

Karen Dawson 

Joanna Fairhurst 


Andrew Fairman 
Ryan Fellenz 
Erjc FmcJIay 

Gregory Fowler 
Earson Gibson 
Supreet Gill 

Geoffrey Gledfiill 
Mary-Ellen Glover 
Eric Goldstein 
Jaqueline Goldstein 
Jonathan Gordon 

Kentaro Gutfirie 
Clare Hall-Patch 
Itsuki Hayashi 
Jordan Helm 
Jack Ho 

Merlin Ho 
Sarah Holberg 
Sarah Hudson 

Nicholas Hume 
John Hung 
David Ingle 



1) Dominic Borzoni 2) Scott McCarten, 3) Taran Chadha, 4) Jonathan Randle, Benjamin Acton 5) Bronwen Bell, Natalie 
Lisinski, Katherine Barry, Jessalyn Jennings, Shawna McKee, Jennifer Thompson, Joanna Fairhurst. 6) Greg Fowler, Ashley 

Julia Inkster 

Elizabeth Jawl 

Robert Jawl 

Jessalyn Jennings 

Katherlne Johnson 

Tyson Johnson 
Claire Jones 
Charles Jung 

Rajiv Khaneja ^ 

Christine Kim 

Tadanori Kokubun 

Tiam Korki 

Joshua Lam 

Antonio Law 

Jennifer Lawton 

Angle Lee 

Patrick Lee 

Rhys Lewis 

Sarah Limbu 

Michael Lin 

Chad Linger 

Natalie Lisinski 


Timothy Louman- 

Brian Mackay 
Michael Maloney 
Angela N/larshaii 
Andrew Martin 

Scott McCarten 
Nathan McCartney 
Shawna McKee 

Jessica Miller 
Jelena Mrdjenovich 
Meredith Murgatroyd 

Liam Newton 
Grahame Nicholls 
Kaunteya Nundy 

Colin Palmer 
Bryce Parsons 
Robyn Parton 

Michael Passmore 
Jonathan Randle 
Jason Reeve 
Bianca Roberts 
Lauren Scott 


Kevin Simon 

Carley Somerset 

Calvin Teo 

Jennifer Thompson 

Sarah Turner 

Andrea Van Tine 

David Weir 

Eric Weng 

Ashley Wey 

Marcia Wilson 

Michael Wilson 

Sung-Hyun Won 

Gerald Wong 

Leiand Wong 

Daniel Wood 

Elizabeth Woodward 

Ian Woolllams 

Kai-Lin Wu 

Marianna Yang 

Shao Yee Yao 

Jennifer Yoo 




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Michael Adam 

John Andrachuk 

Ashley Arnett 

David Barbour 
James Bigwood 

Daniel Boticki 

Matthieu Boyd 

Nigel Brown 

Kathryn Buttery 

Christopher Callendar 

Reid Chambers 
Serlene Chan 

Stephan Chapheau 
Hsiang-I Chen 

Eddie Cheng 

Lillian Chian 

Cameron Clark 

Brienne Coleman 

Joywin Cummings 

Ryan Dacre 

Taylor Davis 

Ravina Dhillon 

Kelly Dillon 

Alexander Dunae 


Chris Eun 
'i.stine Evans 
.'organ Evans 
.f C;iristopher Finch 
^ Jonathan Gainor 

.'ania Gamache 

1 Greenwood 

Rimmy Grewal 
Joelle Hatton 
Susan Hayes 

Maude Henri- 


Suzanne Henwood- 


Elliott Herrera 

Andrew Hildred 
Kathryn Hill 
Jenny Ho 

Chris Holenderski 
David Hsu 
Adam Hutchison 
Olivia Ibell 
Maya Ikezawa 


1) Nicole Morgensen, A)^f|^^^^K:harlotte Reid, 
Louise Ritson, Vanessa Murty/Heather Orr, Ravina Dhillon 2) Jason 
Owen 3)Reid Ciiambers, Timothy Street, Jonathan Preston 4) Michael 
Wighton, Kevin Morin, Jan Salcedo, Nicholas Stipp, Louise Ritson, 
Kimberly Nordlund 5) Christopher Callendar. 


2) Vanessa Le# 
Karen Wong 3) Dixie Kiaibert, Becky 
Taylor, Ashley Arnett, Sarah Wilson, 
Kelly Dillon 4) Justine Evans 5) 

ni, Kathryn Leong. 


Nicholas Isaac 
Dan Ishihara 

Christopher James 
Ryan Jennings 

Ben Naismiih 
Kimberly Nordlunrj 
Elizabeth Novak 
Krystal O'Byrne 
Heather Orr 

Jason Owen 
Alexander Payne 
Vasin Phetsiri 
Jonathan Preston 
Lucas Rankin 

Taylor Rankin 
Charlotte Reid 
Louise Ritson 
Maximillian Ritter 
Jan Salcedo 

James Saunders 
Rebecca Sheng 
An Shortt 
Caitlin Smith 
Kimberly Smith 

Graham Snowden 
Rebekah Stackhouse 

Nicholas Stipp 
Timothy Street 


Mark Su 

Alyssa Sunderani 

Rebecca Taylor 

Judy Tseng 

Julia Tugwell 

Natalie Turner 

Takaya Ueda 

Roland Von Schellwitz 

Kathryn Watson 

Jennifer Weenk 

Alice Weng 

Michael Wighton 

Christine Wilson 

Sarah Wilson 

Carol Wong 
Karen Wong 
Simon Wong 

Jennifer Woodland 

Yvette Yang 

Hilo Yen 

Chris You 

Tina Yu 


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Elizabeth Aitken 

Omar Alasaly 

Rebecca Anglin 

Jennifer Angus 

Nicole Arnett 

Yvonne Au 

Gavin Barry 

Lindsay Basarab 

Matlnew Berg 

Roxanne Black 

Matthew Boulton 

Courtnae Bowman 

Jayne Bradbury 

John Breasail 

Quentin Bregg 

Kimberly Bruce 

Genevieve Burdett 

Amy Carruthers 

Megan Cassidy 

Alan Chen 

Gordon Cheung 

Brandon Chiu 

Jack Chiu 


Nicholas Chng 
Victor Chu 
Jamie Chung 
Renee Chung 
Ashley Cornwell 

Kelly Cox 
Jean Daniel 

Michael Danskin 
Lisa Davies 

Adrian Dawson 
Kathryn Dawson 
Andrew Dewar 
Sheryl Dodd 
Adam Dowhy 

Meghan Doyle 
Victor Drohomirecki 
Lemuel Edillon 
Tara Elson 
Kimberley Emsley-Leik 

Susan Fellenz 
Jenny Franklin 
Joseph Gardener 
Simmi Gill 
Brigid Halladay 


Craig Kirk 
Ryan Knott 
Grace Koo 

Elaine Lai 

Ryan Large 

Kanoux Larsen 

Vince Lau 

Donna Lee 


Helmut Lee 
Jason Lee 
Joanna Lee 
Michelle Lee 
Carol Lewis 

Alan Lin 
Kimberley Lobb 
David Lynch 
Rachel Magnusson 
Catherine Mccarten 

Emir Mehinagic 

Nathan Millar 

Mariko Miller 
Anup Misra 
Courtenay Mitchell 
Ryan Munroe 
Joann Nash 

Gustavo Neh 
Jason Ng 
Christopher Noel 
Colin Parrott 
Charlotte Paul 


Sam Paulos 
George Pemberton 

Jenny Reed 
Steven Romanchuk 

Terrence Satdeo 

Daniel Saunders 

Katherine Saunders 

Robert Sin 

Susan Sin 

Ctirlstopher Smith 

Bryce Soderberg 

Tye Splcer 

Alexandra Staseson 

Ashley Stobbarl 

Christopher Stolarski 

Sayurl Sugimoto 

Rizwan Sultan 

David Summers 

Aly Sunderani 

Yos Tanoyo 

Stephen Tate 

Chantelle Tearoe 


^nna Thomas 
Jordan Thome 
I Christopher Tse 
^l David Tseng 
'":, Grace Tseng 

Megan Volk 

Christine Wenman 
Jeremia Williams 
Andrew Williamson 
Laura Willihnganz 
Leah Winters 

Alfred Wong 
Jacqueline Wong 
Steven Wong 
Grant Woolliams 
Cara Yeates 

Cosmos Yeh 
Stephen Yoon 
Ryota Yukaw^a 
Jonathon Zacks 


1) Megan Volk, Lindsay Basarab, Courtenay Mitchell 2) Chris Noel, Nicole Arnett 3)Matt 
Boulton, Matt Berg 4) Susan Fellenz, Chris Noel, Chris Stephens, Steve Tate, Joe 
Gardener 5) Lauren Ingle. 


1) Gavin Barry, Ali Staseson 2) Jennifer Angus. 
Charlotte Paul 3) Colin Parrott, Terrence Satdeo 
4) Jack Chiu 5) Megan Cassidy, Steve Wong. 

Grad Photos - Grad Candids - Car Rallies - Skip Days - Fashion Shows 
Plays - Grad Pranks - Snow - Spring Fair - Grad Camp Out - Dinner Dance 

Geoffrey Adams 

Well, it had to happen I'm finally graduating 18 years have passed since I was born and the doctors said "Those pain killers won't have 
affected your baby at all." Shows what they know. Well, graduating is pretty cool, Tm taking the courses I like and I have lots of spares. If 
school had always been like, I would never want to leave So, Have I achieved anything in my five years at SMU'r' Not really I've been to one 
party that didn't involve the singing of Happy Birthday, and was unimpressed. I've never been on a date. I haven't walked a mile in another 
mans shoes and I don't think I've walked a mile in my own shoes either Sad. Well, enough dwelling on my pitiful existence, I'd better get on 
with the stereotypical recounting of events that are only humorous to those who saw them KC, your endless taunting of My Duckys and 
swoopy hair will be remembered, I have no doubt you have laid the ground work for deep psychological scars that will take decades of 
therapy to work out, KBarnes, In grade 1 1 I drove you home from school on a daily basis, this year we went for the commute to school in the 
mornings. We've seen Weird Al and SWSE and I think It's just about the most fun I've had in the past five years. KBourne, There really isn't 
anything more fun then hiding behind Challoner, skipping another 2400 run is there '^ BB, you've nearly made me laugh out loud at the most 
inappropriate times in English Lit, I'm just happy you didn't get me kicked out of class Scott, The truth is out there, and it's got PEMC written 
all over it. Well, nothing left except to insult some teachers and class mates. Hey Cam. Madagascar's a fabulous place, Island ya'know. Hey, 
IS that a bowling bowl in a hula skirfi* nope, just a pnmate. my mistake. Anyhow, now that the last remaining days of my school year have 
been made awkward I'll leave you ail with some words of wisdom ,, "Thank-you drive through' 

Deanna Age 

Dee came to SMUS in grade 8. where she was introduced to Whil, Jackson s midmghl |okes and a funny counselor NOT' She settled in (me. despite a daily 
bus ride with Virg andlhe girl who put her violin on people laps Notable moments include, acting m Socials, playing soccer in Math, and an animation of a cow 
jumping over a mooni"?! Her best memories were with BB and Vaness -when everything broke into a songi The Senior School brought more good times; 
Henry and Jo- half court shots, M[. Tolmie - a topic on it's own. West Coast trail; 8 girls, watertalls, and tuna in the Tuna Nuna' Grad Camp Out - thanks to 
all tho'fe who helped me out' Back parking lot - what are those, lines'' Thanks to everybody for the good times, Lindsay IVIac and Sabrma- b-ball gals' Carys- 
rookie memories from both sides (elevators and warpaint) Jhauwiniekaspskpl- French class, Thetis and New Years, just name a few.. Vaness. the best a man 
can get' Chris- I'll be weann' Ricko Air's sooni DD-mside joke, can I laugh"? JB- nice 'stang • bad shot! Coops., .California babe-stay in the bushes when the 
battery's dead! IVIatt- Thetis, Slurpees, Datsun joke, shotgun, the list goes on Cam-camping and hanging out thanks for the good times' Stonze- my other 
half, need I say more'' Whistler '94, '96, field hockey mating calls, b-ball pranks. 80's tapes, slufpees. Tolmie talks, midnight excursions, Star Wars-where are 
the Ewoks"? Girls nights' Car Rallies and Tours; wheelin' T around the Vatican, hissin' guys, ice cream signs, the Rock, Chinese food in Florence, photogra- 
pher at two in the morning, my family, I loved it all' Ecuador and Galapagos, enough banana's to feed the world. Discoleca night, Mits and hot chocolate, and 
a crazy card game at Luna Runa Tuna it was the altitude' For future reference, always sit in the corner of lounges, jump off the boat from as high as you can, 
and you II have way more fun if you run' Thanks to all those teachers, f^rs. McLeish, Mr, Peach. Mr. Jackson, Mr. Laidlaw.KP. TC, Mr Gardiner. Ms. Roth, 
and Mr Manson Blair you all make it easier! Good luck to everyone in the future, and see you somewhere warm! P S Wherever Fieldwoman is. 
Courtwoman's right there beside youl 

Scott Amiss 

Foley says "whip it up.' 
It's been a slice. 

|A ^^ ^^ 

Stephanie Anderson 

I came to SMUS in grade 8 with Melissa from St. Pat's. I have some great memories including our beginner band class 
(yellow bird), the BTB group, the grand canyon, lovely violin concerts, singing LM, funky nailpolish, the po-po are creepin', 
Apollo & Dionysus, out of control skiing and New York to come. Thanks to all my friends who contributed to those 
memories. Another big thank you goes to my supportive parents and teachers and also to Suzanne and Damans, my 
longtime friends. I wish all of grad '97 the best in the future. 


Peter Andrachuk 


Peter has been the pride of SMUS for the last four years Being a model student was never much of a challenge for Peter Peter is a 
natural leader and a gifted athlete, Peter's position has made him a great favourite with the rugby team. N/lany people have been afraid 

of Peter because of his imposing figure, but for those who looked beyond his manly image 

Okay, now for the _real_ stuff: 
Well. I have spent 4 years at SMUS, and loved them I have made many close friends along the way. or so I try and tell myself ;). I 

absolutely hate using initials, so here goes Bianca, what can I say? We will always be fnends, "Quickly F.H., to the Queer-Mobile!". 

Sleep-overs, Ab-Fab late into the night: "Sweetie, sweetie make mummy a cup of coffee!". Cruising in the Queer-Mobile, Our Jays! 

Amber: Never forget those Julius runs, cowgirl! Jacki: Pick up gas station attendants much? Robyn: Don't overheat the 

VISA!! Sharon: Motheri''! Mitz: Let's not ever go to dinner with B and Chad again!. .Robin: "The Eagle has landed!".. -Charlotte, Jen 

A . All S,, Carol L,: Im with the DJ. okay? Hoochies forever! .. Devon. Chrissy: I should have listened to your advice about Girl- 
Boy All: 2 schools? You can be my 2 schools, baby! Memones: Pumpkin thieving, poop-deck. "You silly monkey", Whatever, Cam 

the DJ. cell phone nnging in geology. Ms. Greer's smarties, I'm not addicted to iced tea!. "Is Harrod's nnging''", Car rallies (AN running 
naked along the causeway). Mr, Cameron's Spanish class (learning useful phrases such as "El tiene una naranga jugosa"), "These 
aren't Versace! ", "Becky Taylor, what are you weanng? Three inches'!", uncoordinated Grease rehearsals, being a designated dhver for 
_everything_, crazy Mexican students, ski tnps: I will pay you 5 bucks to close the window'. Brown Hall, hero worship (Eva Durate de 
Peron), shrine to J., shopping dunng spares, laptop notes. Thanks everyone for making this such a great 4 years at SMUS' I love you 
all! Remember: Always be open minded and accepting. Love is more than an emotion, it is a way of life! What else can I say? I wish 
everyone happiness in their lives. Good-bye dahlings! 

Devin Arnold 

Descending from the barren arctic wasteland of Yellowknife, Devin entered grade 8 as a cowering little child who spent his time squawking like a parrot, drooling 
over a cerlain female, and generally trying to adapt himself to SMU life It took his brain a while to defrost from the cold Yellowknife winters, but K.W. certainly 
helped by aggravating him a lot. Along the way, he gathered many fond memories, and )ust as many nicknames The fondest of the fond include being voted 
"cutest guy in gr. 9", the "baddy corner" - including the illustrious undenfl/ear foozball game versus R.F. and S I., his psychic mother reading the auras of his 
fnends. and the ever-growing list of people to kill His cacophony of nicknames includes "Speedbaby", "Sprocket" , "Parrot". "Kevin", "Mr Amold", and, of course. 
the infamous "Scrotes" He didn't smash any sports records (though he is quite an enthusiastic cricket player), but he does have the notorious accomplishment 
of drinking over twice his body weight m Slurpees, and consuming one McDonald's chicken fajita for every day of August He will be remembered for many 
things, not the least of which is his fetish for 14 year old girls in crotch-length sailor suits waving magical wands not that that's a bad thing or anything Devin is 
still unsure about what the future holds for him (although we could call his mom and find out), but some of his ambitions include To get his bachelor's degree in 
telepathy, to convince the feline species to accept him as one of their own, to somehow make it through life without ever having a real job. to marry Sailor Moon. 
and to be the first man to set toot on Mars Whatever he does and wherever he goes, we are all sure he will still be cowenng, still have a file with the FBI. still be 
collecting Sailor Moon memorabilia, still be drooling over the same female, and will always be a slacker He wishes everyone the best in whatever they end up 
doing To those of you who were kind to him, he will remember you when he is rich, and to those of you who pissed him off - watch your backs. You're on nhe 
list", and he'll be coming for you . 

it J 

Coille Atchley 

I started at go in '95 and when the light turned green I was ott at full tilt, that was until VY hit a red light, and I promise you that it was. 
The country roads caused some problems for AC and the YJ, "Hey was the a curb you just hif". Over the barners and past the sucunty 
guards BB and I wandered aimlessly until we found double A hotseat and the cncket pitch. The fredly hill was visited all to frequently, but 
sadly never spun for me ,,, I took a small detour to see some green "Yall run back to your cars now". Then I landed on a chance and 
went straight to jail were I faced Heaven and Planet rejection. But soon enough I hit a straight stretch which took me right to Holland KR 
look Its the forest with three trees, SNUPYAS' I rounded a bend which led to the BV gravel roads, and the powerline trails, I still sport the 
scar from the deadly ski pole, and once there was a white YJ ABRAKADABRA its black. We thought we were smart, but we took a wrong 
turn from Boardwalk to the Cutblock KR you will always look like a troll to me, signing off Brat #1. Gill and IVIeg thank you for taking down 
some the barners before I collided head on with them, tvlom thank you for your unconditional support and I promise I will nde at H/lilner 
again because it will be a part of my life forever. Dad you showed me that there isn't a day that passes that you don't learn something 
and I am greatfull for that One day went your not looking I will wander from the trough, but until then SHLURP .. 
JD.BB.TB.VY.AC.RG.KW.KK, DA.GG.MP.EC.I^D.SH thanks for making my road trip full of memories. 

Casey Austin 

Scrawny nerd came to smooh in grade 8 and soon transformed into a geetar playing rockstar DUDh' youze my angel my singing pixie shtick Dont lose 
your pencil up yer nose, there, people' Mano and Wee| are in the haus' We started with a lute and now we got fenders Keep wrting your beautiful songs 
and stop watching sailor moon, git yer kilt on, "halo, thus is Casey Austin an we are goin downtown ta see mike watt an the foo fighters, thankyou, bye " (not 
goodbye forever cause babys outta com)-love Rachel i came to Smoo in 92, the walls were pink an it smelt like a loo, soon we switched to where its at. el 
sen-oir skool was so phat, 

aie, 1 dunno where teh start, MY GIRLS: "White, you're my magnetic charm, ai'm stuck forever an aie canna get away' we are trouble and you know it. we 
were brats and we still are and thats why we're so famous. "Rachel, my angel, tinkertielle. weej. angle, poopie. ralchit. anglelisious. rebolt. i love you. we've 
been through the poo. poo, you helped me over all of the rainbows,,, (and DAMN dey wer oogly) BOOM' no one beats my nk's bed head, "Becks, I'll never 
forget the Ideating you gave to the tjeamer, bad luck bazzard when we peed on the 7th green i hope the cops stepped in it, "Ivlitchel, Ivlichelle my belle, 
you are my long legged african fashion queen, so many great costumes for so many great occasions, baby, i loved the times when we reclined the magic 
green jellybean's seats and talked about life "Mana, thumbellina, i will never forget your speed-stones, your technicolored hair and your laughter you have 
the power "Lucy, my cutie, I'll see you at the next dance, last and definately not least. "Kath. my kathryn wynn. my winner, great host of the girl's dinners, 
pre-dances pre & post parties and entertaining new years ,, ill always remember your smile, (and your wisdom cheeks, pudge), I LOVE MY GIRLS, 
'To anyone i laughed with I'm going to miss you, 

Kimberly Barnes 

Okay, lennme see ., I've been @ SMU for 4 years now and I can definitely say that the past few years have been the best 
in my life, Ick. I hate normality :) Anywho. in no order: JG/Tfirakaina J - My Soul Twin, fellow Dragon Lady, and arteest. 
Luv you! Tfie window is always open. Squeeze me'' Oi-ving'' Ving-oi! S'ok' S'aright, S'aright? S'ok, Crazy monkey, tncks 
are for magicians. Ga is giving you a deep long passionate Hi-Five! You are Kender. Psanki err., you know :P - AM - 
"coff "coff* "coffee* <look Kat> - KG - Canajan Eh'' Goddanufferya'' Broodle. To the batcave\ Austrenglish'' Vadayvafi. 
Tastes like chicken. -IL DoiT!- - SA - Can I have your Thunderbird' <Grin> Sloan rocks. - ON - I loike it. luv my bog/ 
boggy. Teach me violin! :) ~ KB - (yah thats right, I'm talking to myself <G>) Kim^, My eternal twin. Just checkin out the 
BMW, Let's go stalking! KitH 4ever. ~ GA - Heeheehee Oops! Poof. I'm a .,, pumpkin! From the episodes of Super Petor 
"peuf The Fairy Queen strikes' Love all your dOOdles, - ML - Haah, I'm crazy egg-beater head. ~ PA - Brock On! 
Snazzin ,. Down in Fraggle Brock! - SL - "NARF" /bable, modem withdrawal! Snifty - CG - My goddess you taught me 
well.,. Too well! Look VELVET' "meep" <EG> Forever Singing. Join Primal Mmm, Chocolate - CR - Dragons Dragons 
Everywhere. Dragons Dragons Under-where'' - DP - "meep" Can I be your laptop'' ~ Y'all not forgotten: TT. TC. JJ, PB. 
CO. JH. S&S. PA. YM, KG, LS, NSK. Ato, Cta. Kitten - Forever Longhair. All those you can't see are only invisible. 
They're there I swear! Love you all. Kim/Kai/Eternity @{ — , — ' 

Tina Barrett 

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Tina. She came from a far away magic land called Logan Lakenolndonesia. She came to a 
castle ( NORSIRP) named SMU. where she and her stepsister slaved for many wicked stepmothers. One day. Tina escaped to a ball: 
disguised as a devil she met her Pnnce Charming That night Rapunzel let down her knotted hair and her and her stepsister shimmied 
away from her second floor window. Her second year was filled with new expenances and duties, for no longer a servant. Tina was a 
prefect. The next year was also filled with fames, country singing, cocktails, and long castle duty nights but so far she's lived happily ever 
after,,," Tina. Babe I don't know what I'd do without you. so many memones to never forget, never change T&B 4ever, Becks 
Times I'll never forget: "P" Internet men wanting more,,, Fnday Nights (el,), throwing rocks at sleeping men, late night chats, and Shania 
Twain ,,,{j.dh) rocked skating, chapel confrontations, every night movie nights and the stick shift (cr). 9:00 shots, underwear faines and 
shimmying sheets and dr'nken V-days and too much more... (b.b.). 2hours in Denny's,,, do you guys remember the dance?... I don't, 
silent sips (j.f). Iimo night, rooming with crazy Andrea and her many men. Calc w/ m.j. XOnTheBeach. Miss. PersonalityLESS. "Please 
God make me a bird so I can fly far, far away' ". racing to Brown Hall and Chinese (c.a). kissing on SAM,, big truck ndes and McGill dreams 
(m.d.) Milli Vanilli two, fuzzy wuzzy carpet ads ( Gilligan's lsle(CR'96). angel baby. Silver Star, "I will survive!", & endless b*tch*n' w/ 
Brig & Beck. I'd like to thank my friends who helped to make my two years here "home." Especially, b.b,e.l.,c.r., m.d., j.dh. , c.a.X2, j.f.., k.w., 
m,t,,a.s. and b.h., "WE Survived !!" (Jacks & Heather ...if only...???) 
"Don't bend over backwards to please anybody, unless you're sure someone will be there to catch you when you fall..." 


Robert Bateman 

I wasn't sure what was more appropriate: "It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do." 
(Jerome K. Jerome), or "It is almost Impossible to over-estimate the unimportance of most things." (anonymous), or maybe 
even "I always have a quotation for everything - it saves ohginal thinking." (Dorothy L. Sayers). 

Rebecca Bazzard 

Becky came to SMU a hard core islander Irom Sdllsprmg The pretty but supnsingly tough islander quickly became as M T said '|ust one of the guys ' She s picked up a 

quirky mix of friends, nearly all whom she's loved dearly The next School Ties (and most likely everyone hereafter) will no doubt feature Becky on the cover lor she is the 

spitting image of the model participate- m-everything-aspect-ot-boarding-aspire-to be-a-prefect-2-inches-above-the-knee-never-m)SS-home-room-never-complain SM.U. 

student .... right Becks'? Actually she would have been more than a P P. for she was a P. project. Her memories: 

-my mocent roomy, Connie (gradelO.II) and my not so innocent roomy Brrgid (grade 12, in the same damn room.) 'The 10's MI.JD fuzzy stary, wait for me. council tree 

CV\i Rapunsle let down your long hair, sleeping in bushes. Pee green 7th Case luv ya "the broken beamer" The 4 B's, tutorial FIRE marshal, crazy SSI times f\^exico 

with Sara R E V.E N G E Black listed Brigid were breakin loose, I'll miss ya Watch for hearts with arrows, tfie summersTT. stick tea, tray surfin the Buzz connection, 

underwear fairies TB Thanks 4 the times I love ya, limo night. My Mexican gods, One dumb jock, Mitz-tell me my fortune. Jacks wild. C-s-ing-C SS-1 ,WD, End up like 

Water-skiing eh.RB, ELEE there's no-one quite like ya. The C, Mud initiation Co, car doors. Busted. ..oops did I say that, spinning infirmary. Gilligans fuzzy wuzzy carpets, 

To-kill- ya- AH babes 4-ev, Go fish MT my hero-Thanks 4 the 2nd Home. JF.UVIC missions, accidental driving-sorry'bout the volvo KW your the best Falling tolmie's 

spinning, rivers Then the Boys now THE GIRLS My Wmslow buds Ifianks for the times JD.CA.TB.EL, DL.SO, SP.BH. CS I will survive. Its been fun my friends I luv. the 

rest of ya s<& ST IK," 

-You light up life Becks, never lose the blue beads nor your spontaneous bursts of craziness. "I'm ready" -Kasuhn 

-Becks I love you for your spontaneity, your constantness & your dreaming. Thanks for keeping me above reality! You da best B+T 4-ever if you ever looking for Becks, 

yell Tina 

-Becks, Flecks, Shmecks Wow what a run we've had. You and me babe, we flipped the cradle It was great at times We got to destroy a perfectly good German car 

fukengruven. It's time to blast off, I love you. Case. 

Bianca Besenyo 

To the people who helped me enjoy my stay at SMU.... 

Rl- The boy (one ot many) Don t feel too bad, he may be lying dead in a ditch somewhere. Vancouver's a beautiful city, we should go there some time JI-'The evil 
twin"- To my friend who always got full service at gas stations. And who could blame her (Sl-Your the best. I'm gonna' come over all the time) JM-My emotional 
support and anger vent. Thanks, I'd love to go hiking with you, but where are the hotels'? M{Daniel)D- the man who thinks he's the most at everything. .it's always 
)-- NYC, graveyards, visa, Fluevogs, sarcasm and "blue chip thinking" (Don't worry, you can work for me when you're unemployed). PA- "Quickly fag hag, to the 
11 ioer mobile", don't forget our 50 yr deal. Ihe (my one and only* boy" that should be mine, "Make mommy some coffee", EH-My only fnend who doesn't like decorating 
■ r locker with fabulous YM boys KD-"Quicklyii Draw, draw' Use colors" Slave dnver' ps- fun game (hint of sarcasm), and it really was Jacki ST-Long live Mexicans, 
t lench men, horror movies, sleep-over and summer flings. HG-Craison soup, craison sandwich, craison shake,. , MS-ln university I'll stop doing my homework dunng 
■ly spares. promise . KB- Buz Lightyear, Nl, yum. All hockey boys are the best (and their look alikes), remember Ifie Paul interview. .{background noise) aghhhh!, 
-^A-Midnight skates EC- a.k.a "Jimmy'-remember free phone samples at my party CB-Keep dancing and choose one AH,MP,J1-I still have cake in my hair!! To 
'M.' NYC gang. The best time of my life!'- TT quote '"Y'all don't mind if I take my skirt off do ya? That Milos is such a hunk" Thank you all. 

n I ever get real rich I hope I'm not real mean to poor people like I am now". 
Deep Thoughts. Jack Handey 

And to all those that I loved and those that I didn't feel quite so sweetly about. I hope you are all successful in life just not as successful as me... 

Nicholas Blumberg 


I'd like to start by thanking PF and his long, long feet. Robin Rednose too. SC, RG J.C.Yuuupeeeee for providing us 
with insiteful information on Barrhead, Vlad the impaler McVie.RG and all those others who put up with me AM for all 
times of big fun. <degenerates into inside jokes> The Mooth is on fire. Ansuz sucks... . NanSang and his great one 
liners. ..What, you are crazy. in my pants?!?! COONNAAAAN!!!! wheres my 10 Dolaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, your 
head is full of mush. Kap'n K., Roboto, 

Frax, Milk,Kwanivicci....MadIVIan, Macro(Bon), DemoTutor, Stche & Brice the honeymooners, Dicky'nD and the Big Tie.. 
Rightt wooooo Friiiiiiiisk <cough> <hack> <wheeze> Welsh is the language of Hades.... 
dedicated to the memory of the Batmobile and Stephenopolous McRae! 

Rachel Boult 

Holey 6 years BOOMi Two words Skin.: light house. Mitch: squockey cfiockey. (isn't it ironic?). Whit: our little secret. Maria: mission 'hasta !a vista baby', Lucy: 

pweeeeep' Case the lark Dam dat was ugly The fun began at the gr 8 valentines dance w/ Jamie ! miss you Henry and Di. Thank-you Mr, Jackson and Mrs. 

Skinner, 1 love you. But most of all, my girls, Mitch Whit Skin, Case. Mana. Lucy No shame I love you guys with all my heart even though you think I'm picky- 

which I'm not. but I don't care cause Jerlee and Michael will make it all okay "One day the world will be ready for you. and wonder how they didn't see"-E. (and 

so I wait , ) 

My major achievement at SMU had to be J.M, and also when Rivers kissed me: Nov. 7, 1996 And Knst, Cayman was heaven, 1 live in a world where nothing is 

junk, cookies are forever, its normal to meet the band, and there's always music Also, sleep will get you through all your pain Yea. I'm a nerd, and so are you. 

but I'm an angel too Thanks everyone I loved a lot of you here, some of you knew I did, but some of you had no idea. So, to every one of you beautiful boys 

and girls, remember me. With love; your little Pepsi. 

a Rachel rap 

Rachel is cool and she knows 

that means you don't have to tell her so 

she has blue hair and she likes the amps 

once a month I think she gets cramps 

she plays bass and thats really ACE 

and if you don't shutup she'll shove it in yr face 

she wears a blue shirt cause she likes the smurfs 

you better believe it, murph 

get down 

(the end) 

cool mo dee? 

Kimberly Bourne 

I came to SMU in grade 7 where I made fast friends witti ST I remember after scfiool rumbles witti DW and EF Time passed and senior school 
came to be. Grade 9 brought the faces of CL and JK BB (Bure-Smith) always remember tiarassing Mrs. IVIcLeish in IVIath class and our fantasy p 
about PB (not Peter B) TL, and CK and many more Oh yeah' Jason"!i(dont worry, you'll get him) GO GO JOE' (be careful of the creepy grabbers 
in New York City!) . KC- BH rocks (just hold your headM) so does RC. Paul Smith is not Russian' Damn Knsti' Klvic mmmmm .(trust me I will 
marry him) see you in White Rock., KB- my twin for life, Ctyl- "YOUR EARRING'!" AIVI=KG. Starbucks anyone'' SA- chugging contest'! Mitz and 
LW- TONTO LIVES" remember... "You are great!! "and who could forget; and I quote, "Boozers are loosers!" CMc- the list, you made the list #6' 
AARON! CSM- I will miss you the most. GG- 1 still want my money. Rl & Jl-beach guys rule (Dave) To Nl- I love you lots! As for DD and JV: What 
can I say'' You guys made grade 12. very interesting, GA: I really admire your courage to stand by those ducks' ha ha!! To VP- 1 depend on you, 
do you depend on me'' JP. SABA" SKITTLES' To the NYC crew and Mr and Mrs B. thanks for the best time of my life, (we still should have kept 
Matt ) To my family: Tony thanks for keeping me on my toes and letting me go to parlies. Can: thanks for the support, and to my Mom; thanks for 
putting up with me for 18 years, get used to it because I'm not leaving for awhile, To the rest of my friends. I wish you all the luck in the future, I leave 
you all with these words of wisdom. "If you're not afraid,,, if you take everything you are. ..everything worthwhile in you. ..and direct it at one goal. 
ultimate mark you've got to get there." James Dean. 

Joel Bowman 

My one year at SMU went very quickly. I tiave a lot of good, (and not so good) to remember, thanks to crew. 
D.D. - ruinage, program, sub's volvo, walls, shopping at your store, berries, dork #4, Somalian airlines. G.F. (former Iambi posse) - 
thank your pops for being 4 for 4 showing up, who's a bad influence'' G.G. -betrayer of subs, thanx for gift under bed, good fight with 
Mc. Ds manager . J.V. - shopping you know where, porn stars, Baxter the dog (the alligator was ugly anyway). D.S. -playing hoops, 
helmet & roller blades in car rally. CM. - Cacks at Mc's, my modified table. G.T. (Theme song required here)- you're the whole 
show, see you in the majors. G.L.- talking in math, cruisin in spares. R.M. -physics & chillin. E.F.- teepee at cattle point ,many 
missions of getting to Mc. D's. S.tH.- you're lucky I wasn't eligible for b-ball cause you know you'd be getting my water, or recording 
my stats (many of them in the points scored category). M.T.-are you strapped'' D.A. -laughing at inside jokes she doesn't know, 
riding Shorty in the Datsun. Goodbye to the grade 11 's and any other friends I've missed. E.L- I'll remember 
your face. I'd also like to thank my non-SMU friends, my mom, and family. See You all Later.... 

Michelle Butler 

Mee-sfiell my belle Tfie gal we rely on for up to tfie minute trends From your stion perm in grade three to your red zig-zag. Ivl A C has gotten you and 

the rest of the girls tfirough it all Ttie good days of lyiickey B lo Itie better days of Mitch These days you have found out that Sam is not so Silent You girl, are 

known for a lew things the best legs at StulU, Evilest eye in lown, prelect delect, and the second biggest butt on the hammock You and your leopard print, the sun, 

AInKa, Barbie, tulegabyte and Hard Drive and their cradle robbing "proiects" IVIichelle, you keep your hands away from your mouth and we'll remember what you say, 

"We're here for a good time not a long time so have a good time, the sun will shine every day " You're beautiful We love you. 

For my friends 

Rachel, my angel We love the young ones, and we will always have fun in the sun or in the snow. 

Lucy, the image of beauty in your sequlned lilac We have laughed and cried and |usl think, three down, four to go and I am catching up last, 
Whitney, you. me and the chronic sh-t. a dynamite combination Radiohead, and surfer girls will always be remembered. Through chaos and misfortune, friendship 
has arisen 

Maria, the sweetest, fastest talking friend I have Wacky and wild, Saltspring style The only reason you look so small is because you're standing next to Superman, 
Casey, skinny chicken with a broken heart Thank God for your vani The savior of many a party! 

Kath, Congrats, WO-MAN Summers belonged to your house Cayman and the Lake, we have shared each other's havens' 
Dave, my "intimidating" and preppy friend Thanks for the climbs, II only we had known,,. 

Edward Callendar 

"A little learning is a dangerous thing" A. Pope. Surprisingly enough, I survived five LONG years. 
Grade 8 was full of craziness; T.S.. J.S., and E.H. Cecilia made my grade nine year! What hap- 
pened to the yellow jacket????? Smirnoff and camping on Mt. Tolmie. If a cow breaks out laugh- 
ing... does milk come out of its nose? Surf's up, dude! The truth comes out at J. F.'s condo. G.T. 
don't forget to buy me a car when you're making 7 digits. Bo-Jo continues his reign of terror. Late 
nights of pasta and wine with M.P. and K.P. will not be forgotten. R.B., maybe diving or water skiing 
sometime, next Christmas? Rock 'n' Bowl with J.D. Thanks to all of my friends for everything. 

Sean Carrie 

With an insanity bred in him by years of being a Red Sox fan (not to mention incidents such as Buckner's error in 

the '86 series), and, laugh as you will, as a proud ex-Calgarian, Sean came to the school in grade 10 and immediately felt at 

home among the likes of Sarah Inouye, Simon Grant, etal. With events such as the tnumph of the Harlem Pancakes and the 

unexplained disappearance of Dr, Beach fresh in mind, he set off to live in Tokyo for not nearly long enough and became a 

Pokka coffee addicted Japanophile, Sean begrudgingly wended his way back to our barbaric continent and again settled into a 

less interesting life, punctuated by events such as the Swift, hiking, hiking, sleep shifts in Physics (Jupe got the short end of the 

Eunuch), and more hiking. For all his amazing friends here, plus the Mooth, a quote from Chuang-tse: One day, Chuang-tse 

was sitting by the banks of the P'u river when he was approached by two representatives of the pnnce of Ch'u. who offered him 

a position at court. Chuang-tse sat expressionless, watching the river as though he had not heard. Finally, he spoke: "I am told 

that the prince has a sacred tortoise, over two thousand years old. wrapped in silk." "That is true", the officials replied. "If the 

tortoise had been given a choice", Chuang-tse continued, 'do you think he would have preferred to be alive in the mud, or dead 

within the palace?" "To have been alive in the mud. of course", said the men. Without hesitation. Chuang-tse replied: "I too 

prefer the mud, good-bye". 
Stick with the mud. 

Katherine Chan 

Kat arnved at the ivy-covered kingdom of SMU five years ago, becoming a member of the last grade eight class to roam the grey halls of the 
Racquet Club Life went on as usual until one day in grade ten, the lunch room was mystenously annexed by the math department From then on, 
she could often be in the yellow and orange (?!?) halls of Challoner, Half a decade later, she leaves St. Mike's with this condensed list of memories 
- Starbucks, anyone'' Hmmm, AtVIc = KG'''''' Are we all campy hampers'' Save the goldfish. Paul Smith is NOT Russian!!! (I'm zee best!) To 
HT: my best bud. Luv ya lotz. Just a little reminder, roof jumping is hazardous to your health! Cheung Hok Yau, Way over' Never forget P— . To 
KB: (Eternity) II doit, eh'' The "bible". I am NOT a caffeine-holic. To the batcave! Mrowr. To KB: (my locker buddy) The Carnival. BH, BH, BH, 
(my head, my head!) Klvlc (see yam White Rock) and RC.'nuff said. Knstiwho'"'' SUGAR'!! ToSA: My name is Hans and I'm from Germany. 
Car rallies and shopping carts. To CN: L&C rox. We survived francais! Don't forget the stones. To CM: the grand old Madagascar Navy. Bar Bar 
Bar. Shotgun! To GA: It's hunting season! Swoopy hair. To AD: my fishie fnend, beware of the Marshmallow People, OEA OEO. To the rest of 
Grad '97: Best of luck to all. "To you from failing hands we throw the torch. Be yours to hold it high " 

Tina Chiu 

x: friendz, romanz, country wo(men)z 

finally, time to kick tina out 
z: remind me to wnte it in my calendar so I'll remember to miss her 
x: excuse me! have you got the permission to miss her? 

if not, you better hurry! 
z: how and where and when in hell can i gain it? 
x: don't move your memory into hell, 

but save it in your computer! 
z: what if virus destroy my H dnve? 
x: tough life: tough problem 

how about wnting her letters once in a while? 

she'll remember fo remind you from million mile! 
her address: Tina whatsoever Crazy (or Tina C is fine) 
pregnant nun's room, Anne's Green Gable 
Newspaper pnncess' realm, X-country trail 
some where close to hell .., 
Earth, Solar system, ... Cosmos, Love. 
...ah, and she will also remind you to miss Grad'97and 
z: as far as French is not yet proved to be a lie 

I should still have the right to replace all these places with "y". 
can't I'' 

Emily Clough 


Jennifer Coelho 

Jen entered SfVIU in grade eight and soon became one of our scholars. She has contributed her talents to this school through peer 
counselling, rowing, bowling and also by playing the flute in the Concert Band. Next year she plans to attend UBC to study sciences, 
with an interest in medicine. 

Alisa Cooper 


Over the river and through the woods, I trekked my way and landed at SMU in 1994. From the unknown of Kitimat as the Kitimat Wamor, I lasted 
through the beats and waterfights to eventually see the end of the trail. With Rachel as my guide, I made it through Science 10. Robin's party, and 
obtained the power of the water weenie. My joumey was made even better with the encounter of 'Ihe gang". Dee, Stonze and Robin. Another 
year deeper in the forest, Andrea and her remedies I was off! October rolled around and I encountered a steep hill conquered with Becky by my 
side With a raging nver over the edge, and a dead battery, sixteen candles was celebrated at the top of the infamous hill. From then on the days 
of "I don't want to go to Physics!", Camie, pool, Mission:lmpossible, and was concluded with the hotseat of 314. The New Year rolled in and out 
with the adventures in Richmond and that "other"' jeep. While Seattle chats. Oklahoma hoedown, water towers, the hawk, dance parties in 307, 
and the Metchosin adventure completed the second leg of the trek As the heat rolled in . so did the hats of Willie's puddle, seedoos, and the power 
of the leep. The end of the trail is near, but will never be forgotten with my crew(JC, LW. AH. MD), "In true greatness, we are never fully prepared", 
Jen and I making History ourselves, planet reiections. and that ■^A/hlte " explorer. As my great adventure is almost complete. I would like to thank 
some very important people who helped me through some of the more difficult parts of the path. Mum and Dad, without you I could not have made 
it without you and your support. Vanessa: our chats have meant the worid to me. What am I going to do without you next year^! Dee and Stonze. 
you have made my years here so great with all the laughs, I love you guys!!... JAM' Rachel and Andrea: long weekends, sleepovers, you are the 
best! Collie. pro skier, skater/v-baller/b-baller/soccer ..what more can I say..You're tieautiful!! Jen,Ford..Big white here we come! Jenn,.bnng on the 
hugs!! To everyone else....aurevoir from tamitlK! 

Whitney Davis 

Grad 97 is so cool!!i The fun times and good friends will never be forgotten, I love everyone of you To LM, LR, D-C-P, CE, JP. JS, JH. & 
Derek. I miss you all a lot and wish you were still here at good or SMU Grade 9 was super cool: Jacqui and Ria- getting kicked out of a 
cerlain someone's certain class every day to go play ultimate with A F etc. So as we progress into grade 10, the every- weekend thing 
begins: Fun fun fun at Kath's. Not to mention the billet weekend- giddy up diggedy dog! Bo. I wonder if you will ever find a moment funnier 
than Darrel Parrels science class'? Jen Ford you are definitely, definitely a good driver. That was a grrrrreeeeaaaatttt shot |ust about sums 
up field hockey, but of course huuuge thanks to Nancy. Jeff and of course Ian and Arden. There are also a few other adult figures that I 
would like to thank for making school enjoyable: Mr, Leggat. IVIrs. Skinner. Mr J. and Mrs. Humphreys. Y' all are so cool. Lauren- Cream 
Soda IS killer, and so are your cut-and-paste collages. To Lor. |ust remember the story necklaces— need I say more? Rachel. Richard. 
Rachet. (Rikki)- where can I begin'' The retarded glasses, the cold KD. etc. .You know Maria a.k.a. F F. or cobweb, that was a blast. "Little 
people know and little people grow." Kath what can I say you are forever my saint of goodness (and badness). Oh yeah. Congrats. Wow! 
Mitchel- yes yes the ••••■*■. La Jolla was the bomb. RH rocked. Surfer girlies, yeah. Case Summer before grade 10 was radical dude! 
Sooke pot holes, top 0' the wax museum. A. P was s-d-c! Wow! Remember to always tell the truth! CL: a d-good destination . Anyway, a 
word to the wise: If it's not Scottish its crap!'! 

Jennifer De Haan 

Lots of love to all my fnends wfio made life just a little more bearable. Clutz. you clean house' (not really) Beat. Buh Beat. Tuna. PB + 
crackers. Becks. Wait for me! 1 gotta go too! Mitz, you saved my @$S! Enn's onginal stain/design. Ness, you are my sunshine! 
Coops: I. D.. right? B'tc* test '96. Anytime, anyplace. (Y.M.. IVl.l.T.B, C.A.,C.Z..S.O.) WINSLOW ROCKS! M.I.. B.B.. you guys 
remember our grade ten escapades and adventures? Andy; pressure points at C.P's? K.D. and B.H.. we all HATE Volkswagens and 
poodles! EC. + MP. you two are too cool! Freddie. I'll never forget you. Pils, you give me warm fuzzies! Garth, well, you're |ust plain 
awesome! Albert, you'll make history! John. I'll always love you from the bottom of my heart, bro. Thanks to my Mom and Dad for giving 
me the opportunity to live through these memories. And now. some thoughts to ponder. 

Maybe in order to understand mankind, we have to look at the word itself: "Mankind". Basically, it is made up of two separate words- 
mank" and "ind". What do these words mean? It is a mystery, and that's why so is mankind." -Jack Handey 

Perhaps, if I am very lucky, the feeble efforts of my lifetime will someday be noticed, and maybe, in some small way, they will be 
acknowledged as the greatest worlds of genius created by man." -Jack Handey 

Mitsuru Delisle 

TWO YEARS OF CHAOS: 'Where's my CM bottle." Jen PTMurph: ab-fab, skids. Kiss, motown. Pen-tac-tin-trip. + "penny 4 your thoughts Anita, give Lora- 
lee(Romeo -i- Juliet) the recipe!" Hard-core Rowers. Boarding Old pals(as hashish), who I'll always remember(U know who U R) D + Stonz(hell on wheels), luv 
y'a guys "Do you have any ID''" Bowling 4 the shirf? The orginals: moi. EA(Van). EY (Sarah). RS(bro) Idols + Idiots: J-T(dad). BY(best fn). Helen.'Heaven + 
D. Porter Unity-Diversity VY, JD. AC. CA -i- Abs of Steel Lingle + McRae Cabo 4 ever Twins, "Ambuler", MP, Biainka. KB. Visas + NY MD, the best cousin 
ever - "Just swimi" TB(MilliA/anilli), RF, RG -i- McGill, SMU soul crew (swims) with mummy Walinga, 'The oar that moves my boat" SJ. HT. etc. Campbell River 
-f good times, Impossible missions with Rl, Europe(daze) '95 AC. KL. Sydney + walks that never end Beck-Fest(Saltspnng + Palm Reading)! BE YOURSELF! 
Hampster-s first party - "Oh noi We killed him'" China Hung + the big truck Elk Falls DH-i-CN(80's 4ever) 'no-no-Ricki'" Keith + Marin in room 109: Limbu. 
Yan(angel eyes). Deuce, help in a bottle, tears/smiles, but mostly smiles(l'll never forget U guys. I can'ti) Dear Abbie/wife: Disney' Laughter' Freedomi Justice' 
Jen Ford(Grad date) U R out of control' Galapagos: AH, LW. RM. DA. RB. etc Wild nights in the Andes Rock + Chalk(bag) Virgin's '97 camp-out with glow- 
ball. "Silent Sam"(Note: I coined this phrase). Dazed at Denny's The skate that never comes(sony Kim) LW. KB + Tonto, "Martin, wake up. it's midnight." BJ = 
alien. MK. and talks that nobody remembers Harvey boys (SL. IW. DS. MJ). Chased by crazed bacon on beach dnvetJD's "nap-sack") PowerBars -i- Boost. 
Park-life(Gyro/Tolmie). Navigator Bngid(Where the hell R we'?) Sher/I(wheels) Dynasty' (H)Ash? Peter. Binocha. and the grave-yard World Power! Never a 
dull moment • Thank-U + I'll miss U, but never forget U. Stay Gold! Mitz, the ditz/Blue chip thinker/movie buff/DL Jr./Sarc./Fluvog King, Delisle. 

Sendjaja Desember 

It has been a long three years at SMUS and the boarding house. Full of fun and sad experiences throughout the years. But after 
all, it IS almost the end of the high school life. We are all going to get a new life, a different life from now. Even though each of us 
has a different destination but we shall still remember each other, and in the next ten years hopefully we will have a wondrtui 
reunion of Grad '97. But it is still a long way to go. Whatever will happen in the future I will never forget what the teachers and 
friends have done for me. At last I will say good bye to everyone and best of luck to you all. 

Darek Dziewanski 

Well... I'm finally outty. My sentence is over. It's been a long, long road but it's finally over and I'm off to bigger and better 
things. There is no way that I would have made it without my doggs. so I'd like to say what's up to a few people, G.G.. 
$31 10 and counting, stop by my store sometime, G.F.. you know you're kurrupt, choose your friends wisely, J.B.. 
ruinage. sorry about the walls, and remember "we the last one's left" J.V.. keep on cartin' and give me a small cak!. E.F., 
see you at Mcdonald's and next year we'll make an even bigger sculpture, CM., we've had a lot to talk about, keep eatin' 
that feta and comin' up with those hunchchoppiing "Skyros styles", harubdubdube, we got blamed for it all but we're still 
pimpin', R.M., the other Greek malaka, how's my valentine?,., yo moma!, D.S., "this is gettin' crazy, control it", keep comin' 
up with that conjur magic, D.A.. you can laugh now, good luck with the revolution's, I'm on your side and keep on ballin. 
Word!. C.L., you got a dope ride, but stay away from those Chinese carrots and keep that St. Pat's tradition going. R.C.. 
that's a pimpin' tooth you got, your the last daddy left so use it wisely, C.L.. whipped cream, nuts and cherries at willows, 
snob and that's a nice jeefka you got there, C.K., keep on telephone bookin' it but stay away from that scope. G.T. you 
really are a circus.... do you want to join that club now? Of course a special thank you goes out to my parents, who put up 
with all the things I did and didn't disown me. I almost forgot thanks to all the staff that was so anxious to get rid of me.... 
picture me rollin'! Peace! 


Rae-Anne Ebl 

To all the girls, life without you would never hve been the same KEL(you hippopotamus) and MV (you lion), animals forever, and may 
karaoke be heard for many years to come. You guys have blessed my life with your presence and advice. III miss you next year, VY, 
thanks for always being there for me. Our 4am studying sessions will be remembered by the halls and the walls, as well as our late night 
talks, IVIost of all thanks for all the advice. Now to JF, you have filled my life with laughter for many years now From ten chocolate bars, 
to your flexibility and aim The summers will never be forgotten, neither will our talks about T. G. C, M, R. and A, and our mission can 
never be impossible in Willie's Puddle, AC, The blue ball returns, everything will be A-O-Kay! Stampede was a hoot, and Trevor say's. 
"See you later Coop's'" VP and RG, thanks for everything, especially the talks. You guys are sweethearts, I don't understand MP, can't 
you speak English, By the way what did we always talk about that we could go on forever'' Anyway, all the best in your future endeavors. 
Thanks EC and I\/1P for the snowball awakenings, but I swear it was a bird still (Right KEL) Mrs B, thanks for the advice that allowed me to 
make it through the year I can never thank you enough Allie, thanks for the early awakenings by your tram, sweetheart Mom (my 
guardian angel) and Dad. I can never thank you enough for all the opportunities, i © you. To everyone else I forgot, sorry. But thanks for 
the memories, they will be chenshed for a lifetime. 
Oh, by the way boys - may the snowballs fly, 

© Rae-Anne (aka, Gretta) 
PS- Aim at the sun, and you may not reach it; but your arrow will fly 
far higher than if you aim at an object on a level with yourself.(Joel Hawes) 

Edward Fairhurst 

Ed was released on SMU in grade 1 and was a good little boy until he discovered hormones. After this, he was thrust into a life of partying which 
also included the occasional use of blue, woolly scarves. Here are some of Ed's closest friends and how he'll remember them: Dicks and Stewy- 
Hey. let's go get BH. JU- Let's go see Freddy and SAD!(casual). AA- If the liquor store will take my dad's credit card, then we're in business, CL- 
You vveekzer!, PB- Ming sai po Empre HoteP, GG- How's it going MAN', JL- You can do whatever you want, as long as you clean up. MD- Hey 
that's pretty funny, pbbbbt! And how could I ever forget Spazz(SL). the Rodgeman. Mike, Lauren. Chris- the best, the best' and of course AJ 
whom without. I would not be around today. I love you. Extra memones: The spaceship, ecoms, 4th floor BR SH. New Gym BR. JL- jumping out 
of windows, the dungeon, scuse me sir do you have free cents, seizures at Austin's, 24-7 rugby tour 96, jumping off roofs at Austin's, JU- pissing in 
phone booths, Cherokee people, drink while you think, getting kicked out of McD's- GG!, you're up money I'm down money. Gled's and Ed's- the 
bathroom wall. 9 people in a VW Bug = chunky wet leg, Willy's mighty moccasins, poop deck encounters, HERE'S THE CULPRIT! and 13 R&C= 

Karioke, |ust give me the b — you stupid , McD runs with Derek(daily), Bowman- the life of the party(jumping )acks for burgers), Spicer- setting 

a 17 year old record. For all my friends, good luck, see ya round, for people who don't like me, I'll call you when I'm famous, 

Robin Featherstone 

Robin in a fiesty blond who strives for the perfect hair cut. When she isn't squeezing her rubber carrot, or perfecting her 
Bielmann spin, Robin can be found doing tfie CHA-CHA at the Copacabana. Robin excels at throwing Lucky Charms wfiile 
in a sleeping bag coccoon, and attracting weirdos off the street. The Saucy Tots taught Mikey that suicide just isn't worth it 
and that MUDD does the brain some harm. At SilverStar. Robin spent a large part of the trip with the shower and the fan 
on. as well as teasing the boys in the hot tub, Robin's goal in life is to see how many people she can throw out of Durance 
Lake, and strives to be the MAPPIEST HAM ALIVE! Robin leaves the school saying "Bah. Nah, Tah". 
riKinx for everything Rotis, D,H, 

Graham Fedorak 

A refugee from Lambi in the public school system I arrived in these hallowed halls in grade 1 1 and have never been the same since Alone and afraid I was 
quickly befriended by a talkative Greek boy who introduced me to a Polish scoundrel with indestructible hair Unavoidably I was corrupted in a matter of 
days, and the sweet, shy boy who had arrived at SMUS was no more Seeing that life at SMUS had the potential to be very bonng I quickly reacted joining 
a consortium of new students with similar anti-establishment tendencies Joined by an escaped circus performer who did his act in nghtfield in the 
summertime we went about making life more interesting In the fall I dnbbled a soccer ball down the field but it wasn't enough I decided to try my hand at 
bouncing a ball This led to three months of picking splinters out of my ass and a love for basketball that was to be short lived January to June were the 
black months, when a malevolent evil controlled my life with a spiked whip and will not be spoken of henceforth. In the intervening summer I pursued my 
professional baseball dream only to be thwarted by a malignant ankle As my Grade 12 year rolled about I possessed a new confidence and surety in my 
surroundings Also my old trend JB had escaped the clutches of Lambi and joined me Apparently he had quite a night of festivities, although I was there I 

don't quite remember , D D s employment at Kmart equaled discount pnces for our small clan, with their generosity rivalled only by the tuck shop's. 

Writing this in December I know that the best is yet to come, but it has already been fun Thanks to MP, for the putting up with me while I complain about 
my problems (your taste in music has rubbed off) D D -picture me rolling C M -don't lake the |oke too far J,\/ -i-GG-a couple of players, GT -whipped 
D S-we rule the soccer field, J B -you gotta team your limit. Thanks to all the people who've made my stay at SMU an enjoyable one and thanks to my 
parents for putting up with me. 

Jennifer Ford 

"Jen Ford Here" "Long time no talk'" At the beginning of grade 10, I lumped on the horse and buggy and trekked down to civilisation, I left 
all the great memories and friends of Willie's Puddle to seek a fresh start. Grade 10 was full of fun-loving times "Tea Time". Woody. JOT, GJ 
I'll get you one day. Garibaldi 2 times over. Grade 1 1 started off with a "Whoa Nellie!" "Hey Millar, is your brother a prop?", dance parties in 
316,,. I love Saturday nights. Friendship with Karen and Claire, Halloween rolled around and the Statue of Liberty rose,,, (and fell), 
Oklahomas cast party To all of you there I didn't aim then fire, I fired then aimed! I will forever be a member of PA (aka procrastinator's 
anonymous) Our Graduating Year A year of no JFH. sneakouts. where are we going to have GRAD'?'''' Car rallies. "HAKA" warnor. grad 
tablecloth, pro bowling. To all my fnends I've made — thank you for the millions of laughs. You all hold a place in my heart, you know who 
you are! Ness ■ I still can't put my sheets on, Lauren - you are THE best roommate, Karen - for laughing, for crying, for shanng, for smiling 
— thanks, Gret - too many moments to list here, I treasure them all though, Andrea - you are definitely nuts, Whit - I'm a great driver 
don'tcha think, Michelle, Kath, and Rachel - you gals are beautiful, Michelle ,, we did it babe! Keith - you make a grand Santa, Becky - so 
what did you do this weekend''"'? Tina - great times, lots of laughs, cant remember what they are' Matt - it's not an igloo,'s a teepee! 
Stonze & Coops - Willie's Puddle Boot Stompin' Stampede — YEEHAW' Megan ■ drink a little bush. Carys - where would I be without TEA? 
Mitz - for more than a million laughs — you are outta control!!! My Timmis Sisters - thanks for the 3 years of memories, Mrs, Cook - my "mom 
away from home". To my mom and dad, a million thanks for the opportunities, the experience, for being there for me 24/7/365, ,1 love you! 
Mike - the car, the condo, you are grrreattt! Chris - for the weekends when I needed to escape ,, and my midnight project tutoring Julie ■ live 
life to its fullest. SooJin - you are the best...! wish you could've shared the expenence, I leave you with, "Don't fall into the trap of everyday 
life.. Be original, live a little!!!" Later Alligator, 


Patrick Frisbv 

Well, it took seven long years of blood, sweat and tears, but I can finally declare with pride that I made it. Yes. I have learned hov, 

to tie my own tie. Thank you to all who believed In me. 

To be serious though. I could possibly do justice to all the events and all people involved in my strife at this school over the last 

seven years in this tiny write up. Thank you to my teachers for their understanding and support, and thanks to my friends for 

helping to create so many memories both bad and good. With that. I close and burn the book on my life at SMUS. 

Well. I'd like to thank my friends A.B.C and D for all the memories, see ya round E. F and G! Ever lend money to H. I. J, or K, 

you'll get it back (if you know what I mean). L. M and N are just crazy guys who will be missed, but not as much as O. P. Q. R and 

S. If you're ever down. T. U and V will be there for you. W. X and Y I'll miss you all. but hey Z, who loves ya baby? 

"A quote that I hope makes me look literate and clever" 
See you in Hades. Treete! 

a wnter liked by others 

Rachel Gardiner 

■Rachum' came to SMU in the first grade, the picture of innocence. She was quickly molded into the ideal smu student, 
and has vague recollections of chickens and snowball detentions with RF. She soon learnt the ways of the world in grade 
9 with her introduction to SMU cast parties. The last three years brought AC and AH which led to post dance traditions in 
Timmis and 3 am prefect meetings in 316. The honorary boarder has shown her talents as a musician, a devoted prefect 
(can I borrow your tie?) and as a defender on the first XI field hockey team. Known for her obsessions with jeeps, 
chocolate and the wrong pyjama pants, she is easily recognized by her "thinking face'. Rachel's many memories at smu 
will never die, especially: breaking the car(s)... bravo!. ..making statements with V... brass undies (Oklahoma). ..patience is a 
what?. ..the good the bad and the mikes. ..doesn't that music just make you want to dance?. .."I'm not saying a 
word!"...omniousoddness ...waterfights ...serenades ...cmos ...chem shots. ..talks with MP(both of you) and 
JD(clammy)...CA(my twin). ..and dreams of McGill with Mitz. Always remember, follow you instinct and live simple. 

Glen Gibbons 

Glen's carreer at SMU consisted of great times. J.V. and i playing the allmlghty point game. Darek introducing me to the DD store for all 
those great discounts. E.F. for all the turbo you gave me seeyah man!! J.H thanks for the nde. J.B. i left a present under the bed at your 
party (A.S. and me). I will meet Omega and Galieth(C.L.) this year. J.V. breaking my watch strap with AT. next time take it off. All the 
good BBall times with C.L. in Gri 1 and this year with (E.F.. S.H..T.S. M.D, C.N.) The car rally and the McCdonalds incident with the 
manager. The tee-pee Ed . Dan. Joel. Kat . Myself, were in at the car rally. E.F.. J.V..D.S-.A.T.. J.U. . at J.A. house out on her deck all 
messed up @ 1 PM. Peace to all the cool GR 1 1 (M.D.. T.S.. C.N.. ST.) and the failure C.K. The DADDY'S have left the building (J.V.. E.F, 
and Me) End of an era. R.C. you are the last one. The dance in 96 1 never quite made it to because of a run in with 5 0. 96 Grads for the 
use of their houses. J.L. helping me score the double wammy at his party (C.P and M.?.) . johnny U. Your parties were great and your 
house was useful. For those who are successful we will meet again, for those who are nickel and dimers see yah wouldnt want to be yah! 
Thanks Jeff for helping me make it through the 2 years at SMU. Besides that i would like to thank no one else but MYSELF. WE 

Hayley Gibson 

There is no way I could sum up 9 years at SMU in a paragraph, but these are some of my most memorable experiences : Washing chunks 
off a pillow at Cattle Point with ST and AJH. Devil's Crevice... The whack-the-tent incident on Piers with AJH. Craison tortellini. deep fried 
craisons. craisons with green eggs and ham ...( BB's favonte snacks). 007 giris with Jl and Rl. Finding various entertaining uses for 
mashed potatoes with Earson. STs minks-on-a-string. Would you rather... Escaping with AJH from the clutches of the dreaded n.h. 
Ruffles sour cream n onion chips on a comer with ST at 12:30 a.m. Ehab from rehab. Hand over the cookie recipe. Anita... Late night 
philosophical discussions with ST. The Emerald Isle. JC.why didn't you |ust jump over the wood pile, or walk around if Rumble from 
the top bunk in the ski lodge. Bass de hay-vever bills blease, JM. Pranks involving a wig. a doorstep, and a video camera. ELVIS. I have 
come out of my time at SMU with lots of good memories (and some bad ones) and only minor scarnng from an unfortunate paintball 
accident. There have been many people to help me out along the way including my two best fnends Sarah and Anita. Mr. Hams who got 
me going on math, and my mum and dad who are so supportive of everything I do. Thanks. My plans for the future include spending next 
year in France, taking over the family cranberry farming business, and practicing my birl. Best of luck to everyone! 

Patrick Gill 

In the end, all will be irrelevant, but do not weep: life is valuable for its content, for life itself. The bad will be a foil for the 
good. "Bad" and "good " are relative. The joy in life will come from perception itself, not from content. 
I came to SMU in grade seven. I was often perceived as being academic, but really I am just intense. I will remember 
chamomile tea. hobnobs and camping. I love music, nature and the persuit of truth. When I leave SMU. I won't play by the 
unwritten rules. 

A big thank you goes to all my friends who tolerate my insane ramblings and untempered idealism. 
It's a big world. Go get em! 


Rohanna Green 

/A little gnomess frm the woods 
Bright-eyed and full of delight 
Goes to school to see what grows there. 
And so she watches... everything. 

Twelve years later, she looks up 
And realizes school is out for the day. 
"She moves on..." Who am /' JusI a gnome. 
Carrying in my cap the mind jungles you have 
Taught me. Tra la la... 

Well, the next jungle gym calls. Seeya later. 

I'll skip the initials - you know who you are. 
It's been awesome, guys. 
Good luck!!! 

Devon Hahn 

Her name was DEVON, she was a showgirl at the Copa, Copacobana! Devon Hahn is a taums. She enjoys Lucky Charms, glow in the 
dar1< bikinis, and Braveheart. I LUVE YU! I AWHAYS HAV! Devon (a.k.a. Demon), our little pomme de terre, can usually be found 
pampering and obsessing over her stuffed bear Muffy (who has alDOut a thousand little outfits). Shawnigan Lake is Demon's home away 
from home. Her favourite pastime is throwing Lucky Charms at the neighbors while flailing in her sleeping bag. THE POLICE ARE HEREi 
WE'RE IN FOR IT! Devon has been perfecting her Bielmann spin and she hopes to present it at the Grad dinner dance. SilverStar will 
never be the same without Demon and the staff of the Vance Creek Hotel are really going to miss her. HEY! IF WE TAKE OUT THIS 
PLASTIC BARRIER, WE CAN ROLL IN THE SNOW IN OUR BATHING SUITS! Devon spent lots of time eating on the last 
trip and watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The Umpa Lumpas still haunt Devon's dreams. But BOY oh BOY did 
she have a good time. Devon will one day have her own telethon but for now aspires to be THE MAPPIEST HAM ALIVE! 

Amber Hall «i«««iiiiiii^™««» 

Amber Lynnette Hall migrated to Victoria from Willy s Puddle at the beginning of grade 1 2. and has been waiting to leave ever since. Tfiis cowgirl has never 
quite gotten used to Victoria's year long drougfit. and feels more at home on a ranch with her wranglers and plenty of horses to nde! Now that she is eighteen 
her trips to Calgary have become much more frequent (wonder why"?!) In grade 1 1 there was the gomer patrol, and good stuff, which soon moved on to gomif, 
snarf and good deal when the patent wore out. Buibi, B-man and the Butthead moved on to happier grounds, and we are now left with the Bull Rider Then again 
there was that Blenz fellow, and good old whasis name from Johns place Our weekly runs ceased to exist when the mono hit. (step away from that van) Then, 
there was the ever so interesting paunch fixation, and the constant prayers that Domino's & Orange Julius would live forever (and move to V\/illiams Lake!) The 
Singia mobile peels oft as trends watch in horror ..thank good for holy '#'>& handles! The hysterical Forum calls will never be forgotten, followed by peas on 
the floor (cant you use a spoon'') Elevator music anyone^ Timmy's Telethon dunng choir years hold a special place in our hearts, not to mention hysterical 
symphony runs (101 dalmatians, anyone"?) Shuttling off to Buffalo was always a delight, and be sure to look out for that Rucky Rager! Then there were those 
tnends that we had until they decided that something better had come along (or they chose to impress the rugby team) May Dollys chnstmas album live forever 
in the hearts of all Timmis folk. Ma chere AG; as far as I'm concerned, the mustang was more than justified! Here's to the beer mug of life thafll always be 
brimming with the good stuff (just don't try giving it to your Dog!) Your ever uncoordinated friend , Mizel! 

Jonathan Hannpson 

JONATHAN HAMPSON - Only two terms - what do I write abouf Matts party, where else can I start. Thanks to all 
involved in an embarrassing night' (MD,JD,RE,VY,JF,TB,AH etc.) What a good start at a school! Where nexf IVIy French 
class - AP French has never been so much fun. 4 lines, 88°o impressive huh, RG and VP- sorry I couldn't help it OK! 

The Winslow/Barnacle foyer posse (CC,VG,DB,JB,LN,JH, not forgetting IVIerlin) where else could I meet such nice peoplei 
JW - I am not mean OK! 

And to my room mate - thanks for starting the craze - Jooooooooohn (JV.GG etc) 

Overall thanks to everyone that has made starting at SMU this year as easy as it has been, I've really enjoyed my time 

Yusuf Harsono 

Yusuf came to S.M.U in 1992 from Indonesia as a boarder with poor English. He settled in Symons house and quickly picked up his 
English skills as he quickly made a lots of fnends. However, he was a quiet boy until he met and became a roommate with FYMA in 
grade 10. He remembered the good time with JTB, SH, AY, CH, DL & DH in room #309 and #316 ie: partying at night such as playing 

cards, ordering pizza etc. 

Also he is going to miss activities with IT the tree. LL the itil man and to the Symons crew ( Cash, Fly, Moe, Si-Fu, Ah-Bae, FYMA, and 
Dragon the P.K dai-lo). 

Michelle Hau 

Had I known the ominous sky of one September night of 1995 signalled the coming of "Little Mich"' (vlich's Destiny with SMU has 
already begun. Being Mark Haus (Grad '95) sister, she becomes quickly known and remembered by everyone. Tiny In size, better yet 
her enormous contribution at SMU makes her visible everywhere : Yearbook, Track and Field, Badminton, Band, Computer Lab, 
Biology Lab, Golf Course... As of her destiny, she meets SO who takes her as a nval in being "characteristic" (i.e. weird) yet humorous, 
Mich, being a very organized, keeps up getting high academic grades as well as being a all rounded student and consequentially has 
succeeded in being one of the most-liked prefect of Timmis House. Not only has she made so many friends, she manages to have 
"absolutely no enemy", - except when she momentarily arouses people's anger by cheenng <— > teasing people running 2400m. 
Finally, a personal appreciation from "you know who" for keeping good track of her (you know who) Guy h istory. It was worth "Choco- 
Ple"! Love ya forever and ever. 

Shingo Hirao 

Shingo came into SMU in Gr.8 as an intemational student from Japan His life at SMU was based on playing basketball and having fun 
with people. Although he was not a big Jap boy like Ryuske, he still made a basketball team for junior and senior team. He improved his 
skills by playing against the Onental players(Sam, Wayne, Mark. Spike). Shingo's big change at SMU was after the arnval of CHUMMY 
in 93'. Shingo became a bnght boy and also he became bad. Soon, he became a prefect party club along with Funk, Babe, Fly, Moe, 
Rob, and Si-foo. In the room 21 7 was always a great fun after the exam. Shingo really enjoyed being with his buddies from Symons 
House(Mamac, STATE, Hilo, Skeleton, Dan, and Charies), along with Ryota, Kulapat, Snowball, Chink giri. Captain, and Risa, He will 
never forget the buzzerbeaper, midnight cooking class, and the activity with Bowman. SAYONARA. 

Rowing with Wallinga's Angels (including In the basement) - HAVE SOUL 

stalking at midnight, CInderellen... ST-band. washing pillows In the ocean, 
LW - this Is for you: 

Anita Holtham 

JC in the epileptic hat fit.., HG - the nh. tent 

4/1/2 cups flour 
4/1/2 cups oats 
1 cup chocolate chips 
3/4 tsp salt 

1/1/4 cups margarine 
2 tsp vanilla 
3/4 cups brown sugar 
3/4 cups white sugar 

1/1/2 cups baking soda 3 eggs 

12 mins at425°C 

Andrea Horsman 

Andrea's SMUS adventure began as an eager grade ten ready to do anything. Throughout her experience she has met a 
variety of interesting creatures: CJ-How many words for wagini? Monkeys. Library display. Keep your hands to your self, 
that's it you're cut off. GS-Little bro. Take a break. Raspberry tea. Moist. Kat & All- Maintain your cool. JF- Monkey 
madness. Brad Pit uncensored. RB- look out the window (surpnse). Party room 316. VL-you're gross. JD- snort snort, 
bench warming. CP's. AC-Tolmie, Priscllla, hold me! Free Falling. RG- Cruising in the buick , card games, mother voice, 
garlic salt, love letters. Casablanca or was it Gone with the Wind. Taking money out of the jar is nothing like jumping off a 
bridge. RG. AC. AH. always the three graces. All my girls, house raids rock, TImmis Taboo. Thanks for the memories 
everyone, and to my grade eleven Spanish class I'll always be dreaming of you. 

m m m m m m m 

Alice Hsi 

to my dearest fnends... C.L. , S.P. , Y.C. . M.W. , S.S. . J.T. . T.Y. , A.N. , M.H. . J.L. , O.L. , Y.M. , G,T. , I.W. , E,C . E.H. 
V.L. , D.T. , and ,. and., and., and : ) 

I'll miss you all,. 



Jacqueline Hudson 

:H.M. G F D W J H J H O V, R B J T B L D.D A F H.M. 



Eric Hung 

"Expect little when you're still innocent, " Hung will tell you about the start in his fifth year of SMU. Che-Man arrived in grade 8 to room 
with 3 interesting people. The remaining ones stayed with him for another four years. Che-Man just loves to annoy Ed. "You know 
what?" "(being annoyed)What!?!!" "I don't care." Other than annoying his roommates, you'll find Che-Man hanging out in DEIV's parts 
Even/ night, he just goes to DT to have a snack. Che-Man has been a member of numerous sports teams over the years which include 
rugby, tennis, golf and the rowing crew. Enc will never forget his 'Sou! Crew'. MD, "Don't you just love hitting those big white thing in the 
water, or we can go into the 'weeds'". Che-Man enjoyed SMU life, thanks to 'Yin Yen' (GK), fellow singer "Banana Mui', On-On's big 
mushroom, O-Lei-Fei-Flower's c-wing, the two big gangsters 'Hung Hing Chaf and 'Sun Yee On'. DTs Clab, IW's interesting look when 
he"s playing the 'Three-angle-brave" games, VL"s half-pipe snowboarding photo, "SeeFoo" for the fx-4200. looking toward to CLau2's 
listed plane wheel double-deck bus. pk-unzip for zipping, my best-cause-only bro Joe, and all others. Hung's highlight in five years of 
Saint Mikes was 1st in E-S-L in grade 8. Congratulations!. Hungsler will be going to University with some great memones. So good 
luck to everyone :) :} :> 

Marisa Ishihara 

The memones created here both good and bad will last me a life time as my jewel. To all who made SMU memorable: Becky my 
buddy, I will never forget the "Fuzzy Start" and Mt. Tomie 1 a.m. and all the stuff we did! Jenn and the "bath room"", weren't we cute? My 
craziest wildest year in my whole entire life! Grade ten year forever! I love you so. Olivia, my forever roommate. Is your pink snake ok 
now? Roxana. my beloved mexicana. Connie my Spanish bud. me gusta tu! Sayun daisukiyo, tegami, kaitene, Pat 'The Man", I love 
your jokes, never forget "1rom my heart"" and stay in touch. Lem and Vasin. stay cool next year. The memorable party in the end of 
grade eleven year in my room. I have the evidence of Connie being wild on my video! Oh, everyone was so funny! (Including Erin who 
was on the floor). To my prefect buds, Jenn, Coille, Tina, Yan, Connie, and Sharon. Thank you for supporting me when I was in a "little" 
trouble. Ryota and Donna. I hope you guys will be ok in physics and chemistry next year without me... Many thanks to Joy. my 
'"Sleeping Beauty" roommate. To others who added a sparkle in my life; J.W, M.W. M.H, J-H.K., Y.N, I.W. J-H.K, K.L, and K-T.K. Most 
of all, to my Japanese Girl Risa Baby. Thank you for your support and smiles. Risa, daisukiyo, aligatone. I will never forget our "secret 
garden", "mamma mia tropicana" and all the fun we had. It has been great to be part of your life and to be close to you is a gift. You will 
never leave me because you are part of me now. Good luck in L.A! Thank you for the memories. I hope we shall see each other again. 
Bye- Bye! 

Jaclyn Ivany 

Jacki arrived at SMU. in grade 10 branded a "bleached blonde bimbo" and leaves proving to be anything but. Jax has been through a 
lot in the past 3 years showing she can steal any show, even a New York off Broadway, every Juliet needs her balcony, and sometimes 
you really do have to kiss a few frogs before you find a prince... or C.K. model (nght Jacki?) Jacki will be best remembered for her cute 
comebacks, killer smiles and pouts as she whines ""I failed my Physics test"". I can promise you that Jacki will succeed ,. By the way Jax. 
when you're rich and famous always remember. I have the car rally pictures' And remember Jacki says... M.P- avoid cowboys 
(especially those from Seattle). A.H.- watch out for pocket change. S.N.- retain your god-like status, R.G.- stay away from those carts, 
they're mine. B.B.- No! I will not unlock your window!. K.B.- Dave- E-mail- it wasn't me. M.D.- Robyn rules the stock market. S.T.-H.G.- 
The M.M. fan club now has 5 members. R.I.- Are you Miss Victora'' Thank you to mom and dad for everything, you're the greatest 
(mom thanks for getting rid of those pesky cops at my parties). LONG LIVE THE QUEEN OF SARCASM (you know who you are). To 
my grad class thank you for everything. I love you all. 

Robyn Ivany 

Robyn, AKA "The Evil Twin" came into 'Ihe bubble", as she puts it, in grade 10. Robbie may look sweet & innocent, but boys - BEWARE 
this brunette boy-magnet is more than meets the eye! New York city will never be the same! Robyn's creative, kind nature, and 
(sometimes) sharp wit attract the most interesting types of people from all over... does England sound familiar? Robyn is one of those 
special people who will always go far and end up on top. Thank God she finally made it out of the "A's" (and I don't mean grades) Robyn 
will always be most admired by her little sister (by 1 minute) "if we were royalty..." UVic is too big! How will anybody ever find Robbie for 
advice between classes? A few words from me, to my fnends, B.B., MD. see you on Wallstreet (when you're working for me.) by the 
way Mrs. Davel, we DON"T like your games!! PA., MM. Youll always be my favorite boyfriends. R.G. Til always remember Pacific Swift 
watches. M.D. Your mission if you choose to acccept it... B.B. Vancouver (Whine!) Mom & Dad, I love you. S.N. How will I survive 
naps without a pillow' MP. Always beware of the hot tub at the X-tal. K.B. Hot chocolate in the hallways. C.S. Murphy is MINE! C.L. 
How's your "girlfriend"? has she materialized yet? . S.T. . H.G. Bond girls forever' ps. I am a proud member of the M.M.F.C. (and so is 
Bianca). To everyone else, I love you guys, I will never forget you. Thank you. ps. Hey Jax. You. Me. 19, NY. TC. I will end this with a 
quote from my best fnend: "What goes around comes around... with a little help from us!" 


Allison Johnson 

park, umbrella bush, bus stop, res 'space ship', freeman, "ecom", 4th fl sh br. New gym br, Jono's the mansion', common room, "sick'' , canoe ndes. 
JL lumping out of windows, adventures with the boys. Thetis, Sooke Pot Holes. John's. S a D. vacuums. Austin's, ndes with Dooner, Jennys, 
P.B 's. Rock & Bowl, Westtalia. aliens. GGG "hey MANi ", McD's, "scuse me sir, do you have free cents''", "Cherokee people". Tuck shop. wee. the 
funeral'. "Ah your steppin on the raf", doorbells and rocks, dancing in the snow, B&E & nd with EF and PB, reading' in history, Ballroom dancing 
"what are you guys doing?", Valentines Day '97, the band". Roger, Spaz (SL), Willies. Mighty moccasin. Sam's roof. Cooch. Pb. Van.. Grouse chair 
lift, perma with EY & BH. Ria's parties, spit art. Tom's jeep, greek weddings, dnving standard, hitchhiking. Rock climbing gr. 9 and 1 1 ; bushes, 
tents, notes, windows, ghost hunting, poop deck, Al, Garabaldi: helicopters, ""just dump it in the nver". rooms in the museum, skipping through the 
gardens with DS and NS, camping on Saltspnng, raccoons, garage sales. Hawaii '95. S in front of OS's house, smart guys. "'Here's the culpnt!'". 
"Ming sai po. Empre hotel". "Hey you guys, my dad put up those signs!". Eager Beavers with LW. RM. KN. CN. compops. ""I can"t wait", mastuda. 
CG 'ha ha ha barf". Road to Hana, PA,, too many crashes, chocolate milk in bed. "We"re flipping!", pennies, cabin, cake fight, speeding in PA and 
phone booths. Laurens cnmped hair, my boyfriend". We miss you Enn. Alec. Chris. John and I love you guys Ed. Lauren, Ria. Dev. I'll always 
remember you. Without you, I wouldn't have made it. 

Benjamin Johnson 

BENJAMIN JOHNSON (1994-97) is from Saudi Arabia. He has been a boarder in Barnacle House for three years. Ben played 

rugby in grade ten. and was also a basketball scorekeeper in grade ten and eleven and the manager of the senior basketball 
team in grade twelve. Ben hopes to attend the University of Victona next year. 

Mahat Johnson 

4 years at SMU. It's been happy and sad at times and it's been good and bad. Kenyan since birth and that is how it will stay 
Now that things are where they are. ..DA END. I'm through with high school and off to the next step of my voyage. Thank you to 
everyone who was there since day one. You know who you are! THANX: Symons House since 93 (Shingo. Yusuf. Charles, 
Dan, Steve H, Mark "Funky", Wilson), Tony Cordle- gonna miss you! ,, Pat (DA MAAN!). Ryota. Lemuel. Lance. Risa, Yoshi and 
Vasin (DA 8). .Thanx for all that you said and did and for me.. I LOVE YOU GUYZZ, FAMILY: Mum, Dad. Rahama. Ahmed, 
Amina. My love for you has no boundaries. To everyone that I forgot to mention., well I am sorry GOOD BYE!! SEE YA WHEN 

Mahat Johnson a/k/a MJ 

Carys Jones 

Carys Jones, a proud Welsh raised woman who has truly lived up to her name. Arriving in grade two; SMUS recognized they had a star 
in their hands. Throughout her schoolastic career at SMUS Carys has managed to shine not only on the basketball court, soccer field 
and field hockey turf, but also under the bnght lights of the theatre. More than her athletic talents, she is also praised for her academic 
exellence in which she hopes to persue a career in POLITICS! Carys has always represented the school as a model student-the 
complete package! Out of school she is an intncal member of the community, an avid reader and a warnor of virtue. People are 
naturally drawn to her chansmatic character, wit and charm. To all her close fnends at SMUS, she only has good and wann hopes for 
the future. To the staff: she is grateful for all the guidence that has led her to the legend she has become. Next year Carys is venturing 
to Denmark with her agent to work on her modeling portfolio. She will be deariy missed and SMUS can and only hope that her influnce 
has planted the seed in which other SMUS stars will bloom. So as she leaves a trail of broken hearts and tearful goodbyes she can take 
comfort knowing that her legacy will remain immortalied within these hallways. Carys unfortunately has to single out an individual 
resonsible for her above achievments and aspirations, to my best friend B.S. I will keep a piece of you in me for the rest of 
my life!! Thank you. 

Martin Jung 

Martin came to SMUS in grade 9. Having experienced many tough times with strict boarding rules, he has learned many 
lessons from them. In addition, as time goes by he started to enjoy boarding life, and awarded as a boarding prefect. He will 
miss all of his Korean fnends especially YKL. SY. RS, ML, DH, JH and PK. Night basketball with SK, RY, SC, SH. IW. KS. 
DT, VL and activities with Seafood L. Cori L. SD, were his best times. Martin was lucky to have a good roommate like Mitz. 
along with KP who always comes every weekend for a party. Thanks to the staffs, SG, and MJ, who have taken care of 
Martin. Everything in SMUS will be missed by Martin except Brown Hall food. 

This page is dedicated to Mr. David Johnson. 


1) Jenny Reed, Courtenay Mitchell, Deanna Age, 
Mitsuru Delisle 

2) Andrea Horsman 

3) Ivan Wan, Mellissa Wong 

4) Kelly Knight, Allison Johnson, Darek Dziewanski 
Christina Nadolski, Lauren Wilkinson 

5) Kristina Kerr,Carys Jones 

1) Cori Lau, Rebecca Bazzard, Tina Barrett 2) Darek Dziewanski, Allison Johnson, Edward Fairhurst 3) Whitney Davis. 
Michelle Butler 4) Kimberly Barnes, Tina Chiu 5) Vanessa Yang 6) Robert Bateman, Russell Morton 

Nicolas Jupe 

Nick (JUPeee) came to SMU as a dazed and confused seventh grader. He enjoyed the many new splendors a large town 

had to offer him. He also realized Victoria wasn't completely boring either. As the years passed (and S.G. grew more 

sarcastic and cynical) Nick grew up and eventually noticed J.J. was an idiot. Er hat lernen Deutsche, but soon he forgot all 

the grammar and most of the vocabulary. The best years were every year after grade nine. Thanks to B.B., D.D., H.P., G, 

M M.. AND B.S.. Remember Derek. H.L.Sam would want you to work on your plies and pirouettes. Now, in all my years here 

from Barrhead I've decided that the one thing you city folk are lacking is cow milking skills. So here is a quick lesson. 

I Grab the cow firmly at the top of the nipple just below the bulk of the udder. 

11. Squeeze and pull down in a firm but gentle motion. 

iii. If done right milk should be coming out of the base of the nipple. 

There yor go. enjoy! NOW GET LOST!!! 

Kristina Kerr 

KRISTINA KERR (1993-97) is from Victoria, and entered SMUS in grade nine. She has participated in field hockey, 
basketball and soccer for her four years at the senior school, and was nominated as captain for the field hockey and 
soccer teams in her senior year. Kristina plans on studying business at the University of Victona Next year and 
hopefully the year after that will travel to England on the GAP programme. 

Jae Hoon Kim 

JAE HOON KIM (1994-97) is from Korea and has been a boarder in Harvey House. Next year Jae Hoon intends to study 
business at either the University of Windsor or Nipissing University College in Ontano. 

Jae Won Kim 

Jae Won came to SMU in grade 8. SMU has been tough for him, but he finally graduating. He has endured all the years in 

SMU with the help and care from 

his fnends: K.K, S.K, J.H, K.L, J.Y, R.S, C.Y, L.C, S.O, and his brother, Jae-Hoon Kim. He will miss every one of them 

and all the 

people, whom he has known in SMU. He will also miss some parts of the life m SMU. and will be missed by many people 


Sunny Kim 

Sunny came to SMUS in grade 9. Although he had tough times adjusting to new strict boarding life style, he has found himself 
as an important part of the family. It was a matter of time for him to enjoy his life at SMUS boarding and eventually was 
awarded with prefectship in Gr. 12. Anyways, Sunny will be out of the SMUS boarding life and will be flying and running away 
to somewhere in States where they accept him. 


Kelly Knight 

Kelly came to SMU in '95 and in me two short years, she lived her schooling to the fullest. She reflects on many fond memories that has helped her become the person she is todo, 
Never forgetting the nine consecutive hours of channel 75. the continuous why IS it so smoky in here"' T>iose MANY endless nights thanks to those speedos: What do you mean?! 
This IS sobriety'' Shikakai' Car rally -96 Eager Beavers, thanks for the whipping cream AJ. all those naked men in the beast; LW— bowling ball thief— youve got a LOT of 
guts livelong lyly eternal appreciation to Freddie— thanks lor all the high times. Cant beat the Real Thing, can you CN? Shawn?' She s a maniac; sneaking in and out of CN's 
house beware the killer fndge all that lam and I ate the last pink one' Yeah, rock on, whatever Summer 96 Summertme and the livins easy ' Talk about your shrinkage"' 'All 
those tnps to the HP and Willows the many fogged windows; 'Oh my God' I think that was a cat" The 7-eleven gaitage can I can still see it smoking. Snapple s Strawberry and 
Kiwi Undo Jackson' AS always remember that the walk down is long AND noisy' I pushed my car into a canoe' Remember those nights?' and what DID we do last weekend 
anywa/" ShawniganLake Lucky Charnis, Let's go swimming AGAIN"' Broccoli Cheese Rice, No more sexual favours for you Mr Pizza Boy' To the Bobsy twins Praise to 
Jangus's good living philosophy; hail to that comfy chair in CP s room, bend over eh' Tlie cheese at RM's and that reception which took JU, CN, and I to the dnving range; RF-a 
great cnbbage player, conversationalist, companion to Vancouver, and all those cheese pizzas and popcom in between— how you set up that bed, I'll never know" Menudo; Thanks 
to the Boys— you know who you are' All those after e'ghts Don t talk eh? Just schmoke da pipe eh?' To those who always bnghtened my day DH, CY (Ta), DA, KK, AT, CL, EF, 
MJ FF FY AV and my fellow grads, and to those who didn t you are all W T ' To my fellow four horsemen of the apocalypse— I love you, thank you for the memones and don't 
ever lorgefi Ttianks to my teachers for their kindness, understanding and patience Especially to Mr Gardiner for making me THINK about my sunoundings and to Mr Featherstone 
for his misanthropical philosophy on everything but his class' (sometimes you did make sense') A warm thank you to my Dad. the second last practitoner of irony, my Mom, the most 
amazing woman in the worid, and my family lor their constant, never ending love and support I love you. God bless! 

Kyra Kordoski 

Well what can I say about SMU? I've been here a whole three months, and it only feels like it's been three weeks. It's 
been good being here though. Thank you to everyone who made being the new girl actually a fun thing. Things I know I'm 
going to want to remember later in life: days at the Thetis, 4C, Tainted Love, the gorge. Dippy Skipping, Holly and the 
Sprokets, the Dockyard. Glanville the Turtle, the skatepark. Pothole Daughter, the Malibu, my times with Andy & Clif, 
canoeing to downtown (and getting stuck, lost, and wet on the way.) Mr. Dodds, Slurpee runs, trips to Vancouver and Mt. 
Washington, Cowichan Lake, LONG BEACH, and all the hours I 'wasted" just hanging out with my fnends (esp. Holly. 
Kristina. Sarah, Melinda, Zenna.) I had some awesome times in high school and I'm looking forward to having lots more at 
university, and all over this planet. Nancy and Bri - 1 hope you're with me. 

Michael Kwan 

Welcome to Mike Kwan's grad write-up! First, I would like to thank (in no paticular order) : AD for inspiring me musically. 
PG for adding a note of positive energy to each day. NB for joining me in my impulse to start fencing, CL for being there 
for so long, and NV for all those times especially with CS and KW. 

A A 

!o! — I luv Do! ! Bye! Bye! 


Maria Kwari 

Our cute little (very little) "Cobweb" came to SMU at the ripe age of 5 and ever since that day on the steps of Barker Library where she 
met Sarah I her life was never the same, Maria's fellow lifers will remember her falling asleep on her first day of school; she has 
improved since then and can almost slay awake for a full day now Maria soon outgrew her tunic and Carebears and moved on to the 
middle school where she met her Fairy Friends, It was also at the middle school where she met her giant (well in companson to Maria) 
friend Keith aka Personal Assistant #1 and from then on the 4 am chats began. When Maria finally reached the senior school the party 
era with The Girls ' began, as Keith. Michelle & Kath can attest to after a long night on Salt Spring where SS. Player pulled into her 
port Maria will always be remembered for her pre-dance antics, although at limes her mouth should be washed out with soap. Always 
rememeber Hello Kitty White and Purple hair. Test Stress, A Certain Boy's Obsession, Mana Stones, Cheese Bread, Mercedes, Back- 
Seal Dnving Diamonds and Gold Oh yeah and to B L,: 'I did not cheat" We often gasp in bewilderment at the amount of words that 
Maria can fit in a few seconds, though I'm sure it will reflect the copious amount of experiences she will have from here on. 
To my girls; Michelle, Kath, Rach, Case, Whit, Lucy & Sarah and to Keith the brat of all brats So many memones, tears, laughs and good 
times. These years have been special: I love you all and couldn't have done it without you. . , , ^ 

Well folks we re finally here and "I'm sad to say I'm on my way.... " I'll miss you all but whenever you think of SMU, think ol me ana 
always look back on these days with a light heart and a smile. 

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." -Lau Tzu 

Christopher Lau 

The "Master" arrived at SMU in grade 1 1 and was given this honorable 'title' after the Mid-Autumn Festival of 1995, when his new fnends 
discovered what an amazing guy he was. Thanks to his fair and "shiny" complexion and his resemblance of a HK muscleman, he was 
nicknamed "Ng Kong", but later on, when we found out how much muscle Chns actually has, this title was no longer recognised and almost 
forgotten by now. He is now simply known as "Seafood" because of his love for seafood not! 

Chirs is admired by his peers for his outstanding grades, incredible wit and his astonishing bowling skills, however, he is especially 

popular amongst girls because of his great chosptick-like legs and the fact that he never gams weight, no matter how much he eats! 

If s a miserable fate for a guy, isn't it? 

Apart from having a distinct Bntish accent, the Master's sense of fashion also makes him unique. His apparel brands "evolved" as the 
year progressed, starting with Giordano in the fall, "Chick' woolies in winter and finally ending up with his most "stylish" collection yet: Calvin 

Although we all know that Chns is quite young compared to other grade 1 2's. the ever-changing frequency of his voice still makes people 
wonder whether he really belongs to this grad class. Perhaps his vocal cord is damaged because he never stops saying "particular 

phrases" in Cantonese, English, Japanese.. ..etc.etc, i,e. this year, he never stops saying " is the best!" , where is a new grade 9 girl 

and known as "K-mui" by the Cantonese. 



rdiner, Coille At^^^^BCasey Austin, Rebecca Bazzard, 
avis, Rachel Boult 3)Tina Barrett, Rebecca Bazzard 
iVlorton 5) Robyn Reid-lvany, Patrick Gill, Sina Noureddin 

Cori Lau 

CORI LAU (1992-97) was born in Hong Kong and has lived in Canada for eleven years. During his five years at SMUS 
Cori has participated in many activities such as badminton, choir and concert band. Next year Cori plans to study business 
at the University of Victoria. 

Simon Lau 

Until should one day our paths cross again, goodbye to all. 

Vincent Law 

Vinne, in all his innocence, came to SMUS in Gr.8. Vince had a great time in SMU. It's always fun listening to CL's pick-up 
lines; figuring out how to "inch" the Wong family (very obviously); try to understand DT's point of view, the late-night 
activities, and playing Rugby with the boys, etc. In the house, thanks to his wonderful, not to mention thoughtful and caring 
roommate-MPreston. Vince lost all his self-esteem and confidence in his room. He found out that the best way to come- 
back IS to say "Ha. You have the weirdest roommate on campus! So there..." to his roommate. Vince tries to stay in DT's 
room as much as possible. Where he would sit down with Danny, and discuss the only two problems faced by men. He 
would have never made it if it wasn't DT's CONTINUES support! Thanks to: DEIV&Co's coconut biscuits; MW's delightful 
smile; YM's beautiful songs; YA's telephone talks; CL1's silk boxers & wine-glass; IW's worthily lessons; CW's Armani T- 
shirt; AN's forwarding e-mails; SL's meaningful thoughts; JP&AS's - whatever!; EH's snowboard wax; CL2's clean-minded 
jokes; SB's entertaining argues with DT, and OS's lovely mushroom-rice... See you in the future! 

Lucas Lee 

Lucas, SDF-unzip-tetris-kmg has survived 5 yrs. at SMU; The Su man, Tree, and Dragon KFL... SDF now understands the 
concept of "zee fee chai" torture developed by KUNG-FU-LAU. He'll always remember jamming music with KFL. "Tai-jien"! 
Zip foretells that FYMA's (Esc) tricks (hehe) and possibly "retired-old-age-Dragon's DRAGON_X" (hehehehe!!) ; ) will 
continue! What's gonna come out 97, FYMA... what's the meaning of sharing :) ?? What's "afterdark" and toaster2. Dragon? 
SDF will remember talks about "umbrella" with "Michael Chang" and about the stuff in the fish tank.. He leaves SMUS with 
the words: "CHIAO .... and remember... Beyond .yeah... great thanks to SH, SO, IT, YH, SL, JK, and O'buddy 
O'pal.-.AY ; ) ! all the good fnends of grad '95!, the members of Grad '98 "Hung-Hing- Association", and of course, SHOYU 

Youn-Keun Lee 

Yuen Kuen Lee (Bio) came to SMUS in grade 9. Yuen first had many problems with rules and roommates. However, he found 
his way in boarding and ended up being a boarding prefect. He will miss KP, DT, MJ, and all his Korean friends along with his 
roommate IT. Yuen also miss practicing of dance moves with Stephan in the Gym, although he could not accomplish some 
of the moves with practising over a year. He likes to thank SG, RC, and TM who helped him to go through many tough times. 
Yuen will be missed by many people in the school. Good Luck in your future Yuen!!! 


Kate Leverin: 

KATE LEVERING (1994-97) is originally from Qualicum Beach and began her career at SMUS as a boarder. In grade 
eleven she became a day student and resided temporarily in Victoria. Next year Kate plans to pursue her goal of becom- 
ing a professional chef. 

Olivia Limbu — -^^__^„i^^,i^«^^iiii^™^— ^^^^^— ■^^^— i^^— ^— 

Olivia first known to us as Rita, came to SMUS in grade ten and spent three years as a boarder in Winslow House. She enjoys golf, tennis, field hockey 
and bowling However her gitt in bowling was not known to us until she came in first place in the Victoria High-school League.. Olivia also plays the piano 
and has been in the school choir for three years. Her hobbies include Free-Tel on the intemet, more Free-Tel, and talking on the phone (with all the people 
she met on Free-Tel') When she is off the intemet, she is most likely to be found shopping, or cooking her famous "soy-sauce-chicken-wings , or 
washing dishes with her roommate. Her memones of grade 12 would certainly include writing Lit. and History essays last minute before deadline, karaoke 
on weekends and also ah-Wings ready-to-serve curry chicken and mooncakes from HK. Grade eleven was spent mostly in Winslow 201 : sleepnDvers. 
hair-dyes and Joy-Joys makeovers (notice LiVs perfect eyebrows), 'The Heat Is On In Saigon" (never forget that), and night before Spnng Break. 
Fnends will remember her forever as nng-hing' -for her ever-aimable (and slightly ah-Q) character, also as 'ah-Lang ' -beautful. beautiful forever. Never 
will she be forgotten for oiganizing parties (le: Dinner for 35 at Hunan Village) Next step for Olivia will be university, where she will eam her degree and 
someday become one of the most successful business women, or she may well follow her dreams and become the next musical director-choreographer 
(however 'Miss Saigon" will always be her favourrte). Olivia will always remember YM, of course, "shopping pal"; CS On-On, Thanx for helping me all 
these years especially in Spanish. Sweet memones of HK-Mothers Choice. Summer 95 always; Ml for getting me addicted to everything bad: JL for all 
the beauty tips (and all the gel. too); IVIH Ung-Ung for waking me up in French Class: MW for being so slow at everything: SS my bowling pal. Small: AN. 
SS. DL YA, (R-kJ)C The Twins. JP, AS. AH. SP. CL. Luv U'all lots and lots: MJ for being there always, all ways. 

Cassie Lin 

Cassie came to SMUS from Hsinchu, Taiwan in Grade 10. She was shy and scared of the brand new environment as a 
boarder in Timmis House. " I wanna go home" could be heard from her all the time. Her sweetness was soon recognized by 
people not only inside the school, but also outside the school. She began to make new fnends and this motivation changed 
her personality. She became more vivid and began to accustom to the boarding community which tumed out to be her " little 
home " in Canada. Her room was described as a grocery store in the school because she had a lot of " junk food " in her 
whole third drawer of her desk. Sometimes, you could even find noodles or cookies in her closet, because the drawer was 
too fulliii' She was a never grown up girl whose acting and the way of her talking were still like a kid.... Whenever you 
walked into her room you could always find lots of teddy bear things and cute stuff, which were all her favorite, around her 

place Also you could almost see her cooking in her room every mid-night'!'!''!'' She was kind of tiny though SIVlUS gave 

her many unforgettable good and bad memories. She will sure miss her friends who have helped her all the time. Good luck 
to you all!! 

Joy Liu 

Joy. originally from Taiwan, came to SMUS in Gr. 10. She spent all of her time playing with CL, B.P., A.T., S.P. (5 people 
group activity, crazy and wild) dunng her first year and had more fun when Yan arrived as her roommate in Gr. 1 1 . Dunng the 
year. Joy and Yan took turns sleeping throughout the night. They got along well and had a great time living together. Joy. being 
a member of choir for more than 3 years, is now a member of the Pnma Choir (after her fine contribution in the musical of 

Oklahoma.) Joy will always remember her favounte song from choir 1 2: Prayer of St. Francis.. ."Where there is .let 

there be JOY." Joy-joy really has a full schedule because of the b-ball score-keeping and participating in the musical functions. 
All the hard work paid off when she received the scholarship. (Well done! Joy!) However, being more involved in the Winslow 

House boarding community Joy became our House Keeper, coming around weekly on Wednesday nights for our bath mats 

and Thursday for our room checks clad in her glasses. T-shirt and "RED" pajama pants. Besides. Joy likes to share her beauty 
insight on eyebrows to the girls in Winslow. Special thanks to CL, B.P.. A.T.. S.P., Y.M.. C.S., O.L. Syl.S.. J.T., M.H., S.O. and 

R.N.. S.S.. little S.S.. Y.S. and A., 1., B., E., C, V., D., 2Es. Good Luck Joy. wherever you may be next year. Have fun in 

"your whole new world." 

Silvia Liu 

I came from Singapore, and reached SMU in December 1996. Boarding Is a new experience for me, and I like how one can 

easily find a friend just by walking a few steps. But I cannot deny that boarding life is boring and very different from what I 
expected it to be. It seems that we're kept up only in studying, sleeping, and eating. Still, I must say that I have learnt a lot 
by being away from home. For this. I offer my heartfelt gratitude to the teachers in SMU, and of course to all my fnends who 
had taught me one thing or another. Lastly, my special thanks to Renee C. Alice H. and Tina C for giving me so much 
comfort when I'm down and out. "Life is but a game of chess, you learn from experiences and will have to face the world 
with a much revised plan of how you're going to live. Sometimes, many times. I find a mask necessary, and it pains me to 
put one on. But like chess, life is about surviving. ..and a little pain does good to the growing soul. Maybe, just maybe, 
people should learn to talk less, listen more, and learn to deal with things more quietly." -Raymod Austen 



1) A. Martin, L. Wey, M. Delisie, 2) R. Ebl, R. Gardiner, 3) D.Age, K. Kerr, V. Yang 

4) C. Mavrikos, G. Gibbons, 5) Tine Snow!!!! , 6) R. Mavrikos, B. Soderberg. 

1) J. Bowman 

2) Mr. Kayal, S. 
Anderson, C.Nowak, 
K. Barnes, K. Bourne, 
S. Noreddin, P 
Frisby.P. Gill. 

3) W.Davis 

4) N. Norris, J. 

5) C. Yeates, N. 
Stanger, R. Bateman, 


Yan Mak 

Yan Mak came to SMUS on a cold and dismal September day. She was greeted by warmth from the Winslow Prefects and House 
Parents- The quiet was soon shattered by a bubbly and contagious chatter, hoping that this noise was not her room mate, she sat in 
her room minding her own business not knowing that this "noise" was going to be her future room mate. She had a talent for singing and 
was given solos in school concerts. Later, when she was not asked to sing solo, she decided to go ahead anyways... Van's hobbies 

includes: Eating, sleeping, singing, and her favourite .. TALKING ON THE PHONE AFTER 2:00am She figured out a brand new time 

table where it would enable her to talk on the phone and sleep enough: sleep when it is still light outside and wake up when it is past 
midnight... She developed a passion for sparklers and bubbles somewhere along the way, which she enjoyed doing in and out of 
doors... With a passion for Winnie the Pooh and pigs, she never ceased to clutter her room with Pooh stuff and in her later days at SMU 
was nicknamed "Banana Pig" Known for her love of eating, she never failed to leave the sink area cluttered with dirty dishes and wonder 
how they got there a month later. . . garbage was also a problem in grade 1 1 when she considerately "freshened up" the air on the 

second floor of Winslow House one day Yan Mak, we'll always love you and we'll never forget your "electncity". She will always 

remember. . Her first year: J-JL, OS. SP, YA, SS, Kams. AH, MH, MW. AN. my manager EH. my secretary OL... Good luck to... IW. 
VL, DT. CL. A(K)Y. Kim-kim: keep singing CN good luck in all you do PA: thanks 4 all your hug 'n' kisses. RS, SD: Sorry for all the 
noise, but love you guys anyways... 

Alex Martin 

Ubi dubium ibi liberas. (Latin proverb, "where there is doubt there is freedom") Alex Martin: More Ignie Ferroque est Falum lustum 

Stullorum. . For those of you who do not know who or what I am 250 words will not tell you. I will therefore leave you with a few points to 
ponder instead of the condensed history and slew of initials you were no doubt expecting . Teachers are the guardians of knowledge. Qui 
cuslodet ipso custodian'' . . Light in the absence of eyes illuminates nothing. Visible forms are not inherent in the world but are granted by 
the act of seeing Events contain no meaning of themselves but only that meaning that the mind imposes on them Yet the world continues, 
whether the mind exists or not ... Recently a phenomenon was observed in marine predators that seemed to be without explanation. 
Predators began dying of cancers and immune disorders, in some cases they were driven out of the area completely The concentrations 
of the pollutants that would cause these disorders was minimal: all tests showed the concentrations to be safe. It turns out that pollutants 
can be concentrated up the food chain so that what is safe to those at the bottom is lethal to those at the top. It is worth pausing here and 
considering that the human incidence of cancer has been steadily increasing seemingly without any explanation; But don't worry the 

concentration of pesticides on the grass the cows eat has been shown safe in all tests "So we keep asking over and over, until a handful 

of earth stops our mouths. But is that an answer?" - Heinreich Heine. 

Christopher Mavrikos 

I came to SMU in grade 8 and since then it has been a very long road' In the beginning I arnved with only one person I knew. A McV because we had been 
going to school together since grade 2. Soon enough being my typical fnendly, personable and talkative self I found myself with a group of boys who at that time 
seemed pretty normal. J. P.. H.W., J.N , P.I., T.S., G.T . C W We owned the middle school, but our legacy had to end sometime and this brought on the senior 
school What a jumpi It was a whole new life, the years passed and they brought new students and took some old boys away as well. Grades 9. f 0,1 1 went 
quick. Some highlights R.M , D.D . G.F., G G., J.V.. D S , arnved E F 7-^ 1 runs, Autotraders at the store not to mention the Score bars! Crackers at Brown Hall , 
lunches at John's house, good old dances. Dark of the Moon, Oklahoma (especially the cast party, cross country skiing with M.T. Cheers!) trying to get home with 
S P' Richard's French with J P . C W , and L.C spitballs' Now to talk about the people J P best trends for life, NHL. bound, D D. through thick and thin, mostly 
thick we've been there for each other, best trends: Weslside. K-Mart, Halloweens, Tuck shop (thanks for everything Caleb!) Car Rally, Omega and Goliath, 
Hooker, Bowman's computer desk, C.K Visor, White Vest, Hunchchoppy, Pecker + Wee. P E with Tobacco, McD's drive thm. Microwave, provincials. Jaque le 
Cock. Latino. T K.'s window, Pedao' and everything else R M well cousin we're here at the end, after all the years, thanks for everything "sagapo". DA. I love 
ya, geology with Mr J Wzup! Dee Air, Chico State. I'll never' All the lovely ladies. Bush x 2, (C J., K W ) J.W . K.K,. AH , J.H.. N.N., EC, B B , R F , R.G., M.K., 

K B , RE E A (B-Ball star), my two HOOCHIE MAMMAS (J A., C P ,) C L., B T , S L , J W , C.W , B.B (saucey). The special ones: N.A.(Luv ya, alphabet 

problems'). CM. (Luv ya, Manitoba njles), V G (AKA Jan, luv ya, thanks for the jaw!) To the boys: CL , N V , N.B (screech). PA. E C . J H K , P V.. S.A . 

(shades of grey)... SP.. CP.. R.L , AD ...R.C., T.A.R., D.B LB, keep pimpin! To my stalker. YOU SUCK ! I hope I haven't forgotten anyone or thing but its time 

for me to head out into the big wide world! See ya around! PS. Greeks Rule! SITO ELLAS! 

Ria Mavrikos 

WZUP? Well we're finally gradding! I'd just like to say a few words from the past, that should trigger some good memories OH' maybe some bad ones First 

of all I want everybody to know that the GREEK POSSE RULES' Anyways: 24/7, boys, CIVIC, smiggities, your mom. no diggity. no doubt, da datsun, B B 

party Ed C.N dad's car .. Dee, November long weekend '95. Buzz. Verms. Wamick, late nights, JETTA, oye como va, Steve miller band, boys. VOLVO, The 

Planet. B.H and her dances, AT "where am I", L W b-day in PA, Ali, Ali, Ali. my cousin chns, boys, NUK CHU, eazy-e, EAGER BEAVERS K K C.N A.J L.W. 
R M . boys, samples, J.W and C J thanx for good times in gr 9, "straight to the tiips", biggities, couldn't of done it without Renee, Carol you're the best, 

"Hmmmm it does go well with the chicken", bnggly, famous FN teams thanks for the double, J V G.G what to say, J.B. D.D physics(you know what I mean), 

feta, missions with SB. (how's that VW van door), 40"s, boys, soccer. YD beats Ian, Mc D's, mali and pineapple, Portuguese, I like big butts. Young MC with the 
BUST A MOVE, Mr M, maimou, buminger, tnsnolmie, T M and the Jeep, boys, playfaire, roger's, agate, parkview, fenn, sandhills, pisnarts at nono's. hey man. 
Pacheco's a mac. boys, sunfest with C N , Rault, Beatty, 2:00 wendys, 2:45 dennys. Huberts, meat marf(et at Thnftys, no more Sundance, 20 lemons, Romeos, 
kisses, boys, inky, payless, sev. dazed and contused, the night will live on forever(T R. dom R T S.K.), boys, disnoobs. CBC. M.S J.C C W J.S. M.G.. hitch-hiking 
to Thetis, whatever, my choo choo girl J A and sidekick C P., eagle reach, CG^poptarts/ x-files/super manokacl/fndays. dooner, mastuda. rock climbing and the 

poops, CHILE CAUSE I LIKE IT HOT, never forget the monkey, loves to the OG; John. Alec. Erin. Chns, Ali, Ed, Lauren and Me. 

Remember wherever courtwoman is, fieldwomen is nght beside. 

Janika McFeely 

At birtfi we are red-faced, round, intense, pure. The crimson fire of universal consciousness burns in us. Gradually, 

however, we are devoured by parents, gulped by schools, chewed by peers, swallowed by social institutions, wolfed by 

bad habits, and gnawed by age; and by the time we have been digested, cow style, in those six stomachs, we emerge a 

single disgusting shade of brown. 

The lesson of the beet, then, is this - hold onto your divine blush, your innate rosy magic, or end up brown. 

- "The Bill for Darrell Bob Houston" from Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins 

Thanks to all my friends whio gave me so many memories. 


Andrew McVie 

Blah, Blah, and a token patronizing Blah. I came to the school in Grade 8, left after Grad. I had a great time, except for the 
homework and classes. Seriously though, thanks to everyone for all the memories, good and otherwise. Special thanks go 
to the patient wonderful people in the Math department who breath a sigh of relief as I leave, and to all who have been 
victims of my sarcasm and just tolerated it, and to anyone who ever gave me a ride to Starbucks. Aspirations: ohhh,,, 
maybe a job, a family, maybe a house and car. If that doesn't work out, I'll just create my own banana republic. As for the 
initials, if you feel like you're being missed out, you're probably very important to me, (Andrew's Mood = tan x) Hey Sean, 
got a spare? Wanna go for coffee? 

Russell Morton 

As Martin Luther King Jr, once quoted "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!" 



^ 1 


Cameron Murdoch 

CAMERON MURDOCH (1985-97) is a 'Lifer' from Victoria. He enjoyed his lengthy career at SMUS and hopes to go away 
for a year to a yet to be decided destination. After his year off. university is in order and then the rest of his life. 

Christina Nadolski 

(A.K.A. Chi Chi, Chrispy,chris,,,) 
5 years at SMU and trying to keep sane. I came to this school smiling and I'll be leaving it with an even bigger one. I may not remember everything 
that has happened to me here but hey, that just tells me I must have been having a good time, such as; staying at D.Hs and Ta's cabins Shawn and 
Can. Cast parlies, Silverstar "stuck in the middle'with R.F. D.H. Channel 75. New wave hookers 2, Mr, Speedy lube. Eager Beavers, the happy 
places will always welcome us, 7-eleven garbage can. A.T. and L.W.culpnts in cnme, A.J. you make whipping cream taste mmmm I cant 
describe it. Tsaulotte Pow .you'll never be older than me(so shut up wah wah). J. A. why are your eyes chink i W/hat '' Hootchie '> I sneak you in and 
then we sneak out. R F.. D.H. and AS. have you ever wondered why K.K.'s made us sooo thirsty, Lando Jackson saved me from the killer veggie, 
summer of the "Joker" with R.M.. dancing at Latin tests, fooling around in bottom Challoner. S wimming in da buff, then going to get pizza. What 
happened last night anyway '' I'd like to take the time and thank: Freddie tor all those high times. Enn for teaching me about purple green hazel land, 
some unmentionable boys.scotl...'"? R.f^. and C.L. for teaching me that "you can't beat the real thing" nght K.K. ' Why is it so smoky in here, 
someone roll down a window! I have so many memones of stuff i did with D.H. A.S.. R.F.. A.J.,E.F.. L.W.. C.P., J. A.. C.Y., A,T„ R,M,, K,K, I can't 
write all our times down but I wont forget them! To those of you who I just can't seem to get along with I'm sorry I never got to see into your world of 

Thanks to my Parents who pushed me on for all the right reasons and for not trying to understand me but backing me up every step of the way. I 
love you all SEE YAi 

Rlsa Naito 

From Tokyo to Victoria, a little girl, Rlsa Naito (Japanese Queen by Saito or Untouchable Girl, by CHU) came to SMUS 
three years ago. She's been though bad experiences and good ones. The first ESL class people thought she was a 
YAKUZA from IKEBUKURO by her nose ring, the weirdest hair colour and her own different style. Following Da Crew's 
tradition, she didn't get involved and always seemed to disappear after school and Prep, She was well known with her 
huge bodyguard <Domino> together with her coolest and closet friends - Da Crew, All i can say is,,,, those were wicked 
times. We all had our own style and our own routine but times change and Da Crew had to leave for no reason (Sach, 
Flav, Flip. Domino. Danny), but me, RIS. CHU and Henry 

chilled on. Two years has past, and she joined the 96' crew. Whatever the situation, Ris was always there to cheer us up 
and was always the person to talk to. She'd especially like to thank PAT (If you want new ones, I can get them!!). DaMan 
from the Old Crew. The three years I've been here wouldn't be the same without you. She will also remember 96/97 - Wil. 
Saito. Lem. Fly. Mahat. Vas. Kevin. Ryota. Lance, and Dave - Thanks for being there for me. And of course my Huggles 
who have supported me over the phone... I Love you all. 


Yoshifumi Nakanishi 

YoshI "FLY" Nakanishi came to SMUS two years ago. This once short and shy native of Tokyo, Japan, turned Into a once 
again short but crazy "FLY" from Symon's House. 

( Don't forget, he was a Prefect) Known for his unique attitude and insane speed, he was for some reason recognized for 
his unmatched height among everything else. His memories with Da Crew will never fade. To his Harvey brothers KULA, 
LEM(July 6)and VAS, and of course he'll never forget the Japanese crew RYO, SHING and RIS. Also his roommate MJ. To 
grad '96s CHU, FUNK, BAbe and STUD. The Fly gives his thanx to everyone that has helped him get this far. Although 
the hair may change throughout the years, it will always be hard. He would like to sign off by saying, 'Tve grown so much 
in the past two years..." ( Whatever FLY!! ) 

Blair Nelson 

I came to SMU in grade 10 after six years at GNS, the wonderful school that it is (sarcasm intended). Memorable 
moments on the Pacific Swift: L.W., K.B. still got that picture of my back''!-that hurt. Hey C.J., J.W., R.G., M.B., do you 
know what a walk sign looks like??- man, that cop was mean! You know, the Galapagos have really big turtles. 
Anyway, to all my friends, best of luck in the future. 

Aries Ng 

Aries came to SMU in Grade 1 1 She's graduating in the year ol 1997. and as a Hong Kong-nese. it is a special year to her As a proud grad 97. Anes 
always believed in strong Chinese culture and always teaching younger students all sorts of ancient courtesies Her great work of Art has always earned 
much respect from Jamie, Renee and lots of others. Anes or "AH MOE "(twin name with MW) is a procrastinalor She always says that she's going to 
study but ends up sleeping, eating, talking on the phone with J C and doodling at the same time And yeah, since she's popular with her peers, her 
gangster fnends always break into her room and interrupt her studying. Loud people like Y.A., O L , MW , G C, (in descending order by how loud they are) 
come in and gossip, use ah moe's e-mail. ( Thanks Anes. tor always shanng the computer, even when you have tons of homework undone!) Everyday, 
she needs a lot ot calcium from B-hall (That's probably the only thing she cherished @bhall) NEVER STEAL milk from her, she'd go funous! Every 
weekend, while she's at Vancouver, her stupid BF would call her from 8 am to 2 00am non-slop' (15 min intervals) At the same time, her lucky neighbors 
would have to put up with nnging noise while trying to study, thinking: "Don't they get the point that she's not there'' Geez! " At night, her light is on forever, 
"work IS supposed to be done at night", COME ON guys don't you know that line! 

Last, we want to congratulate her success in the past years in smu. Her badminton skill will always win the glory for smus and her voice will always sing 
beautiful notes to all. Good luck and forever young! 

Thanks to Y.A., Ah Mo (M W ), C.W., C.L.s, J.C, R.C., C.S.. S.Ss, ai ren (Y.M.), I.W.. OL . M H., L.L., S L., A.H . roomate C.L., V.L.s, A.W., J.L, C.T, G.C., 

Nancy Norris 

Kermit was a big huge frog. Thanks for everything SMU! 
PS. You boys were good but JH was the best 

Sina Noureddin 

Here's a little something for John Q. Public: I entered SMU in grade 8 and soon found that it wasn't as tough as I had 
expected. Some of the teachers might describe me as sarcastic, but then again, some teachers might also say that there 
is no place they would rather be than at the school. Senously though, it opened a lot of doors for me and I have no regrets 
for coming. I'd have to say that my favourite teachers were my physics teachers and my biology teacher (hiiight!). As for 
all my friends, I'd like to say: Foley, you still make me sick, but you were one of the most real people I ever met. Scott, for 
an "esquire," you've got some pretty white skin. Colleen, you've trusted me so far, so trust me when I tell you that you 
should be proud of who you are (no matter where you go!). Jacki, it's just a fro: get over it. Robyn, there's more to me 
than a sack of feathers (I think). Pat G., don't major in chromatography (if there is such a thing). Sean, do something 
about that nasty neck-burn (just kidding!). Amanda, don't become a chemistry teacher. Keir, what can I say, the name 
says it all. Rohanna, take care and I truly wish you the best in everything. Dev, the truth is out there. Oh yeah. Colleen 
wanted me to mention the drive to 7-1 1 on Christmas Concert night. ..and the lack of a wallet... Anyways, thanks for 
everything and the best of luck to you all. 


Chantal Nowak 

Chantal came to SMUS in grade eight. The little Swiss girl managed to adjust to the Canadian environment very quickly, 
(especially to the likes of certain Canadian men!). The most important thing in her life though, will always be her love for 
music, particularly the violin for which she will most be remembered. In the last couple of years, she's been in and out of 
school (more out!!!) due to her busy music schedule at the Conservatory. In the future, Chantal plans to study music in the 
States or Europe, and later she will certainly want to return to Canada. 

Col.S. I'll always remember my first pal. -J.T.B. had a great time. -B.S. almost electrocuted at "wonders of wonders miracle..." 
-Kitty, L&C forever + (VIr D.D. stories. -S.A. thanx for being a sweetie. -CM. finished your math? -T.R call me in 5 yrs. -B.Bell 'luv 
ya' -Rich.G. great knowing you. -K.B. (Mickey Mouse) my bestest pal, tee hee didn't keep agreements. Best of luck in the future 
GRAD 97!!! 

"Music IS the voice of all sorrow, all needs no translation. " 

Sharon Om 

The "Coca-cola" girl arrived in SMU 3 years ago and is now one of the seven prefects of Winslow House. This night owl stunned all her 
peers with her intelligence.superb grades,and her amazing ability to learn fairiy "useful" phrases in other languages, especially 
Cantonese. Right now, Sharon is known in the Korean community as the respectable Big Sister, UNNIE, or something along those 
lines. Sharon can be a real pest sometimes, and you would have expenenced this if you sat next to her in physics class in grade 1 1 . You 
would be able to find an exquisite aggregate of "un/happy faces" and "stickman" on your worksheets when she tried to explain the many 
theones of physics. Hopefully, Sharon's artistic skills will improve in her grade 12 year! Although Sharon does not study biology, she has 
a particular interest in other people's "lungs" and this word has been in her Chinese vocabulary for ages. She leamt how to "appreciate" 
other people's lungs from her ex-roommate, ML, whom she misses dearly. Sharon also acquired the "aenal" attack skill from ML, but 
she stopped the "bombing" this year, due to the lack of human targets because no one dares to walk under her window anymore. Apart 
from hangin' with her boarding pals, Sharon is also involved with; ED,DI.EB,OY,KE.NT,CO,LA, and her most recent addtion,PK, 
Who's next? 

Serena Peng 

Serena came to S.M.U.S at the age of 15. She was a bit shy due to the ability of her English while she first came here. 
However as a lovely character like her, she soon made friends with everyone and got alone with them. She spent most of her 
time with AT. C.L. J.L. and her sister B.P. for the first year. After her sister graduated that year, she started living indepen- 
dently and grew stronger and mature for the rest of the school life. She planned either going to S.F.U. or challenging another 
new style of life in Japan next year. Finally she would like to say thanks for all the friends that had supported her and having 
fun together, see u all again soon ! 

Virginia Peterson 

To all the special ones, (and everyone else that I can't mention cause I don't have enough room). RG, you have been there through it 

all. bad perms, broken arms and black hair dye. You've never let me forget all the moments that I wanted to: marshmallows, the chapel, 

JP, the Robbie, and serenades. Remember the red roses, the feasts and Rueben (that was his name wasn't it?)always your EBPLP, 

and... the chicken LAID the egg!!!! 

RE, let's head up to WL for some late night mini golf, and keep an ear out for the truck. Our mission to find the Oak Bay Tea Party wasn't 

impossible, but don't let the trays dnve. Call me some time and we'll take a spin in the yellow truck (what's your number again?) 

KL. sandcastle weekend rocked, but no bnnging the boys back to the trailer park. Keep out of hot tubs with creepy guys and don't forget 

your visitor's badge. Remember to bring your shoes cause the ground's HOT!!! Look out for the Bikini B'tches and creepy old men. 

Never forget car rallies, parties dances (and all the prep before). Don't tnp down the stairs especially if the cops are there (now where 

was that party again?-ask GT he remembers lots from that night "were YOU there''") Life's biggest dilemma- what to wear!!! I'll give you 

hints, but not if Maury's on. You're always there stay beautiful, I love you all. 

Keith Phillips 

Keith came to SMU in grade 6 straight out of Sidney with the biggest grin and the littlest eyes you'll ever see Keith soon settled in to the Ivliddle 
School with Luke and the gang. He remembers his busy social life which included parties every weekend, spin the bottle. Metallica. hanging down 
town, and talking to Maria til 4 in the morning In grade 8 Keith started one of his traditions and went on his first tnp to Silver Star. To Keith the 
days at Middle School were made up of screwin' around and having Uncle JJ yelling at him and everyone else. As Keith grew up he finally entered 
the Senior School and as each party passed by he fell more and more at home. Due to these parties and Rugby (Some of his greatest highlights of 
SMU) Keith probably has more false teeth than PKT himself Grade 10 was all about hanging Russ. Rob and the guys, "hacking", snowboarding, 
rugby, and watching Star Wars (Past times he still greatly enpys) That year Keith (Quite) went to Ml Baker with the SMU and spent some quality 
time on the hill with Duncan (Spunk), Shingo (Shwingo), Sunny and had to live around a couple of wired guys related to Mr Piete In grade 1 1 
Keith decided that he had spent way too much time on the bus to/from Sidney so he intelligently C??) moved into boarding where he became a 
Bolton Bud. Keith roomed with Danny Tang (DT. Down Town) and he will never forget the memories that they shared He would like to thank DT 
for teaching him, by personal example, that the best way to party is to do it a couple of times a week until 4 in the morning Sometimes DTs "wild 
party nature" was too much for Keith so he found sanctuary on Mitss (DM J H G D-T) and Martin's (Marlinno) floor where they had parties of their 
own! Since then the 2 of them (Keith and Mils) have become very good fnends (Back-packing Europe this summer) Now in grade 12 Keith is at 
the height of his career, but he still has the mentality of a 4 year old. 10 years down the road when we think of Keith we will remember fancy flask. 
Raves, playing "music" with "Mad Man ", Dances (Chandeliers and Window jumping), his appearances in assembly, snowboarding. Bolton Buds 
(Joint Effort!!), rugby, numerous hair styles (Some good, many bad). Molding Mud and his most famous saying, "Anyhow .. "Keith wants to thanks to 
Mana and all his friends for a great 7 years at SMU!!! To Scott and Todd. Keep on UnicyclinglMM! 


Michelle Phipps 

Mizel, Mitch, Mish-Poo, Ms. Phipps. Phippsey - all of the above and more! So man things, only 2 years... Oh, where to begin for this 
Albertan Farmgirl? How about hystencal calls to Forum from room 301 . Rice and peas on the floor again?! Ne'er to forget shuffles, 
squeaker, C.J., and C. K. "Oh my god!" (Thanx Bulent) And oh yes the evil one - but lipstick makes great windows paint! Gotta love that 
bottled water, "Are you girls listening to country music in there? George, George, George of the jungles... Oklahoma... J.D., Coffee? Puppy 
Eyes P.G etc. New York, New York! Enough chocolate almonds to bloat a horse. Hot Bell Boys, lame airplane movies. ODE to Domino's, 
Tostldos and Shogun. Hey, Amber, did you have a baking accident? Narrow escapes in the singlamobile _ I do mean narrow. If ya think 
I'm sexy... Nadia, come, let us dance like children of the night. Far side; far, far, tar, sole. Sulphur Boy, obviously!, only if you say please. 
Toot, Toot goes French class. Too much of you know who... put that away. Candied Apples and Australian hunks. Mizel's had one and 
she'll have the other some day. At least there was only one year of uncle B.hen? Tl 82's rock on! Hey girls, how ya doing? It'll flush out 
your system... the Ex-Lax twins are doing strong (without any chocolate help) Room changes Galore. Stay away from that black van! Who 
did that to Winnie? Beamer Man, thanks but no thanks. Michelle leaves us with... "Hollywood, here I come' " 

Joanne Poon 

Joey, the bananna. arrived at SMU in grade 12 and joined the Winslow House. First impnessions: short, skinny, maybe a little manly, but on the whole 
pretty cool She was a buff gal and stayed in shape by taking daily walks to 1^1 Jae. of course only to en|oy the scenery. Her favounte pastime: seducinfi 
guys and then rejecting them. Although after a while she found the perfect match: the stud with the MX-6 who loved curry chicken. School life was a 
breeze for Jo Instead of studying, she spent hours gossiping on the phone or chillin' out with Apple (EL) and B-size (AS). These three were inseparable 
and were always making a not (but who l<nows what rat they talked about') JP's rad personality made it a cinch for her to make fnends and in no time she 
was fully in with the gang. Every weekend, it was impossible to locate her, sometrady ought to gel her a cell (hint, hint) Coming to SIVIU was a huge 
change for her but she adapted well. She loved SI^U so much that for two weekends in a row she stayed on school campus and checked in every hour' 
Boy was that ever an awesome expenence. 

AS & EL: Thanx for being there for me when I need you guys. I will always be there for you if anyone of you get into trouble. AS: Don't drink too much 
juice, or else you would turn to a non-German. EL: Ha, another year for you at SMU! Enjoy. I hope you will find someone who can go tambe with you IW 
& IVIW: Don't forget to invite me to your wedding. EH: Thanx for tieing my Dai Lo. Si-Foo: Be careful, don't fall on the street! DL: "Juice, juice, I want more 
juice " SS: "I love woo ying ". YA: I love you. bark po' CL: Thanx for all the time that you spent with me. I am glad that I met you this final year at SMU. All 
those people who "inched" me: Watch out, I will come back for you. 

Mlchael Preston 

The memories were great but it's the friends I'll remember. EC "All our careers are useless someday we'll be working for 
you". RB "This place ain't quite the same". RE "I'll always be a midnight joker". GF "I don't have any answers". VL "Nice 
point of view". KP "Remember it's not how many times you spin, it's how long you stay up there". 

To the rest, " Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take 
rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much or suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not 
victory nor defeat. "- Teddy Roosevelt 

Colleen Saffrey 

Colleen entered SMU in Grade 5 and was instantly a hit with the boys with her combination of a tantalizing 'good girl" act 
and her sexy hair floop. Due to her school-girl phase, her earlier days basically consisted of studying and eight o'clock 
bedtimes. She continued her good girl act all throughout Middle School and well into Senior School, until she finally learne : 
to loosen up. (Not without some help of course!!) She Is utterly elated when realizing that she will never have to play 
soccer again nor endure another torturous 2400 meter run- both being her least favourite memories about the school. Anri 
of course, how could we ever forget Colleen and her acute anal-retentiveness? Not a day passed when she did not bring a 
minimum of 12 sharp, Venus HB pencils to each test (lined up on her desk in descending size order, eraser side right). And 
also, her insistence on having a calculator during English tests! Soon Colleen will have her PhD in Psychology and will 
implement her mind control plan throughout the world- "I am the one in control". Still, no matter where Colleen goes or what 
she does, she will always be our #1 floop goddess. 


Andrea Sam 

Andrea a k.a B-size and Goun De. arrived at SMU for her final year. She joined the Winslow House and was forced to live 
with the craziest but coolest roommate, who was obsessed with cows!! (T.B.) Although she didn't know anyone, she was able 
to make friends in no time. (Thanks to the BIG LAKE) Within the first month, she got married (S.S), and was having an affair 
(D.L.)! Boy. what a FLIRT!! Andrea loved going for leisurely strolls to the park with her two pals, apple (E,L.) and banana 
(J. P.). know, the swings are fun!! Everybody in the house loved her. especially the houseparents. For two weeks in a 
row, they didn't want to do anything other than see her every hour on the dot! During the weekends she would spend her time 
hanging out with gals and they would always drink JUICE together. (Baby Duck Licks!) Andrea loved the alphabet, especially 
the letter (hmm... wonder why?) In the evenings, she would be spotted playing B-ball with an aSSwipe (S.H.) and her swell 
god bro (I.W.). This year has been great for Andrea. Andrea's last words: 

It's been a hella funk year thank to all my chillin' buds: Apple and Banana, luv ya 4-ever, don't know what I'd do without you. 
Stay sweet and pretty always! S.S. & D.L., the coolest babes ever, the sex was sweet, I'll miss U tons, juice buds till the end! 
Y.M., Y.A. & O.L.. thanks for all the support. I'll never forget you guys. I.W.. the awesomest bro on the earth, keep laughin' 
(he he). S.H.. hey wicked jap boy. you still gotta kill me! 

Luv ya babe. J.H., don't 4-get me! E.H.. U made Smu special. Winslow girls, you rule! 4 the Koreans: sa lang hey!! Best of 
luck to the rest of the gang. I'll always remember U!! Last but not least. T.B., you're the best. I luv you girl, party hard and 
smile!! Thanks SMU for all the memories!! 

Daniel Sander 

DANIEL SANDER (1995-97) was born and raised on the northshore of Vancouver. He entered SMUS in grade eleven for 
his final two years of high school. A prefect of Harvey House, Dan co-captained the 1 st XI soccer team while also enjoying 
1st XV rugby. Originally planning to continue his athletic career, Dan has recently shifted his priorities towards his studies. 
Next year Dan plans to get back to the big city to study business at the University of British Columbia. 

Amy Slegg 

Amy's been at SMU for an incredibly long time of two years. While that may not seem very long to some of our near 

"lifers" (and we all know what that's synonomous with!), it's been long enough for a lot of fun and little too much time in 

physics class. The things she will probably remember in ten years, include her role as Ado Annie in the 95/96 school 
musical, Oklahoma; her incredible survival of the cast party afterwards; and her even more incredible survival of her role as 
co-producer in this year's Musical Revue. A few of the adventures with the gals (which we will look back on in a few years 
and say "I wonder what the heck I was talking about when I wrote that!") include: BIG WHITE, "helper dog" and the "DNA 

test", "oh my god was that a cat?", Shawnigan and "let's go swimming I don't care if it's three am!!!!i", the pumpkin 

and CORN!!!! adventure. "I'm thinking of buying a Saturn", the "and he cups it" story by our most famous story- 
teller and 'brass undies'. A roast. a "toast" to Freddy, Lando Jackson Jr., Hamster Ball, and to all the gals, her 

compadres, C.N. D.H. K.K. and R.F.! 

To everyone thanks for coming out. And please, stop looking at my pants. 

Nicholas Stanger 

He sat beneath the mighty tree and put his arms about his knees. Despite the throng of people and despite the palpable 
curtain that separated his world from theirs, he felt something like a mood of calm cut through the gibbering of his thoughts. 
He looked at the glaring whitewash of the church and thought 'turtles' eggs,' and then he remembered a snatch of a 
nonsense rhyme from his childhood. He stood up suddenly and began to lift his medical robe, but was forced down gently 
by a nun. Sometimes he heard voices. Sometimes they made him do things by threatening not to go away until he did 
what he was told. Sometimes they made him itch all over until he was in a frenzy of ripping his own flesh with his nails. 
Sometimes the gap between herself and the world would yawn so wide that he would look down and see an infinite void 
beneath his feet; those were the times when he would run wildly, trying to find the ground, crashing into invisible things that 
made him bruise and bleed. 

-Louis de Bernieres 

Christopher Stephens 

What can I say about graduating from SMU? Although only having been here a few months it's been a great year and 
these are some of the memories I'll take home with me of 96/97 :- 

1). Fnday nights at John boys' with JG. NA, JM, KP, BE, ER, CN, GB, ST. 

2). Surfing Cadboro bay during the freak Pacific storm! 

3). Snowboarding over Christmas with the boys. 

4). 'With no direction known, and complete unknown, just like a Rolling Stone" 

5). Saturday mornings physically challenged . 

6). Some fine Victonan raves with AS, KH, JG, KP, MB, SF, RW. 

7). Common room fights with the sensei JG and AT, LW, ST, SF 



Sylvia Suen 

Sylvia came to SMUS in Gr. 1 1 straight from Hong Kong. Her first impression to people was a quiet, shy and good girl. 
However, becoming more involved in the Winslow House boarding community.... her wild nature began to reveal itself more 
and more... Don't even come close to her in snow ball fight, you will regret it! She found herself very relaxed and happy 
during choir class in Gr. 1 1 and therefore she practised her vocal skills in her bathroom. Her frequent singing in the 
bathroom shows that she has the potential of becoming a famous and successful singer in the future. Sylvia is a neat freak 
in Gr. 1 1 ... a single speck of dust on the carpet will drive her crazy. Then of course, immediate action will take place and 
you'll see her vacuuming the carpet with great strength and determination. Besides, her sink and shower are always 

sparkling clean! However the situation has changed in Gr. 12 In grade 12, she has become more cheerful and prettier 

too! This is all due to her daily "beauty nap" after school and after prep! She has a tendency to sleep whenever she has 
nothing to do! To her, sleeping is very important! She would like to say thanks to YA (her ex- roommate), SO, OL, SS, YM 
, MH, CS, JL, CL, IW and AH for being so nice to her. Anyways, we will all miss her in the future and her cheerful smile will 
always be her trade mark! Best wishes to you! 


Connie Sze 

Connie (aka On! On! & "inch-fly"), joined Winslow House when she was in grade 10. She changed from being a shy girl to a well- 
respected prefect in her house. Well done! Connie is "always-known-as" a friendly and kind person amongst her buds: SS.KP 
YA.JL.OL.YM.SS.SO.MH, and of course, her roommate, SP, whom she thinks is very cute and sweet. The above are also on Connie's 
list of "tVlahjong Victims " and here's a word of advice to ALL her "mahjong legs": ONLY play with Connie immediately after Thursday 
night, 9pm! Connie is very diligent and can get pretty stressed sometimes, especially during the "exam seasons". Her most frequently 
used phrase during the months of January and June is: "Ngo sei la'", which means "I am sooooo dead!" in English and " Yo estoy 
rendida!'", if you prefer it in espagnol. After having served in the Food Committee last year, Connie decided to have her own "Brown 
Hall" in her very own room! Her daily specials of authentic Chinese delicacies are as follows: MON- Chicken wings with oyster sauce; 
TUES.- Rice with Chinese sausages; WED.- Braised mushrooms with dried scallops; THURS.- Shrimp roe noodles; FRI.- a trip to 
Chinatownli Of course, this schedule rotates )ust like Brown Hall's, To those that are constantly ill: give Connie a call and she will 
deliver hot, steaming porridge to the Infirmary GUARANTEEDi There is no service charge, but tips are always welcome! 

Danny Tang 

"DT" - "Downtown!" "Where are you going after school?" "DT - Downtown! " Everyone called Danny Tang "DT or Downtown' 
He came to SMUS in grade 9 from Hong Kong. He began by learning English in E.S.L. with VLaw, EHung.... Out of his 
memories, Rugby is the best memory for him. He was playing right - wing and a long distant try was always on! Four years 
boarding life in Bolton House, he had so many fun times. Every time on duty, he loves to sing a song to everyone to wake 
them up in the morning. At night, he and VLaw were cooking noodles and did other "THINGS" as usual. He will miss all the 
night time telephone talks with ANg. Finally, he would like to thank Mr. & r\/lrs. Cameron and Mrs Greenwell. Best of luck in 
the future, "DT'i TAKE CARE' 

Irvin Tec 

Irvin <I.T> arrived in SMUS in 1995. Totally new to the concept of boarding (WHAT ?'''''' CURFEW ??!!!!THIS IS A ROOM 
■'"'''). Comin' from the "FINE' city of SINGAPORE. Having a Korean room-mate for the two years he was in SMUS. 

Recalling the first two-weeks, the two questions that would come up, "What's that smell !!???" " What the heck is Kim- 

Chee!!!'"".. "no thanx , I'd rather order Pizza. .!!!"(nothing else but Pizza-Hut). Hey... he never thought boarding would be 
so funliNever forget the times durin' the badminton session. .(to all the past school players." never thought we do it, eh ?? 
HAHa <in your face>) <I.T> being a extreme X-Files freak in the first year would not miss a x-file show for the world 
(fndays 9.00pm)..! What the HECKH!... only two miserable Arcades ■'??!C'^@(!!!! At least he had total domination in 
Daytona USA...INDY 500. ..(the list goes on....)Feel lucky. Punk ???! Then came Grad 12 (then came the pizza-cravin'),.. 
"Brown-hall '' what's that ''" Then comes the time where he has to prepare for World war 3 ... to that dreaded N.S camp. 

Hey. all good things come to an end(always remember that, nothing is free) To all you guys (B.O, B,T, laughing-boy, 

Fly, S.H, Y.H, S.D, K.Y. L.L, DT) keep cool. to my brother ( Kick Butt !!)... & SMOOTH-SAILIN' 

Sarah Thomson 


I came to smu in grade six, and since then Thanks to the memorable moments that have gotten me through: AJ.H- What is 
the secret to the cookie recipe? Flicking chunkers off the pillow at cattle point with AJ.H. and H.G. "No, that's not an old lady 
sprawled on the front doorstep, it's just Hayley." Trips in the V.W.van and Mt. Washington chalets with J.M. Bond girls, 
espressos(this must be a joke!), rumble from the top bunk, bushes, boats, and hair-boy, "La di doo, la di de". "Guys, it smells 
in here". No, not U2! J.C.-my bike's making a funny noise... ( You'll have to excuse the initials and the run of lame inside 
jokes.) "I do not regret the things I have done, but the things I didn't do. "My plans for next year are to go away for a while 
("we shall overcome"), Thanks to all the grads and teachers these six years interesting. 

Gap/ Tonque 

Gary came to Canada during the summer of '85 at the dear age of five as an innocent little English boy and began his 
S.M.U. career in grade 1 . (he was sentenced for life that fall) The memories that followed are ones that will be with him 
forever. Twelve years of happy times and nights filled with great memories and some not so great memories. Other 
nights, well let's just say weren't remembered at all. Memories include G.F streaking the Causeway in his tighty whities 
singing circus tunes, the voluptuous one J.B, four foot mystery dates courtesy of D.D. Some interesting nights spent with 
G.G, J,V, and D,S and as for C.G and L.W, that will never be forgotten or forgiven. There was never anything like a quiet 
Saturday night hockey game with E.C. As for K.L. my little B.R. you know where you will always be, S.S.I.M.H. p.s. 
What?.. ..Nothing! On the athletic front Gary was successful on the rugby field most of all, attempted soccer and basketball 
but Gary was never quite cut out for either. He found much more success on the old hockey rink and on the baseball 
diamond. Gary leaves this humble establishment with an abundance of knowledge in many subjects for which he thanks 
his teachers. He has also experienced many important aspects of life for which he thanks his friends. 
- Peace I'm outta here. 


Borden Tseng 

Borden came to SMUS in 1994. Nicknamed the "ICEMAN" from Taiwan. Determined to be ttie coolest person in school 
His love for Japanese food has led him all over Victona and Vancouver for the Ultimate Japanese restaurant. Has he foun 
It yet ■'?? He also has a strange craving for Starbucks Coffee... Extra strong!!! His love for Badminton has driven him for 

world domination over all badminton players !! Basket-ball-Freak! He sleeps with his basketball.! What's the purpose of 

spares????";" "SLEEP!! Of course!" ... this sleeping beauty spends hours in his bed... during spares...! Another habit of 

B.T is punishin' C.Y !! getting straight A's since grade 11.. ..Borden is athletic, humorous... basically unique.... in his own 

way !!!!!!!!!!!n!!! He is planning to study architecture in the United States in the future. Special thanx to those good 

friends including David Tseng, Irvin Teo, Alan Chan, Cosmos Yeh. Chris Tse, and all the others. 



Matthew Turner 

5 long years at Smus have racked up so memories ifs hard to cap 'em all up a paragraph. Middle school meant chillin with d.w(fever), n.s. r.m 
and latter the legend r.b. K.w was their from the very start and still is 4 life. As they say can't sleep mad. Middle school was up and down but it 
ended with a bang and swoosh eg and I were out of their unharmed. Senior school, grade nine was a long year of learning the hard way. Don't 
face wash gr. 12's. making faces in chapel and writing a letter that all most toasted cw and I's existence. Grade nine will always be remebered 
as tour time. The meeting of the bioys and demonstrating our selves as Canadian coniseurs of many things. Boys=Trouble and their was plenty 
of It like going out to the golf course with Mr. Lucky and getting in way too deep, m.h thanx . E.c was the start of unexplored territory and the 
name rookie really developed it's meaning. Special thanx always goes to to and a.a. Dyre test wholy that must of been a record for me and Corona the magical tropical girl, tall, thin and always a good time. Memones of the boys were always best when meeting at the keg for 
refreshments. Senior years were the best as I could see the end of the tunnel.d.a thanx for all that aqua time at elk lake and I think you owe me a 
slurpee-400m will always be the magic distance. B.B was salvation through the slog memones of camping, maracaibo, car rallies, valentines 
dances, snowboarding, Oct 22 I thinkli and something pesky named j.p. Cw always meant camping, V.Ws and hanging with I'd like to 
thank everyone especially b.b. k.w, cw, d.w. Hawaii 5-0 comes strapped. 

Nicolas Vagvolgyi 

Nine years of riding the school bus just about sums up my life at the school. 
Darek: Rock on. 

Pat Vephula 

The infamous Kulaputt (Pat) Vephula of Bangkok. Thailand came to SMUS three years ago "really enjoying" his stay. Although not 
having any idea what to expect or do, he soon became known for maintaining his OWN style by his own walk, words, clothes and 
music. Although not involving himself and never staying on campus after school, he somehow became recognized by everyone for 
maintaining his funky hairstyle, consistently trying to have more bottles of cologne than anyone else, continuing his weekend routine for 
the last three years, and for his unmatched pool skills (to Bui and Chu, you know I'm da best!!). Dunng his stay at Harvey House, the 
people that knew him usually had one question on their mind: "Yo Pat! Do you have new ones?" He soon took over Saitoman's "Ego" 
making it even larger by looking at the mirror for hours and no one will ever forget his philosophies on women and life. He will always 
remember hanging out with the Old Crew - Sach, T, Domino. Chu, Flip, Flavio, Danny, and Henry ~ I'll never forget ya! Especially to Ris, 
thanks for everything you've done for me and for the good times we had. Yet at the same time he will never forget the New crew - 
LEM, MO, FLY, VAS, Kevin, U-Kawa, Dave, Lance, and Ese Nen, - it's been a long cool nde. To the Koreans - JHK, JWK, and KTK 
and to the Cantonese - D-Tang and Gordon. I'd like to recognize the Grad of 96' - Saito, Vincent, Bui, and Ese Campos. Finally to 
LEM, MO, and FLY, you know I'm Da Man!! 

Jeffrey Vertes 

Jeff spent a prominent two years at St. Michaels from which he will most remember the signed - out weekends spent with 
the boys, rugby seasons/tour, the points competition with G.G , Johnny Utah's house was useful, Bowmans party , acting/ 

grease, the very eventful car ralley's - " We lay pipe ", end of an era. Whistler Spring Break , the long vacations, and 

laying pipe at cast parties. 

Thanks to my broker G,G, J.BIowman .Conjur Man Dan, Double D, CM.. G. Fedork, Eddy.F, and Gay-T for all the good 

times. The snow cack was cool. 

Peace to all the nickel and dimers as I roll by in my NSX, 

Good luck runnin the school O.K., T,S, M,D, S,T, It's all good !!! 

I came , I saw , I conquered!!!!! 

Hollywood here I come!!! See ya in the movies!!!! 


Ivan Wan 

From grade 8 to 1 2, Ivan has been a "boarder-lifer" in SMU. And although he never really got down to school work like he is suppose to. 
he got through the years with more than he needs. Sports; from Basketball in the winter to Rugby in the spring. Musical; from playing the 
trumpet at 7:30 a.m. to choral singing 'The Lord's Prayer" in Chapel. Leadership; from Head of Harvey House to Day Prefect... all of 
which Ivan gained in SMU from day one to graduation. Relentless, determined, and hard working are what he is made out of. Many fun 
times with D.E.I.V, (Danny Tang, Eric Hung, Ivan Wan, Vince Law) for 4 years, from Sliver Stars (2 days ski - 3 days rest) to the rugby 
field, too bad it didn't make out at grad. Will remember roommates Henry W., Luis C, and Dan S.. Special thanks to Bruce K., Ted A., 
the Jones, and the Johnsons, whose helped Ivan through hard time and shared special memories. Basketball motto: "Offence wins 
games, defence wins Championships!" "Dream Senior-B-ball-starting-line-up": Hsu Ming Hung, Ivan Wan, Jo Ng, Ji Hoon, and Shingo. 
Never forget England-Scotland rugby tour with Wilson Chu. Cori L., Joanne P., Donna L, David L.,TomT., Mark H., Michelle H., Sylvia 
S., Sze On-On. Yvonne A.. Susan S., Vanessa Y.. Josh W., the Js' brothers. Sunny K.. Martin J., Chris L.. Carol W., Simon L., and Mark 
Y. are all good buddies. God-sister Andrea Sam is always there when needed the most. Will always, ALWAYS remember Mellissa 
Wong. Quote from an infamous person : "If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail!" 

Lorelei Way 

And how nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. -Genesis 1 1 :6 

Jessica White 


-Stephen Jesse Bernstein 

Lauren Wilkinson 

3 years of boarding - 1 ain't sane no more. Electric Jello. Eager Beavers. Complaints of pictures in llie van. Take me home and eai me Dark of the 
Moon, Cream soda crush Common room. Aliens everywhere Brown Hall's grilled cheese sandwiches, I feel the need, I feel the need for speed. We 
were |ust buying eggs er pumpkins Hair dye Tea time Dirty photography Gacabaldi I survived the road to Hana I really think I should have gone to 
bed tonight, but just one drink and there's some people to meet, 1010 View If you think you're tired now )ust wait until 3 The night is young Channel 
75, There are some bad people on the rise. Trash Rock on Andy Gyro V\/illows Because she's the cheese and I'm the macaroni. Don't you even go 
there. Water bottles, Ernest The reservoir, I'm a jock. Panic Gargoyles, IVIy So-Called Life, I see your true colors and that's why I love you Walks to 
freeman before brunch Where has my Chris gone'^ Now you're here, now you're away, Snookums and Poops, I've been waiting too long, Edmonton 
Zoo I've been looking so long at my pictures of you that I almost believe that they're real Executive House, Lay pipe Jenny, Jenny who can I turn to':' 
867-5309 Don't give it to her, you gotta give it to me I'm Casper, the dopest ghost in town Obsessed Little boys, Paralizers Cabo San Lucas, The 
Cabin Port Alberni Bunk, We're flipping. Crash Band way too early, GGG aka big kid. E-mail Romance novels. New Wave Hookers 2, Hot dogs at the 
movies and bowling alley. We will smoke the pipe and there will be no lies between us Hi Cop Karatacise Walk through the arrows and jump over the 
speed bumps Bust a move Crimped Hair, Poodle Gang, Thank God it's Friday, I've been a bad reggtn I can be a man in motion all I need is a pair of 
wheels I can't tell the difference between 5 and 10, Hound Dog. Black Russian. Nukchu. Punkys. When the luck is gone, the brain is shot, the liquor we ^ 
still got. Remember me and smile. 

Richard Williams 

"If there is a God, I'm really sorry, all I ever wanted to do was row 
m the river like Suzie Q. or maybe be a cow (cause they're coot), 
yell 'ricola' at the top of my lungs, pop an Ecky and just live." 

Rich Williams 


Keir Wilmui 

It has been 12 years since I first arrived at the Junior school and looking back, a lot of things have changed. Obviously, I have grown up . i 

body at least you can decide if I have in mind!), and my circle of friends has changed many times. When I look at the Grade one kids 

today, It is hard for me to believe that I was once that small. I was once so foolish and gullible (hehehe). and that I once looked that cute n 
those little gray shorts. But I would like to think that I have not changed completely. I hope that there still exists in me a bit of that wide- 
eyed innocence and carefree jubilance that all the Grade ones seem to have. I hope that I still don't take myself or life too seriously — after 
all. they're both pretty bizarre when you really examine them. And of course. I hope I never get to the point where I can't enjoy a good 
game of kissing tag now and again . ) When I look back 12 years from now. what will I want to keep from whom I am today? I have 
confidence that I'll still love to slack, still be a helpless and obsessive flirt, and that I'll be equally cheesy. Maybe III even figure out how to 

talk a bit less and listen a bit more, I certainly hope that I'll always remain sassy but at the same time, strangely _irreverent_. However. 

no matter what happens. I'm sure that even 50 years from now I'll still have a smile on my face and a bit of that Grade 1 immatunty left in 
me. How can one condense 12 years of life into one 332-word yearbook write-up? Everyone else seems to love quotes so hey, who am I to 
buck the trend? 
"I wonder if I'll be held responsible for this?" — Lucas, Empire Records Good-bye everyone. I'll miss you all. Love Keir, your Euro-stud. 

Amanda Wilson 

"He w/ho does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words" 
-E. Hubbard 

David Wilson 

Starting SMU in grade one enforced a prep root upon myself. This in addition with watching too many 80's movies and 
sitcoms inspired me to bring back the "Brat Pack". Snowboarding, rock climbing, mountaineering and kayaking inspired 
me to work a little harder, get into a good school and live the rest of my life trying to "work less and get paid more" - IB. As 
long as you have the fever you'll never be a basket weaver. 

Mellissa Wong 

Ah Mo tirst came to SMU in grade 1 1 . and the first thing that fascinated her was a certain basketball player. I,W. In no time, she fell into the river of love with her 

basketball idol and had devoted herself to 'The Greatest l^an in Wan's World", Memorable moments:Ws basketball.Ws b-ball games.Ws b-ball sweatshirt.Ws 

roses.W's phone call every night (sigh) 

Mellissa's extraordinary life style. Ah IVIo is known as the racoon in Timmis, After light's out. she would work with all her glow-in-the-dark stalionenes. Considerate girl 

always lip toe at mid-night. not to wake the dead, never thought of avenging the underground musicians (J.H,. D.S.) who woke both her and her roommate up early 

in the morning and would never shut up when they re studying. She's a mid-night chef and she sen/es her fnend in her sexy underwear Weekends' night are feasts 

and mah)ong game with Mel's Ah Moe. Maggie. Carol and Amy 

Her attitude in class Mo's unique way of teaming in class hasn't been approved by teachers yet. She listens in class with her eyes shut. Like an enlightened Buddah. 

she's able to absorb knowledge and yet her face shows an expression of calm peace Sometimes when she's attending in the Gardin. you might see her watering 

her notes, hoping speciation will occur, but it resuNed in a puddle everytime To all the house-parents and teachers, "her grade was not affected " 

Inside story Insane lion throwing snowball at the clueless ewe in the snowball fight. 

Special thanks to the people who were there for her when she's upset and tried their best to cheer her up at times that were most needed (though all failed to 


Thanks to her patient roommates. M.P . S.F.. R.N., J.C., and all her friends, especially Ah Moe (A.N.), and last but not least 'I.W, is the greatest'. And love to her 

sister, and all her fnends on the third floor of Timmis. 

Love to all and good luck in the future. 

Kathryn Wynn 

Kath was let into SMU in 1989 on probation ...her school in Ottawa didn't teach her how to pass pnvate school entrance exams. One year at the 
Junior School and Robin. Rachel and the viola girls whipped me into shape. The middle school brought group movies, bad hair days, skinny 
dipping at Arbutus cove and some girl outside of Pezzazz that looks like the other hooker from Pretty Woman. Grade 8 at the new MS 
introduced endless lunchtime loafing on the field with the girls and all the old boys: Jo dumbo. Luis Tequila. Bush. Cam. A tnp to California gave 
birth to Skin — angel, peepshow. keep creating. 

Thanks to the moor I met the second biggest butt. Michelle — always wonderful, remember to stay awake an extra half hour and someday I'll 
have a hammock that will remind me of you. Desolation with these crazies; a boat. Sir Turtle, enya and something beautiful. Cayman 94 filled 
with memones; rolling in the sand, time capsule (can't wait), where is my head and look at those f&#@ing lions''!' Mother nature will never 
forget nightswimming ( the blue dye-night (thanks Whit) and 2 flooded toilets, the cooler girls, mudbaths— the lighthouse (oops), 
Jen Ford's smiles, fuzzy wuzzy carpets ( two punks and a South Afncan at Goldstream. Casey — the Alanys van, my ultimate 
embarrassment (SSI,H20,nice dinner); Mana — thanks for your watch, your speedy voice and SS on SSI; pumpkinfest 96, Grabba Jabba — 
how come I always get the early Saturday a.m. shiffi' Always go inside. Polar Ice. 2 fnends, a brother, a sister— 3days— one lake. Becks — 
you're the best driver I know (sorry about the volvo Matt). If I can't tell you in person in Japan, don't forget grass and spaghetti on the beach. To 
the bball giris. ..good luck; you're all so beautiful (even with I'ambiance at KR's T). Ciao bellas. 

To Matt — It began in OshKoshb'Gosh on a rock. The scar will always be there, me too. The lake — my haven. Mom. dad and Jo — I love you. 
Live life, love life, absorb everything. The packing's been great... see you at the next stop. 


Vanessa Yang 

I ve accomplished more then I bargained for here at SMUS. I've met Michael Jackson, been skinned in math, but what is a grumit? It all 
started off with walk and talks with DA. So how did I get my sleeping bag phobia? Then on to the fields of gold . , , the senior school. 
It's so cute I can eat it. Who knew life could exist after the middle school? Let's give a polite "Word up to the Hommies of yesterday". 
Grade 11 and 12 are defined as life after Blanca's party, this was where it all began. Squeeze me Luis, LW, you are so slick, so 
come on baby light my fire! CJ Dried pork? 'I keep away from that run-around toei" JW are you weanng any panties'' Whatever AC, 
Loser, why don't you get a life girl! Ooooh weeee she's sooo fine! I love CA 4EVA! JF whether it's on a chair, under the table, or in the 
chem. lab, |ust remember, you are wonderful and loved, MD, come to my seminar, and you can have all this! Onentica! Beautiful, 
beautiful, beautiful . . . beautiful JD. But hey, it's just a |ob. RE you are my sunshine, may all your dreams come true. Hey! Stonze, 
Girlfriend' What Happened? Who needs ID when there's heaven "J To the A.O,S crew hats off to T.L.W. ! Boom, boom, cause it's good 
pain, and not bad pain, Jeremy speaks, pizzaman delivers, and we all love our calendar boy, but who's Walter'' B4 I 4GET! Thank you 
Mom for being more than just a mom. Dad for your support and patience. And to all those who made SMUS an unforgettable 
experience I will never forget you! I love you all, 
PS. I'll see you in Mexico when I retire' 


Ken Yeh, (AKA Andy-Dragon-DuyLo-SDF worshiper) came to SMUS in Grade 10, and sailed thru grade 12 with 

procrastination . He acts like a "dailo", but he is really a young , innocent child ". He'll always remember making fun 

of the Su man, licking SDF's shoes, and "interneting Die-low" with FYMA, and "whazup-ing" Da Tree, Andy will 
continue hanging around at Yaohan Center, searching for more ramen,,,, (breakfast, lunch, dinner, late-night), and be a 
BIG 'brother" to all fellow Taiwanese (boys & girls, of course!). Andy's wishes to become either a singer (yeah right!), 

or an engineer. His sense of presence will always be remembered at SMUS (and also St, Margaret's for weird 



What a year!! Following on the terrific accomplishments of 1995-96 (two 
BC championships), the school went one better this time round with an amazing 
three provincial titles. In early November, by virtue of a 1-0 win over Collingwood, 
the Senior Girls Field Hockey squad successfully defended their BC crown, while, 
in March in Port Alberni, the Junior Boys Basketball group capped a dominating 
34-2 campaign with a convincing victory over Brookswood in the provincial title 
game. Then, at somewhat long odds, on the final Saturday of May, the 1st XV, 
by defeating Shawnigan 27-17 in the final, joined the 1991 and 1992 teams as 
BC Rugby champions. 

There were numerous other successes as well. A great number of athletes again represented the 
school in some 15 sports. Both the Senior Girls and Boys Soccer teams came within a goal of reaching 
the provincial Final Fours, and, under the direction of Mr. Dave Fisher, there was a continued revival 
of cricket. The Tennis team defied the odds to place 4th at the BC Tournament, and the Senior Girls 
Basketball squad, in its first year in the AAA ranks reached the Island final and then provincial 
championships. Likewise, an overachieving band of Cross Country runners also reached the BCs. 

With both the New and Old Gyms operating efficiently, and with the surface of the playing fields 
continuing to improve, scheduling for both PE and Athletics was again much simpler than in past years. 

Many kudos must go to a talented group of coaches, who once more went well beyond the call of duty 
to produce quality players and teams. Likewise, thanks to all the support staff personnel who toiled so 
unselfishly behind the scenes. 

To the graduates, thank you and best of luck in the future. To those returning, continue the high 
traditions set by those who have gone before you. 

Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay 

SMUS Athletic Director 

Mr Bruce Kuklinski 

Ms. Kim Poland 


Ms. Judy Tobacco 
Head of P.E. 






=fi:Tn =^V f^N/ ^11 ^tJ 




// ^iiti 

B.R: C.Wong, J.Goldstein, J.Williams, A.Lin, D.Tseng, Miss. Jane Hannan 

F.R: M.Hau. J.Hatton, M.Miller, D.Lee, C.Jones 

Missing: I.Teo, B.Tseng, S.Desember, N.Chng, R.Knott. G.Chan, A,Ng, A.Weng, C. Wilson. T, Johnson, C.Tse, 

G.Cheung, M.Wong, Mr Peter Gardiner 




B.R.: K. Morin, Mr. Mike Shaw, C. Kilshaw, K Simon, J. Gainor, R. Greenwood, R. Jennings, Mr. Ted Anderson 
F.R.: J. Lam, T. Street, M. Wighton, C. Clark, D. Boticki, J. Reeve. 


It was quite a year. Despite considerable preseason pressure and expectations, the team met all challenges in winning 34 of 36 games, and all 
seven tournaments entered including the BC Invitational in mid March in Port Alberni. 

The squad, a number of whom had suffered through a disappointing season a year before, had talent, size and depth, and put all of these 
characteristics to good use throughout. The only two games lost were to perennial rival Vancouver College in early December, and then in league 
play to Claremont. This latter defeat was balanced by three sound victories over the same opponent in tournament action, while the hoped for 
rematch with College never materialized as the Mainlanders were upset by St. Thomas More in a local playoff, and so never reached the provincial 

Through the season, point guard Danny Boticki solidified his position as one of the elite U16 players in BC with a series of commanding 
performances, and was named BC Tournament MVP in Port Alberni. Also in the backcourt. Cam Clark added much improved shooting to his usual 
fine passing and heads up play, while 6'5" posts Jon Gainor and Richard Greenwood, with their all round ability, gave all opposition matchup 
difficulties. Rounding out the starting five was newcomer Mike Wighton, who, while struggling at times offensively, was a fit and tenacious 

Off the bench, posts Kevin Simon and Craig Kilshaw were invariably competitive and effective, with guards Milan Mrdjenovich and Tim Street 
equally able. Grade 9 Jason Reeve was plagued by illness much of the year, but contributed on many occasions with his sound shooting, and Josh 
Lam improved out of all proportion. Finally. 6'4" post Ryan Jennings also was making a telling contnbution before succumbing to injury in early 

Thanks also to manager Kevin Morin for all his hard work, and, of course to co coaches Mike Shaw and Mischa Greenwood, who had as much 
to do with the success of the team as any of the players. 

Next year will bring new challenges to the players moving to the Senior ranks, as they become part of a squad which should again be in 
provincial title contention. 

-Mr. Ted Anderson 



B.R.: Mrs. Jean Ives. M. Henri-Bhargava. J. Thompson. K. Byrne. C Adair, V. Gamache, K. Watson, N. Lisinski, 

Ms. Kim Poland 

F.R.; S. Loiacono, J. Jennings. S. Turner, E. Jawl, C. Somerset, R. Stackhouse, O. Ibell 

It was definitely a season of ups and downs. Plagued by extreme inexperience and, not surprisingly, inconsistent 
perimeter play, the team competed very well to be one basket away from qualifying for the Island Tournament. 

All the players improved, with posts Kat Watson , Vania Gamache and Krystal O'Byrne all good enough to move up a 
thin depth Senior squad at season's end. Of the others, Sarah Turner, Carly Somerset, and Jessa Jennings all were 
prone to mistake under pressure, but did enough to suggest all will be solid players in ther future. 

Many thanks to 1996 alumnus Ms. Roxanne Boult for her many hours of coaching, and also to team sponsor Mrs. Jean 

Hopefully, the crucial lessons about commitment and constant practice will have been learned for future seasons. Best 
of luck. 

Ms. Kim Poland 

B. R. : Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay, S. Romanchuk, T. Spicer, S.Kim, N. Millar. S. Tate, A. Dowhy, J. Lee, B. Johnson, Mr. Bill Greenwell. 
F.R. C. Noel, E. Fairhurst, S. Hirao, G. Gibbons, I. Wan, R. Yukawa, M. Danskin, 

It was never going to be the easiest of seasons, as a young and inexperienced squad battled through a trying year. A final record of 10-19 was the 
school's poorest in a decade, and for the first time in that period, the team failed to reach the Island AAA tournament. 

However, despite inconsistent play and the disappointment of the final week, much progress was, in fact, made. Indeed, all the players are to 
be commended from recovering from the wreckage of a 2-10 pre Christmas record, which included an 0-2 start in league, and a desperate 
performance in the Dover Bay Tournament, in which the group looked about as far away from a legitimate AAA basketball team as it was possible 
to be. Indeed, the group then bounced back to win six of eleven league games in the New Year, and was in contention for Island qualification until 
the final play day of the season. 

Not surprisingly, the starting five, for a whole variety of reasons was never settled, though guards Chris Noel and Shingo Hirao, the latter our 
most dangerous scorer and therefore heavily guarded all year, saw the majority of action. Ed Fairhurst, who though limited by poor shooting 
mechanics, did many other thins well, was the 3 man. with Grade lis Nate l^illar and Steve Tate in the post. Off the bench, when healthy, Tye 
Spicer was a streaky scorer, and Ryota Yukawa a good ballhandler. Up front, Steve Romanchuk was never hesitant to do the blue collar work, 
while Glen Gibbons, after a very slow start to the season, played some good stretches. Also, Mike Danskin, Adam Dowhy, Ivan Wan and Sunny 
Kim practiced hard throughout and made the most of playing opportunities. 

The highlight of the season was a dramatic, come from behind 71-67 win over Mi. Douglas (who went on to finish 9th in BC). Perhaps the 
turning point (the wrong way) came in the Police Tournament in early February, when, after playing extremely well against a talented Carihi outfit, 
the team frittered away a ten point lead to lose 65-62. The players seemed never to recover from this reverse, and two crucial league games 
against Parkland and Spectrum subsequently went a begging. 

Thanks to all the players, and to manager Ben Johnson, for sticking doggedly to the task. Thanks also to a band of scorekeepers, led by Chris 
Stolarski, who covered so many games so effortlessly. 

To those returning, prepare to be under the microscope once again, as with an influx of talented juniors, the team should again be in Island 
and provincial contention. 

-IVIr. Ian Hyde-Lay 
-tvlr. Bill Greenwell 


B.R.: Ml. Gaiy Laidldvv, D l. - •_: -. lan, K. Lobb, K. Larsen, J. Nash 
F.R.: D. Age, K.Kerr, C. Jones, K. Wynn, C. Atchley. 

It was with some trepidation that the team moved up to the AAA ranks this season, as much to guarantee a solid schedule as for any other 
reason. In the end, it proved a good decision as the team won a number of key games at the right times en route to finishing 2nd on the Island and 
reaching the BC Tournament. 

Among the best performances of the year were a 64-61 loss to then provincially #2 ranked Hentage Park, and, having lost twice by a single 
point to archrival Mt. Douglas, turning the tables on them 59-56 in the City playoffs to virtually ensure BC qualification. Then, in the Island final 
against Lambrick Park, a spirited effort had the team leading early in the fourth quarter before fading away to lose 57-47. 

The main disappointment of the year came at the BCs, where it seemed many of the players (the notable exceptions being Kristina Kerr and 
Carys Jones) were either very tentative or happy just to have qualified. A first round matchup with Heritage Park should have been a closely 
contested affair, but a general hesitancy resulted in a 20+ point defeat. Relegated to the consolation round, the team won just one of the three 
remaining games to finish 12th. 

In the starting five, guards Jo Nash and Deanna Age were, when on song, as good as any pair in BC, with the former a solid ballhandler and 
defensive ballhawk, and the latter an excellent outside shooter. Up front, Kim Lobb displayed great athleticism, and should be a star in her senior 
season, while posts Kerr and Emily Clough battled all year against much larger opposition. 

Off the bench. Carys Jones often provided the necessary spark, while Kathryn Wynn was also a thoroughly dependable and versatile per- 
former. Kanoux Larsen. Coille Atchley. and Donna Lee did not receive much opportunity in games due to the difficult nature of the schedule, but 
all improved and are to commended for their contributions. Likewise, Kathryn Watson. Vania Gamache and Krystal O'Byrne all played a good role 
when moved up on completion of their Junior season. 

IVIy thanks to all the players, to assistant coaches Ms. Sue Tomio and Mr. Brian Chang, and to manager Carol Lewis. Most of all, the sincere 
gratitude of everyone must be extended to Mr, Gary Laidlaw, who as the team GM looked after so capably a myriad of off court affairs. 

Best of luck next year to all. 

-Ms. Tara Galloway 

The inaugural season of Bowling proved to be a great success. Though largely inexperienced, the tean' 
eventually improved the strikes to gutterballs ratio, and with 24 competitors, far outdistanced all rival 
schools in terms of participation. 

Following the regular season, the team of Chris Lau, Charles Huang and Yusuf Harsono qualified for 
the City Tournament, while the girls also contributed splendidly. Indeed, on an individual basis, Susan 
Sin, Olivia Limbu and Stephanie Anderson all figured prominently. 

Further congratulations to Colleen Saffrey who won an Optimist Club of Victoria scholarship. 

Continued good luck to all next year. 

Ir. Chuck Shergold 


BR: Brian Moss, Graham Snowden, Greg Fowler, Rebecca Sheng 
F.R: Ms. Judy Tobacco, Mike Wighton, Jamie Saunders. Heather Orr 

The 1997 season featured a young and initially inexperienced team. However, with much hard work 
and countless practices, in a variety of inclement weather conditions, the squad advanced its cardio- 
vascular fitness and running techniques to finish with some satisfying results. 

The seven races in the City league provided the opportunity for all the team to compete in a wide 
variety of races. Race sites included treacherous obstacles such as puddles which could have passed 
for small lakes, not to mention gale force winds, snow, sleet, hail, mud, and more mud. 

All age groups faced stiff competition throughout the season, with both the Junior Boys and Girls 
placing third in the City. At the Island level, the Boys gained a fourth place finish, with the Girls in fifth. 
Excellent individual performances were recorded by Heather Orr, Brian Moss, Mike Wighton and 
Jamie Saunders. 
Thanks and congratulations to all those who took part. Best of luck in upcoming seasons. 

-Ms. Judy Tobacco 

r^/Ol iv/ff I IVT- * 

58^4 ^li 5MIJ 


B. R,, Y Nakanishi R Bateman O Alasaly P Frisby, D Wilson, A, Williamson, G. Fowler, P, Gill, G. Wooliams. 
M.R.iL. Wey, T. Ueda.G. Tse, Mariko Miller, M. Turner, G. Cheung, C.Yeh, D. Tang, C. Lau, Ms. Judy Tobacco 
F.R.: R. Yukawa, A. Wong, J. Chiu, M. Berg, M. Wighton, A. Lin, V. Lau, D. Tseng, L. Lee. 

Two main factors made the 1996 team very successful, as commitment to practice and races allied with 
great depth resulted in tremendous individual and team improvement. 

The boys squad of 24 runners finished a strong third in the City competition, and them, in the ultra tough 
Island meet, ran exceptionally well to place 4th. Fine performances were recorded by Mike Wighton, 
Dave Wilson, Rob Bateman, Yoshi Nakanishi, Chris Lau, Andrew Williamson , Alan Lin and Pat Gill. 
This group, competing in a provinicial field of over 350 runners, then again did well to finish 15th overall 
in the BC meet. 

Next year's goals will include fielding a consistently strong girls team and again securing a berth to the 
provincial meet. The relative youth of this season's group, combined to some talented Junior racers, 
should be a recipe for success. 
Thank you to all for a tremendous effort. 

-Ms. Judy Tobacco 


B.R: C.Murdoch, E.CIough, M.Wilson, D.Beswick, N.Arnett, L.Burnett, J.Gordon, D.Weir, W.Davis, J.Bowman, J.Hudson, 

C.Stephens, P.Fhsby, B.Soderberg 

M.R; L.Wong, C. Linger, R.Chung. J.Chung, J.Wong, D.Lee, B. Parsons, T.Chadha, E.Findlay, A. McVie, N.Vagvolgyi, 

V.Drohomirecki, R.Munroe, C.James 

F.R: Miss. Jane Hannan, K.Nundy, S.Chan, G.Koo, N.Chng, R.Chambers, A.Wilson, T.Louman-Gard, M.Johnson, E.Calder, 

Mr. David Fisher 

Happily, it has been a terrific season for cricket at SMUS this year, as some 55 students (including 15 girls) took the oppor- 
tunity to play. 

Though the win-loss record (particularly in the "Mid-Week" competition) was jeopardized to a large degree by the decision to 
involve equally, as much as possible, all team members, this was a positive decision. Indeed, it was very pleasing to note 
how all players' skills developed rapidly over the twelve developmental games. Nonetheless, several excellent individual 
batting performances were recorded by, among others, Danny Boticki, Joel Bowman, Pat Frisby, Nick Vagvolgyi, Victor 
Drohomerecki, Nick Chng and David Ingle. On the bowling front, Emily Clough, Ryan Munroe, Sina Noureddin, Bryce 
Soderberg and particularly Mahat Johnson proved effective. 

Of note were the two all girls encounters vs the VDCA women, two Junior (U15) vs St. Georges, and a 2nd XI game against 
Stelly's. Unfortunately, both scheduled 1st XI matches vs St. Georges were rained out. 

The Alumni game, played May 1 1 , was very exciting. Unfortunately, inconsistent fielding and several dropped catches 
allowed the Alumni, led by Mr. Jeremy Goodwin's 53 to reach 162-7 declared. Despite a spirited 24 from both Matt Turner 
and Grade 8 Glenn Roberts, the 1st XI was soon 87-8, before a superb rearguard action by Drohomerecki (36) and 
Vagvolgyi (20 not out) almost pulled the game out of the fire. 

To finish, the match vs the Staff XI was also very entertaining, though some rash batting by the top of the order put the team 
in a hole at 28-6. Fortunately, another great stand, this time from Vagvolgyi and Johnson, allowed the 1st XI to reach 108 
from the allotted 23 overs. This total, however, was unlikely to ever be enough, and so it proved. Mr. Grenfell Featherstone, 
in his last match for the Staff, opened with a series of crushing boundaries, leading the way to a comfortable six wicket 

Thanks to all who took part for a most enjoyable season 
-Mr. David Fisher 


This page is sponsored by Dr. Alan E. Johnson 

B.R; Mr. Alan Jones, Mr. Bill Buckingham, Russ Morton, Ben Acton, Nathan Millar, Michelle Phipps, 
F.R; Clare Hall-Patch, Kentaro Guthrie, Evan Crawford, Genny Burdett, Mr.Mike Ison 

Larry Borgerson 

The sport continued its growth in popularity on Vancouver Island, and now draws a very high number of partici- 
pants. This year, in both the Junior Girts and Boys leagues, there was a healthy increase in nders, which made for 
much toughe. competition. 

The entire SMUS team was comprised of first year riders, who, did remarkably well. In the five race Girts senes, 
Clare Hall-Patch and Genny Burdett, who finished fourth and fifth respectively, rode aggressively against some of 
the best young cyclists in the province. On the Junior Boys side, Evan Crawford, Ben Acton and Kentaro Guthne 
learned a great deal which will stand them in good stead in the future. Combined, the two teams placed 8th out of 17 

In the Senior Boys, Nathan Miller, through his determination, consistency and technical ability, placed seventh 
overall and was named team rider of the year. An overall 3rd place continued the school's strong pertormance in the 
Senior category. 

Special thanks to Mr. Mike Ison, who helped as team trainer, and to Mr. Larry Borgerson, who acted as team 
manager and provided excellent first aid to all in the league. 

Mr. Alan Jones 
Mr. Bill Buckingham 


B.R.: C. Somerset, S.Gill. K. Barry, E. JawLS. Loiacono 

M.R.: L. Chilton, D. Klaibert, C. Adair, O. Ibell, K. Nordlund, Ms, Kim Poland 

F.R.: J. Jennings, J. Inkster, S. Wilson, C. Reid, H. Orr 

Minus all star goalie Kim Smith, on loan to the BC champion Senior team, and with only a few other returnees, the Junior 
squad did superbly well all season to finish 1st in the City league, 2nd in the ISA Tournament, and 4th on the Island. 

Captain Olivia Ibell set a terrific example all season, while the tactical nous of Charlotte Reid and goalscoring abilities of 
Sabrina Loiacono were always well to the fore. Sarah Wilson proved to be a tremendous fond in goal, while Lohen Chilton 
and Carly Somerset both were solid throughout. 

Special thanks to Ms. Alison Hunter, ex UVIC Vike, whose time, experience, competitiveness and coaching expertise 
were greatly appreciated. 

Best of luck to all next year. 

Ms. Kim Poland 


B.R.: J. Reed, K. Lobb, C. Lewis, E. Huddart, C. Wenman, K. Cox, C. Jones 

M.R.: Mr. J. Hunt, R. Mavnkos, G. Burdett, J. White, R. Gardiner, K. Kerr, D. Age, Mrs. N. Mollenhauer, W. Davis 

F.R.: J. Daniel, K. Smith, C. Yeates 


No doubt this short synopsis will do no justice to the 1 996 team, which, under great pressure, managed the difficult task of repeating as BC AA 
Champions. The team received more than a few bumps along the road, suffering several defeats locally before rebounding to win an 11 th straight 
Island title. This accomplished, the players then performed splendidly in Vancouver at the provincials, coming back after a reverse in pool play to 
defeat a talented Collingwood squad 1-0 in the final. 

Co captains Deanna Age and Knstina Kerr set a fine example for the remaining players, and were well supported by the remaining seniors. 
Grade 1 1 striker Kim Lobb was a key part of the attack, while newcomer Kelly Cox had the distinction of finishing off a superb four way passing 
play in scoring the only goal in the BC final. At the back. Grade 10 goalie Kim Smith was rock solid, with no one stop more crucial than a spec- 
tacular toe save late in the same provincial title game. 

Many thanks also to Jeff Hunt for his coaching expertise and commitment. To all the players, congratulations again, and best wishes in all your 
future hockey plans. 

Wear your silver pins proudly!! 

-Ms. Nancy Mollenhauer 

B.R:Mr.John Mclntyre. Eric Hung. Scott McCarten. Chris Holenderski 
F.R: Steve Romanchuk. Blair Nelson. Steve Tate. Michelle Hau 
Missing:Olivia Limbu 

The 1997 season began with great promise as several new students proved to be fine golfers. The 
arrival of Chris Holenderski from Saudi Arabia and Scott McCarten from the Middle School strength- 
ened the team. Unfortunately during the season, some of the older players were unavailable be- 
cause of injuries or other sporting obligations and as a result, the team did not fare well either in the 
Lower Island Tournament or in the I.S.A. Tournament. The team did have an opportunity to salvage 
the season in the Staff-Student Match but the staff proved to be too powerful winning by a score of 
5-2. To Olivia, Michelle. Enc and Blair, who are graduating, and to all the others, I would like to say 
thank you and well done. 

Mr. John Maclntyre 



^^mwiss ^^^^w^^ 

B. R.; A. Holtham, M. Delisle, R. Sin, P. Kim, E. Hung, A. Cooper, C. Mitchell, A. Karchut, L. Wey, J. Wong, J. Coelho, 

L. Winters, M. Henri-Bhargava, S. Hayes, Ms. Jennifer Walinga. 

F.R.: J. Chung, M. Lee. 

The SMUS Rowing team had a most successful debut season on Elk Lake during the fall. After competing in three regattas and 24 overall races, 
all involved had gained tremendous experience, suffered through every type of weather imaginable, learned how to steer (almost!!) and learned 
the ecstasy of "the last 250" and the agony of "over the heads and up." (VIost importantly, all learned the true meaning of teamwork and the 
invaluable lesson of hard work. 

My thanks to all the Grade 12s for their leadership, and best wishes to those returning for another season. Further good luck to those planning 
to continue their careers with the Victoria City Rowing Club in the spring, 

-Ms. Jennifer Walinga 


d ^. 

1 1..* ^ # f ? , , 



McCarten, T. Kokubun, Mr, M. 

B.R.: J. Hung, K. Simon, E. Goldstein. B. Parsons J. Chen, N. Hume, J. Gordon, D Ingle, K. Guthrie, J Ho. J 

M,R.: Mr. C. Spicer, J. Chung, G. Nicholls, M. Passmore, R. Chian, K. Nundy. C. Jung, C. Linger, E. Weng, S 


F.R.: L. Burnett, D. Weir, A. Fairman, C, Teo, T. Johnson, G. Gledhill, M. Ho, K. Chan, I. Wooliams, I. Hayashi, Mr. I. Hyde-Lay 

Few school teams in recent seasons have experienced such as astonishing turnaround in their fortunes as that 
achieved by this year's 9A XV. Following substantial defeats in the opening games vs St. Georges and Brentwood, 
even the most ardent supporter could be forgiven for wondering if the group had embarked upon a tryless season. 
Fortunately, such dire predictions proved unfounded. A renewal of commitment, together with a determination to 
improve skill levels, led to a resurgence of the team's fortunes. 

The turning point of the season, a splendid try scored in the opening minute of the home game against Brentwood, 
provided the confidence and stamina to sustain the necessary effort until Tyson Johnson's last minute conversion 
sealed a memorable victory. Two wins against Shawnigan then produced the unlikely situation of a possible shared 
ISA championship - if St. Georges could be defeated on their home ground. Victory in Vancouver, however, proved 
not to be - but only just!! Resolute home tackling on their own line denied Jin Hyuk Chung and others a match winning 
try a minute before the final whistle. 

Chung, Kevin Simon, Kentaro Guthrie, and Jonathon Gordon, ably supported by the rest of the fonwards, all had 
excellent seasons. In the back division, Scott McCarten held the defence together with his unflinching tackling, while 
Mike Passmore, with his powerful running, and Itsuki Hayashi, with his deceptive pace and guile, provided the most 
potent attacking options. 

The 9B XV, like their A counterparts, recovered well from a calamitous opening match against St. Georges to 
complete a season of three wins and three losses. David Ingle, Nic Hume and Eric Goldstein formed a solid base for 
the scrum, with Eric Findlay and Andrew Fairman developing into a tidy halfback pairing. The many newcomers to the 
squad, such as Merlin Ho, deserve credit for their consistent enthusiasm and marked improvement. 

Special thanks to Mr. Chns Spicer, for performing miracles in transforming the B group, and to Mr, Ian Hyde-Lay 
for his coaching expertise and explanations of the finer points of Law. 

-Mr. Michael Walsh 

B.R.: Mr. B. Kuklinski, A. Shortt. J- Andrachuk, R. Jennings, D. Hsu. M. Boyd, A. Mildred. C. Kilshaw, E. Larsen, D. Boticki, C. Clark, T. Street, M Mrdjenovlch 
T.R.; Mr. C. Shergold, C. Eun, N. Isaac, L. Rankin, R. Von Schellwit, E. Grant, D. Ishlhara, G. Snowden, R. Dacre, N. Stipp, V. Phetsin, E Herrera, Mr. P. Tongue 
S.R.: J. Preston, T. Davis, J. Owen, R. Chambers, B. Moss, J. Saunders, E. Cheng. S. Chapheau, D. Bartxjur, M. Ritter 
F.R.: S. Wong, L. Lee, K. Monn, H. Yen. M. Su, A. Payne, J. Salcedo 

The 1 996 SMUS Colts Rugby season was undoubtedly a great success for all concerned. Overall 44 players put on the Colts uniform, 1 2 for their very first rugby expenence. In a total 
of 27 games, 1 22 tnes were scored spread t)etween 25 drfferent players. More importantly, the support that each player gave to the whole squad led to a tremendous spirit within the 
group, enabling the Colts tradition to be continued 

The "B" team began their season with an early exhibition win over the Grade 9A side, but lost heavily in their opening Independent School match against St Georges However, 
they bounced back the following week with a convincing victory away at Brentwood, only lor the 9A's to turn the tables in their rematch. The "B" side continued their up and down 
performances with a return 5-5 tie to Brentwood and a lop-sided result away at Shawnigan Lake, but where the team never stopped playing. The "B" squad played well in an exhibition 
game against Lansdowne's top side, only to suffer a further loss to St Georges However, the "B" squad rallied to finish their season with everyone playing in a fine performance and 
sound victory over a weakened Shawnigan side While not wanting to lake any credit away from the whole team effort, the play of captain and scnjmhalf Graeme Snowden, along with 
fellow backs Jon Preston at flyhalf. and Taylor Davis and James Bigwood in the centres does deserve mention. The front-row of Lucas Rankin, Stephan Chapheau, and Nick Issac, 
lock Lawrence Lee, and backrow players Ere Grant and Ryan Jennings also deserve credit. 

Following a pre-season exhibition win over Glenlyon/Norfolk School, and a Greater Victoria league victory over Stellys, the "A" team were a little weary in their opening Indepen- 
dent School fixture against St Georges Nonetheless, they did more than enough to ease out a victory, only to repeat a lethargic first half effort against Claremont. However, a few stem 
half-time words and a refocus of tactics resulted in a solid second half performance and victory The pressure eased somewhat with a blow-out win away at Brentwood, with the team 
now knowing what they were capable of producing. This would be put to test in the next game, an exhibition match against arch-nvals Oak Bay Again, through sticking to the nght 
tactics and playing together, a convincing victory resulted Unfortunately, however, the team lost outstanding flyhalf Danny Boticki with injury for the remainder of the season. A 
readjusted side gained a further league win over Esquimalt, earning the team a well-desen/ed half-term break. 

Gale force winds and torrential ram greeted the "A" side in their league match against Glenlyon/Norfolk School. In such conditions anything can happen but a top second half 
performance into the wind secured a cold yet well-eamed victory The second Brentwood match again proved to be a blow-out win, but enabled the players to become more 
accustomed to some positional changes before the upcoming big matches. The first of these big games was the league encounter with Oak Bay. Both teams were a little wary of each 
other earfy and some scrappy rugby resulted, before the Colts team stretched out to a comfortable win Next up was the away ISA flxture at Shawnigan Lake, a team similarly 
undefeated thus far Pertiaps a little jaded, the "A" side never really got into full gear and gave away some soft tnes to lose by a big margin. However, on the positive side, they never 
stopped playing and did get the final score This was the flrsi ever loss for many in the team and some soul-searching was required, but rather now than later. A repeat closely 
contested away win at St. Georges followed setting the team up well for the Victona playoffs. 

Glenlyon/Norfolk School were the semi-flnal opponents and many quality tnes were scored in a healthy victory to lead the "A" team into a place in the City Final against Oak Bay. 
The cold weather threatened to play a part in proceedings but the ram and wind held off. However, the Colts were unable to hold off Oak Bay for long, and although being ahead earfy 
in the game it was not to be our day A disappointing and unusually error and panic filled effort that needed to be put nght before the Island tournament, and as fate would have it our 
first opponent would be Shawnigan Lake School 

With the belief that a win over Shawnigan would ultimately win the Island title, much strategy and mental preparation went into this rematch to bnng out the best in all of the players. 
Both sides began the game nervously, with the Colts seemingly gaming the upper hand only to allow a late first half try and be down 5-7 at the inten/al. Again after some uncompromis- 
ing words at the break, the Colts went into the second half knowing that they would have to make full use of any sconng opportunities This they duly did with two earfy second half tries, 
before hanging on with great conviction and fervour to gam an upset 19-12 victory over tournament favourites. With much jubilation m the air, the players knew that more tough work 
would needed in the next days. Dover Bay from Nanaimo was the semi-final opponent and the Colts continued their efforts from the previous day, racing out to a big lead to secure a 
place in the Island final against Oak Bay, with a chance to turn the tables and finish #1 The final was played in tnje Canadian conditions with snow drifting in, and the Colts side playing 
some quality fifteen a-side mgby going out to a 1 5-3 lead at the half, and continuing on for a thorough and convincing 25-8 victory to claim the Vancouver Island Junior Boys Rugby 
Championship, last claimed by SMUS in 1990. 

Again, the emphasis on team commitment and dedicafion, as well as fun, skill improvement, increased fitness levels, and a greater understanding of the game of rugby, showed 
itself in the camaradene built up by each team and the Colts spirit as a whole Without wishing to focus on individuals, some do need special menfion. On the stafisfics side, Craig 
Kilshaw was top try scorer with 14, while Tim Street was the points leader with 12 tnes and a further 88 points with his boot Close behind in the try department were Reid Chambers, 
Erik Larsen, and David Hsu with 13, 11, and 9 tnes apiece The whole "A" team fonward pack deserve special menfion, especially the foraging front-row play of hooker John Andrachuk, 
prop An Shortt, lock Matthieu Boyd, flankers Milan Mrdjenovich and Enk Larsen, and number eight Cam Clark. In the backs, the tenacious play of captain and scmmhalf Jason Owen, 
transplanted flyhalf Craig Kilshaw, nght wing Bnan Moss, and fullback Tim Street was always notable 

Congratulafions must also go to John Andrachuk, An Shortt, Cam Clark, Danny Boticki. Reid Chamtjers, Jamie Saunders. Tim Street, and Grade 9's Jonathan Gordon and Kevin 
Simon, who were all selected to the Vancouver Island Independent Schools (SMUS, Shawnigan Lake, Brentwood, GNS) Under 16 team to attend the Higashi-Osaka City's Foundation 
30th Anniversary Junior Rugby Under 1 6 International Fnendship Games in March 1 997 in Osaka, Japan. It is an honour to be selected for such a side, and this inaugural all expenses 
paid tnp in particular, and I know that you will all do the school, your parents, and yourselves proud 

Special thanks to coaches Mr. Peter Tongue and Mr Chuck Shergold for their commitment, enthusiasm and knowledge. Thanks also to parents for your greatly appreciated 
support and encouragement. Finally to all players, thank you for efforts and I wish you the very best in life and in rugby. 

-Mr. Bajce Kuklinski 

B.R.: S. Kim. M.Mrdjenovich, G. Pemberton, J, Gardiner, G. Barry, C Stephens, S Tate. A Dewar, E Kim. E Larsen, A. Jonston 

M.R.; Mr. Peter Tongue. J. Owen. R. Yukawa. P, Kim. E. Mehinagic. S. Romanchuk. O- Alasaly, T. Street, J. Andrachuk. Q. Bregg. R, Chambers, Mr lai. Hyde-Lay 

F.R.: C. Noel. R. Sin, M. Danskin. J. Vertes, D. Sander, E- Fairtiurst, A.Dowhy, H. Lee, R. Munroe. C. Parrot. S. Chapeau 

With tew returnees and limited experience! little was expected from this year's Senior Rugby crew. How wrong one can be! Beginning in early January the 40+ players practiced and trained 
through all weather conditions in search of starting positions. Inter-squad trials soon took place and the teams began to take shape. 

The 2nd XV lacking continuity due to rarely having the same line-up for two straight games, played an up and down series of nine matches. Despite solid efforts against the more athletic 1st 
XV's of Belmont, Stellys. and Dover Bay, losses were recorded as was also the case against the veny strong Lord Byng and Shawnigan Lake 2nd XVs. However, in a three game series with cross- 
town Esqulmalt, top team performances resulted in three victories, with over fifty points being scored in the final encounter Perhaps the season's best peformance came m a one point loss to the 
Carson Graham 2nd XV, where stout defense and youthful enthusiasm showed the way Top performers included Grade 10's An Shortt at hooker, Jason Owen at scrumhalf, and fullback/wing Tim 
Street Likewise props George Pemberton and Sunny Kim, and locks Peter and Eric Kim and Chns Stephens all played well, while newcomers Helmut Lee on the wing, and Joe Gardener and 
Omar Alasaly in the backrow improved markedly Finally centre Andrew Williamson, and wing Matt Turner proved useful attackers. 

With limited expectations, the 1st XV began the season with promising exhibition results over GP Vanier, GNS. Dover Bay, Parkland, and the visiting Father Bressani school from Ontario. 
However, twenty-two points down in fifteen minutes against arch rival Oak Bay was not the best way to start the annual "Boot Game" Vet the team fought back bravely and finished strongly to 
score at the final whistle, only to fall 25-24. leaving much to ponder over spnng break. 

Immediately upon return, the 1st XV opened against Semiahmoo in the inaugural BC Premier Senes, a competition involving nine of the top sides in the province In a low-sconng affair, the 
odd fortuitous bounce and a last second Ed Fairhurst penalty produced a 10-8 win With the next few weeks certain to set the tone for the remainder ot the season, some very hard work was done, 
including the all-important Mt Tolmie hill sessions, and post-game video evaluations. A confidence building Premier victory over Earl l^arnott led the team into a clash with then #1 ranked Carson 
Graham Direct forward play and aggressive defense resulted in a resounding 22-13 win. With some starters resting and reserves getting a needed run, a victory was then achieved in the 
Lower Island competition over Belmont 

Two Premier Series games followed In the wet. behind Fairhurst's 31 points, the team defeated Magee. before a lop-of-the-table clash with Lord Byng Points came early and by half-time the 
1st XV led by 20 points The patterns of play and discipline faltered in the second half, and as the gap closed and the pressure mounted, the mistakes began to proliferate. With two minutes to 
play, Byng scored for a deserving win 27-23 This defeat provided imponant lessons, and in many ways was directly responsible for later successes 

Amidst the heavy schedule came the BC Sevens Tournament With |ust a few days preparation, the squad showed well in its pool wins over Robert Bateman. Cowichan, and Magee. The 
second day playoff games provided much sliffer opposition and resulted m losses to Carson Graham and Abbotsford Nevertheless, the tournament had been a more than worthwhile experience 
and was followed by two lop-sided Lower Island victories over Claremont and Mt Doug before the much anticipated rematch with Oak Bay 

There was so little between the two sides that the team making the fewest mistakes would likely gam the upper hand So it proved, as with two SMUS errors, Oak Bay reversed a 6-0 halt- time 
deficit to edge away for a 1 5-6 win Again the lessons were absorbed and some changes made prior to the Alumni Day clash against Shawnigan Lake In front of over 500 fans, the 1 st XV jumped 
out of the blocks paced by ferocious tackling and an Adam Dowhy hat-trick of tries Shawnigan clawed their way back, and a heart-stopping second half saw Shawnigan ahead by 2 points with ten 
minutes remaining With much delight, another late Fairhurst penalty helped snatch a memorable 37-36 victory. 

Claremont was no match in the Lower Island semi-final, setting up a third encounter with Oak Bay, this time for the Howard Russell Cup. Again the first half was a seesaw battle with the team 
ahead 14-7 at the interval. Despite playing into the wind in the second half the players kept the pressure on for a 24-19 win A third place in the BC Premier Series was then secured with a 
resounding 37-5 away win at Abbotsford, After some final tinkering, the BC Tournament loomed large in everyone's sights. 

A big and physical Penticton side were the first opponents at the B C 's. Some slick second half handling produced the tries necessary to pull away for a 29-5 win. This produced a quarter-final 
match with Oak Bay Despite a fast start, the team trailed by 5 points with ten minutes remaining. Not to be outdone, a superb multi-phase try produced a 25-23 win and a spot against Lord Byng in 
the semi-final. In torrential ram and wind, the XV, hard on defense much of the game |usl wouldn't crack. Tackling, courage, and character were all to the fore as waves of Byng attacks were 
halted Finally, the team got back into the game and, lor the third time in the season. Fairhurst slotted a match winning penalty The provincial final against Shawnigan Lake beckoned. 

In front of over 1000 spectators at UBC Thunderbird Stadium, the 1st XV began play as if their lives depended upon the outcome Converted tries by Fairhurst and Andrew Dewar secured an 
early lead but Shawnigan came back to make it 14-7 at the break Shawnigan then scored 10 straight second half points to draw level 1 7-1 7 Drawing on amazing energy reserves, the players 
steadied, and a late Fairhurst penalty and spectacular Ryota Yukawa try guaranteed a 27-17 provincial championship triumph 

The dedication and desire of the whole forward pack was noteworthy Hooker John Andrachuk. rugged props Andrew Dewar and Adam Dowhy (team award recipient and 14 tnes), ball-winners 
Gavin Barry and Steve Romanchuk and flankers Emir Mehinagic. Milan Mrd|enovich. and Alec Johnston, and aggressive **3 Erik Larsen (10 tries) played superbly. Behind them captain and 
scrumhalf Ed Fairhurst was selected to the BC Commissioner's XV and his season sconng tally of 31 5 points including a team leading 23 tries (along with 1 75 points from the boot) almost defied 
belief. Outside him, the steady play of flyhalf Mike Danskin was crucial and he, along with centres Dan Sander, Jeff Vertes. and Quentm Bregg plugged the holes and kept the ball m front of 
the forwards Wings Colin Parrott (10 tries) and Ryota Yukawa, and fullback Chris Noel ran hard and improved defensively with each game 

In closing, thank you to all the players for such an enjoyable and successful season. Much was learned about commitment, loyalty, integrity, team spiht. and character To the graduates, best 
wishes in your rugby careers and may you keep involved with the sport. To the many returnees, look forward to next season to more and more hard work. Great resolve will be required to take on 
the new challenges that await. To the parents, thank you for all your tremendous support and encouragement. Final gratitude to fellow coaches Mr Peter Tongue. Mr Ian Hyde-Lay, and Mr Chuck 
Shergold for their expert tutelage and assistance throughout the year. 

Mr. Bruce Kuklinski 


B.R: A.Fairman, C.Clark, C.Kilshaw, A.Hildred, J. Lam, I.Hayashi 

M.R; S.Brown, G.Snowden, J.Bigwood, T. Street, J.Saunders, B.Moss, J.Randle 

F.R: Mr.Tony Cordle, M.Passmore, K.Guthrie, D.Boticki, C.Callendar, J.Preston, Mr. Peter Leggatt 

The team got off to a very slow start this season, playing several strong teams while attempting to assemble a squad from 
those players who had not left town for the Spring break. However, with a return to full strength in April, solid leadership 
from the Grade 10s allied to good goalkeeping from Danny Boticki produced a string of victories. In this run, the defensive 
four, led by Brian Moss, played very well, while Craig Kilshaw, Cam Clark, Graham Snowden, Scott Brown and Itsuki 
Hayashi supplied the offensive punch. 

The team entered the sixteen team City knockout tournament with a favorable draw from the unique format - team 
names drawn from a hat - and cruised into Round 2 with a 5-0 win over Lansdowne. A superb individual marker by Chris 
Callender, in the 65th minute, was then the difference over rival Lambrick Park. Despite a disappointing 2-0 semifinal loss 
to Claremont, the group still had one final chance at the Islands, but, though outplaying Spencer for long periods, the 
subsequent 2-0 defeat left the team one win short of the Island finals. 

A skilled core of Grade 9 players will form the foundation of another contending team in 1998. The Grade 10s moving to 
the Senior level should complement a number of talented returnees in what could be the school's best side ever. 

Thanks to all for their time, effort and commitment. 

Mr. Peter Leggatt 
Mr. Tony Cordle 


The team enjoyed a very solid season, and but 
for a heartbreaking semifinal shootout loss to 
Lambrick Park, would have won a first ever medal 
at the Island Tournament. 

Overall the squad won eight and drew one of 
thirteen matches, with goalie Sam Lawrence 
recording five shutouts. Individually, all the players 
had their moments, but Kim Smith and Charlotte 
Reid in particular were consistently reliable on 
defence. Carly Somerset and Heather Orr supplied 
depth in the midfield while Jen Woodland and 
Sabrina Loiacono provided most of the offensive 

The team may be proud indeed of a spirited, 
disciplined effort throughout the season. Thanks to 
all for the commitment. 

B.R: E.Jawl, C.Somerset, K.O'Byrne, O.lbell, K.Smith 

M.R: Mr. George Belliveau, A.Larsen, J.Hatton, K.Dillon, J.Thompson, J.Jennings 
F.R: S.Turner, H.Orr, C.Reid, S.Lawrence, S.Wilson, K.Hill, J. Woodland 
Missing: Mrs.S. Belliveau 

Ms. Sue Belliveau 
Mr. George Belliveau 

B.R: K.Johnson. R.Parton, S.Hayes 

M.R: M.Henn-Bhargava, J.Fairhurst, L.Scott, E.Woodward, J.Hatton, N.Mogensen, L.Cheimak 

F.R: R.Sheng, K.Barry, K.Dawson, J.Weenk, M. Glover, L.Chilton, Mr.Rob Cameron 

B.R.: M. Preston, N. Stanger. G. Fedorak, C. Stolarski, D. Lynch 

M.R.: Mr. P. Leggatt, D. Sander, G, Tongue, E. Callendar, N. Millar, T. Spicer, C. Mavrikos 

F.R.: C. Noel, M. Danskin, B. Nelson, E. Fairhurst, C. Parrott 

Before the season started the senior players dearly wanted a second chance to return to the BC Tournament and improve on 1995's disap- 
pointing 15th place finish. Still, with many newcomers, and the first month fragmented by injury, inclement weather and numerous school trips, the 
team did not initially jive, and indeed struggled to finish with a record of 5-5-1. This, which included a crucial 0-0 draw with powerful Vic High in the 
penultimate game, resulted in a 6th place league finish, which, as the highest placed AA team, was just enough to qualify for the BCs. 

At the provincials, the team then played some excellent soccer, not actually losing a game in regular time, but still finished 6th overall. A 1-1 
draw with eventual champs Langley in pool play was all that stood between the squad and a Final Four placing. 

Blair Nelson and Chris Noel shared goalkeeping responsibilities throughout the season and together often frustrated opposition forwards. Nate 
tVlillar and Nick Stanger, with help from Gary Tongue, David Lynch, Tye Spicer and f\/like Preston, controlled while the midfield featured captain Ed 
Fairhurst and tenacious Dan Sander. Also in a playmaking role were BC 1st team All Star Ryan Large, l\/like Danskin, and Chns Mavrikos, who 
enjoyed a superb provincial tournament. Finally, the collective speed of strikers Graham Fedorak, Chris Stolarski, Ed Callender and Colin Parrott 
ensured a regular supply of goals. 

Thanks to all the players for their efforts. Best wishes to those returning and to the newcomers for an exciting 1997-98 campaign. 

-Mr. John Nash 
-Mr. Peter Leggatt 
-Mr. Tony Cordle 


B.R.: Mr. John Nash, E. Huddart, K. Cox, D. Age, K. Larsen, J. Nash, J. White, K. Emsley-Leik, Mr. Rob Cameron. 
F.R.: C. Lewis, R. Mavrikos, W. Davis, C. Atchley, E. Clough, C. Jones, K. Kerr, A. Cooper, J. Hudson. 

It was an extremely successful season. With the boys a highly commendable 6th in BC last fall, the pressure was on to 
match that performance. The team moved easily thorugh the local competition, though not without some anxious mo- 
ments against Esquimalt in the league semifinals. At the BC Tournament, a 1-0 loss to Langley ended the dream of a 
provincial crown, but the squad rebounded well to defeat CE London and Pnnce George to claim a highly respectable 
5th place finish. Joann Nash, dangerous all season, scored nine of the teams ten goals at the BC's and was named a 
Tourney First All Star, while Ria Mavkrikos was placed on the second team. 

Other notables included Grade 1 1 Carol Lewis and senior Strieker Kristina Kerr. In the absence of Grade 10 Sam 
Lawrence, Carys Jones, Jess White, Emily Clough and Whitney Davis handled the goalkeeping chores by committee. 

Thanks to all who took part, and who played with such spirit, skill and sportmanship. 

Mr. John Nash 

B.R: Dan Ishihara. Lemuel Edillon, Chris Holenderski, Grant Woolliams, Eric Hung, Kaunteya Nundy 

F.R: Mariko Miller, Amy Karchut, Allsa Cooper, Carol Wong, Vanessa Lee, Noelle Quin, Miss. Jane Hannan 

Mlsslng:Olivia Limbu 

With many enthusiastic players trying out for the 1996-1997 team, solid progress was made throughout the year. The ISA tournament was held in 
Vancouver, in mid May, with the boys playing at St. George's and the girls at UBC. This proved to be a very successful day for the girls. Comfort- 
able wins over Brentwood and Crofton House put the team into the finals against York House, where Amy Karchut made an amazing comeback 1 - 
5 down to take out the set in a tie-breaker. This produced a 1 st place overall finish in the toumament. The boys, although benefiting from the 
tougher competition, were unable to equal the girls' efforts, placing 4th. With local league matches also concluded, the team then finished a 
commendable 3rd in the City Championships, and qualified for the Island Toumament held at Brentwood and Shawnigan. The first round match, to 
keep the team in the running for the EC's, was a tough encounter against Brentwood. 4-1 down, the players dug deep, particularly Chris 
Holenderski and the boys doubles combination of Dan Ishihara and Lemuel Edillon, to fashion a brilliant 7-4 comeback. Oak Bay then proved to be 
too strong, which left a match verses Mt. Doug for 3rd and 4th, and a place in the provincials. The team, once again, played with commitment, 
determined to turn around two previous league losses. 

Leading by example, the ever reliable Mariko Miller took the team to another victory. After some contusion with the number of Island berths, the 
team was deemed to have qualified for the BC's, which were also held at Shawnigan and Brentwood at the end of May. Convincing wins over 
Magee and MEI resulted in a pool win. Vanessa Lee displayed some fine tennis in her debut singles match and Amy Karchut and Noelle Quin 
proved to be a solid doubles combination. The team then in the semi-finals, defeated Brentwood 6-5, but were well beaten by Little Flower 
AcademyA/ancouver College. A subsequent close loss to Shawnigan in the bronze medal match yielded a 4th place Provincial finish. Well done to 
all the team on an outstanding effort throughout the entire season. Congratulations to Manko Miller on receiving the girls singles award at the BC's 
and for her fine display of leadership. Best of wishes to the team in future years - goodbye and good luck. 

-Ms. Jane Hannan 



B.R: R.Sheng, K.Guthrie, E.Goldstein, R.Lewis, M.Henri-Bhargava, C.Atchley, D.Boticki, K.Larsen, B.Moss, J.Saunders, 

M.Passmore, C.Clark, A.Lin, M.Wighton, S.Brown 

M.R: Ms. Judy Tocacco, A.Wong, D.Tseng, L.Wey, D.Wilson, C.Yeh, V.Lau, R.Jawl, J. Woodland, K.Morin, L.Cheimak, L.Chilton, 

M. Glover, C. Hall-Patch, J.Fairhurst, M.Adam 

F.R: M.Wilson, C.Jones, K.Cheung, C.Ried, N.Lisinski, J.Thompson, C.Tse, S.Hudson, A.Larsen, A.Chen 

The 1997 season centered around a small but very dedicated group of athletes who used the early 
season exhibition meets in April as a springboard for a series of fine performances at the various Island 
and BC meets in late May. 

Depth was the key for the Junior team, and the cumulative efforts of the runners, jumpers and throwers 
resulted in a very competitive 3rd place finish at the City meet and numerous medalists at the Island level. 

In the Senior competitions, the dedication of Dave Wilson and Coille Atchley was noteworthy, and both 
must be congratulated for their maturity and leadership throughout the year. Another asset was manager 
Mike Adam, normally an outstanding performer, but this year unfortunately sidelined by season ending 
foot surgery. 

The season highlight took place at the Senior BC meet, where, after a outstanding performance in the 
high jump, Grade 9 Natalie Lisinski became only the second SMUS athlete ever to win an individual 

The youth, speed and dedication of this year's squad bodes well for the future. Congratulations and 
thanks to all who took part this year. 

-Ms. Judy Tobacco 

B.R.: Miss J. Hannan, N. Lisinski, K. Watson, V. Gamache. J. Thompson 
F.R.; J. Hatton, J. Mrdjenovich, K. Dawson, K. Dillon, C. McLean 

The Junior Girls team enjoyed the most successful season in school history. Playing in the super tough GVJSSAA 
league, the sqaud progressed deep into the second round of the knockout competition, and only a series of close and 
deeply disappointing losses kept the group from reaching the Island tournament for the first time ever. 

Another season highlight was the ISA tournament, held in mid October. Key wins over Shawnigan, Crofton House 
and York House put the team into the final vs Brentwood, who, to their credit were the better team on the day. 

Captain Vania Gamache gave consistently strong performances all year, and was well supported by setters Sarah 
Turner and Jelena Mrdjenovich. Kelly Dillon and Jo Fairhurst were the strongest servers, while Kathryn Watson, 
Shawna McKee and Joelle Hatton were always fully committed to the tasks of digging and blocking. 

Thanks to all who made such a spirited contribution. Best of luck next season, whether at the Senior or Junior 

Ms. Jane Hannan 


B.R.; Mr. J. Edgar, C. Atchley, J. De Haan, E. Clough, A. Horsman, Mrs. S. Hamilton 
F.R.; K. Larsen, K. Dawson, E. Aitken, M.Volk, K. Wynn, K. Emsley-Leik 

The team proved something of an enigma this season, capable of playing very well against good opposition, but 
then also able to drop down to the standard of much inferior competition. In the end, this inconsistency proved fatal, 
as the group's hopes of advancing to the Island Tournament were dashed in the City playoffs. 

This last reverse notwithstanding, a number of sound results in league play were achieved. Also, the highly 
competitive ISA Tournament, played at SMUS, produced a creditable 4th place finish, while in the Lake Cowichan 
and Gulf Islanas Invitationals, pool play wins were not consolidated as they might have been in the semifinal rounds. 

Individually, all the players improved, though some still found it difficult to make the sacnfices necessary to per- 
form well on a consistent basis. 

Thanks to graduates Emily Clough, Jen de Hann, Coille Atchley, Andrea Horsman, and Kathryn Wynn. Best of 
luck to those returning. 

Mr. John Edgar 
Ms. Sylvia Hamilton 



From left to right, back to front 

1) SMUS Colts Junior Rugby (Celebrating after winning the 
Vancouver Island Championship) 

2) Kristina Kerr 

3) Ryan Jennings, Sunil Khaneja, Takaya Ueda, Kimberly 
Nordlund, Sarah Wilson, Rebecca Sheng, Ms. J. Tobacco 

4) Jacqui Hudson 

From Left to Right, Back to Front 

1) Irvin Teo, Ryan Knott 

2) Senior Rugby Team 
3) Joanne Nash 

4) Jessica White, Whitney Davis, Carys Jones, Ria Mavrikos, Deanna Age, Kristina Kerr, Rachel Gardiner 

/v-,-;--j;v *: 




Musical Review - France Trip - Galapagos Trip - London Trip 
Jazz Tour - Band - Choir - Strings - Candids 

Peter Kim, Grac 

Knstina Kerr, Grade 12 

Janika McFeely. Grade 12 


A life is like a road, and to live a life is to walk all the way until you 
reach the destination. It is not an easy journey; most of it is up-hill, 
and some parts are very steep. There are cracks in the pavement 
that you might trip over, and gaps in the path that you will have to 
leap across. If you do fall, you will have to pick yourself up and 
continue on your way. The route is twisted with frequent curves and 
turns, making the voyage even more chancy because you never 
know what is on the other side of the bend. Furthermore, there are 
not any road signs to warn you of dangers ahead or to give you 
directions. Luckily, you do not have to travel on this journey alone. 
There are many other people struggling to get to the end along with 
you. Some may choose to walk beside you; a few might even offer 
to hold your hand, and because of them, your journey will not be as 
boring nor as difficult. They will come to your aid when you are 
hurt, carry you when you are tired, and help you up if you happen to 
fall. Most of these people that appear by your side will also leave at 
one time or another. They might start to walk at a faster pace and 
leave you behind, or walk too slow and eventually disappear from 
your side, or decide to join another group of people. Some might 
even change direction and wander off the road. On the other hand, 
you may be the one who decides to leave, and walk with someone 
else or by yourself. In any case, it is not so much how you walk 
down the road as who you walk with. 

By Elaine Lai (Grade 11) 
Dedicated to AS and JP 


Geoff Adams, Grade 12 


Oh I long, oh I long 

For the sweet green days 

When my fist punched a hole in the sky, 

When reed and gong 

And sea-spawned haze 

Did a dust dance for my eye. 

In the wandering dusk 

With my hand in the stars 

How I would play by the shore 

And sing of my lust 

For the girl of afar 

For whom my mind yearns no more. 

When did this thing come about? 

How was I to know? 

Should I dare to return to that downy sweet bliss? 

Why must the world be so? 

In my mind, in my mind. 

Though the cockroaches fly 

There is airy remembrance bright; 

So in cracks I can find 

The hidden ruby 

Still pregnant with earthly light. 

You make this come out of me. 

You squeeze my soul till the bug red juice flows from my intestines like 

river and ends 

up in the eternal fire, burning, burning for a sulfureous eternity. 

I have chosen to blind myself rather than confront the pain you left me. 

Dame Heavenly you! Why must you be so untouchable, yet infinitely 

You just couldn't be what you seemed. I should have known. But why 

did you lead me 

to emotional suicide? 

On the inside I am screaming, but my cloak of apathy has muted my 

expression and left 

me to writhe alone in my self-made torture. 

If you only had any idea how much pain you caused me, your mind 
would burn out. 

It hurts me to feel pleasure, because you were there in my mind 

assailing me. You 
fireball tongue has ripped out my center and left me a zombie! 

Why didn't you just kill me when I was happy and unafraid? 

I can't enjoy life, but my hearts stops beating and insane hope forces 

me to walk through 

the world dark like a zombie. 

I can choose nappiness, so it's meaningless. 

IVIy greatest fear is apathy, to which I am apathetic, 

I laugh with no reason, smile at my parents' death by my blade, what 

could ever matter 

after you took my soul away. 

All is a swirling storm of bitter indifference. I cannot react to the world. 
I can't car 

I am dead. 

Ed Callendar, Grade 12 

Serlene Chan, Grade 10 


Catharsis; the definitive lie. 

The audience feels nothing, learns nothing, 

lives a lie dies a hypocrite. 

Belief is all it is, belief, 

Belief for the sake of belief, 

A transparent attempt to stave of reality. 

Eliot had it right. 

Until "God" spoke to him. 

What a waste of a perfectly good suicide. 

What to do, What to do? 

Cloud my mind, dull my thoughts, 
let ignorance settle in. 
Ah, good old artificiality 

Let Jesus meet Hitler, 

It might answer a few of my questions. 

I'd follow the true light 

but the moths are flocking to it. 

I'm alive so I'm a hypocrite, or maybe just a 


Ben Naismith-Grade 10 


Somewhere in this picture there is a Stealth bomber; 
do you know what a Stealth bomber is? 
You need to look beneath the surface, and you'll see it. 
We are improving your heart-eye coordination. 

This is not a photograph of a fantasy beach 
with silver stones and redblueyellow sand 
and a seaweed-coloured cotton candy sky - 
it is a picture of a Stealth bomber 
and if you concentrate 
you'll see it. 

I promise. 

Somewhere in this picture there is a Stealth bomber. 

This is not a drawing by St-Exupery 

for the Little Prince on the sunwaves if Sahara; 

this is not the crystallised vomit of a lab technician 

who tried to be Dr. Jekyll and ended up in Poison Control; 

this is not something the brain surgeon found 

swimming around in King Tut's mummified skull - 

it is a Stealth bomber 

and you'll see it 

if you ever learn to relax. 

Trust me. 

Somewhere in this picture there is a Stealth bomber. 
This is not a digital mosaic in 256 colours 
produced by serendipity and a computer crash 
This is not God's laughter moving on the face of the waters 
This is not a dragon's iris or a silicon chip in a blender 
This is not a grain of Tinkerbell's fairy dust 
magnified under an electron beam 
which if carefully studied will allow us to fly - 
it is something permitting flight in a sleek black technical sense 
it is a Stealth bomber 
and honest you'll see it 
jhe day you cross your eyes like I'm showing you how. 



Robert Bateman, Grade 12 

Somewhere in this picture there is a Stealth bomber. 

It is not imaginary 


maliciously hiding 

or othenwise deceptive although 

Stealth bombers were always specially designed to avoid 

enemy radar. 

Don't look so surprised. 

This is an honest-to-goodness Stealth bomber 

which you may have seem before on a Hanoi docudrama 

or an autographed Saddam Hussein camouflage T-shirt 

or sketched out a German exercise yard 

in the prison where Hitler had a happy fantasy. 

But that doesn't matter because it's not here to kill you 

it is only playing hide-and-go-seek 

Find it before it finds you - 

after all you can't stand here the whole lunchtime. 

Somewhere in this picture there is a Stealth bomber. 

You lazy fool I told you to concentrate 

you'll never see it 

you don't apply yourself. 

Look at all this sweat 

did I tell you you needed that much effort 

loosen up you're trying too hard. 

Somewhere in this picture there is a Stealth bomber. 

It is not magic 

it is not the Original Chaos 

it is not a mutant angel 

it is not Hiroshima Nagasaki Number Two 

it is not an egg thrown from a skyscraper 

onto a patch of black ice 

it is not 

any of these things 

whether it looks like it doesn't matter 

it is a Stealth bomber - 

it is a Stealth bomber 

and you are going to see it. 

Somewhere in this picture there is a Stealth bomber. 
fThe secret is to look behind the picture. 

Mattieu Boyd - Grade 10 

Aries Ng, Grade 12 

Vanessa Lee, Grade 10 

I think my soul flew away yesterday 

she's very sensitive and gets upset easily 

last time when this old man in tight pants yelled at her 

she went into hiding for a week 

I think during that time she joined a fitness club or 


and had pumped a bit if iron 

she came back with abs of steel and bulging biceps 

but I recognized her right away 

we had a nice chat when she came home 

and she told me that she had been to heaven 

but I knew that it was only a fitness place 

we got into a fight yesterday 

cuz she said that I was taking up too much space 

I had pushed her into a corner 

but she spat in my eye 

then she bought out a pair of cut out angel's wings 

and flapped off 

right now I have no idea how long she's been gone 

I can hear the loud silence inside my heart 

where she had rented her little apartment 

when she decides to return 

I have to remember to ask her 

what its like to fly 

and if she had a pair of wings for me 

I think that I'd like to fly sometime 

Rebecca Sheng - Grade 10 


At the end of the 2nd term, many students felt that they would like to present 
their own Musical Revue of the past 1 years of Musicals that has been 
performed. Rehearsals took place during the first two weeks of April, and a 
lot of fun and heartache was had by all during this period. Two performances 
were presented in the old gym and everyone involved in this adventure 
enjoyed the challenge of "putting on" a student production. 
The Cast 
Liz Altken 

Devin Arnold 
Alan Chen 

The Crew 

Jonathan Hampson Robin Featherstone 

Carys Jones 

Casey Austin , _ 

Courtenae Bowman Gordon Cheung Kim Emsiey-Leik 

Vania Gamache 
Rachel Gardiner 
Devon Hahn 
Sarah Hudson 
Claire Jones 
Rachel Magnusson 
Yan Mak 
Amy Slegg 
Rebecca Taylor 
Jessica White 
Cara Yeates 

Alan Lin 
Chris Mavnkos 
Russell Morton 
Blair Nelson 
Alex Payne 
Taylor Rankin 
Robert Sin 
Chns Smith 
Nick Stanger 
David Tseng 

Ed Callendar 
Graham Snowden 
Rob Bateman 
Meriin Ho 
Michelle Butler 
Mike Preston 


Patrick Gill, MUSIC DIREC 

Kim Breiland. CHOREOG- 

Devon Hahn, Amy Slegg, 
Andrea Horsman. STAGE 

Megan Volk, ASSISTANT 
Rae Anne Ebl, TICKETS 
Nicholas Hume, 

Mrs, Humphreys, Accompanist 

Mrs Williams, Teacher Liason 

Jan Stanger, Jill Taylor, Carole Urchenko, Merle McCracken, Costumes 

Mr Mackay, Mr Cook, Mr Park 

Mr Richards, Lighting 

Ms. Greer, Program 


Ik- T 

On March the 15th it snowed. On the same day a group of 7 students and myself were preparing to leave Victoria for 
the slightly warmer climes of France: country rich in history and culture, land of chateaux, baguettes and cheese. After 
fighting some jetlag, we left Hotel Valgirard to discover Paris, the 'city of lights'. It was fun figuring out the metro 
system and seeing all the monuments which before had only been in books or magazines. Ordering a simple thing like 
a sandwich or a drink made it suddenly clear the importance of Grade 9 French. We dined at the Eiffel Tower, visited 
Notre Dame, walked inquisitively through the catacombs, and fought the crowds at the Louvre. Although exploring 
Paris was interesting, it was tiring and quite hard on the feet and footwear. After this tasty introduction to parisian life, 
we took the fast speed train (TGV) to Angers in the Loire Valley. Here, the students stayed with families for 5 days. 
Now, the true pressure of speaking French was on them. How would they do? Quelle experience!! After the home 
stay and with more French culture under their belts, the group headed off by bus to visit the famous chateaux. Kodak's 
stocks went up. Travelling north to Normandy and Bntanny we were awed by the splendour of Mont St. Michel and the 
old-world charm of St. Male, a walled city on the rocky coast. One day we travelled along the coast to visit the D-Day 
beaches and, of course, the Canadian and American cemeteries. This was a time of reflection for many of us. On the 
road back to Paris we overnighted in Rouen, a city on the Seine river, where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. 
Julian, our tour guide, gave us many good insights into the history of France and the regions that we visited. In short, 
a terrific trip which we will not forget for long. (Vania, Elizabeth, Q.B, Nick, Terrence,Nic, Richard and Monsieur La 
Peche). Au revoir. 

1) Richard, Nick, 
Quentin, Mr. Peach, 
Terrence, Nic, Liz, and 

2) Nick Vagvolgyi 

3) Q.Bregg, L. Novak.V 
Gamache, T. Satdeo 


f "' . ■ ^^ ^^ 

,DE S: LANDRY ^..^ 

XE' IB JCjiN 17^'^ ^nK^ 


1) Mr. Peach 

2) The Eiffel Tower 

3) Le Cimetier... 

4) Vania Gamache, Liz Novak and Nic Hume 

5) Terrence Satdeo, Quentin Bregg, Nick Vagvolgyi. 


During Spring Break 1997, IVlr. Jackson and Mr. Leggett led 
twenty students and four parents on an adventure to 
Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. The trip proved to an 
experience of a lifetime and will be remembered by every- 
one. After passing our first day in the capital, Quito, we 
boarded the bus (Ghostbusters!) we would spend the next 
five days in. Our mainland tour consisted of a lot of driving, 
with a few stops at key towns along the way, interrupted 
only by Mr. Jackson's geology stops ("Deanna, what kind of 
rocK is this?"). Highlights and lowlights include the kids in 
Banos, hiking up Cotopaxi volcano and the toilets in the 
Amazon. We began the next section of our journey by 
flying 600 miles off the mainland to the Galapagos Islands. 
Upon arrival, we met the boats which would become our 
home over the next five days. The Islas Plazas and The 
Encantata, and the crew, who would become like family. 
Our days included early morning hikes on the islands to see 
everything from boobies to cindercones, days of snorkeling 
with mantarays and sealions, and nights that ranged from 
watching the stars to discoing in town. There is no doubt 
that the memories of the lunar eclipse, the dolphins, the 
birds, and the tortoises will remain with us forever. Thanks 
Mr. J!!!!!!! 


No, it's not an oxymoron; the truth is, absolutely everything about the spring break London Theatre Trip was 

fabulous, even the weather. Seven days and seven females in a city if culture and shopping... well how could it 
not be a success? 

Highlights of the trip include front row seats to the one-man play "The Importance of Being Oscar," and back- 
alley loitering to obtain an autograph from the star (none other than Simon Callow, of Four Weddings and a 
Funeral .) Equally spectacular was the art exhibit at the Barbican Centre: "Modern Art in Britain 1910-14," which 
features the works of various Bloomsbury artists, with a few Van Gogh's, Picasso's and Gaugin's thrown in to 
ensure heart palipitations. 

Musical desires were fulfilled by the Lyceum Theatre's production of Jesus Christ Superstar (Cara almost 
passed out with rapture) and perhaps moreso by Ali and Cara's reggae renditions in various Underground 
stations! We also spent time at Westminister Abbey and Cathedral, Buckingham Palace (ask anyone about 
"Robert"), the British Museum and Madame Tussaud's. Shopping? Everywhere and all the time! 

It was a great trip, with the best company! 

Lisa Davies, Nicole Arnett, Ali Staseson, Cara Yeates, Tara Elson and Kat Hill. 


Lisa Davies, Cara Yeates, ???, Nicole Arnett, Tara Elson 

The video club has been very busy taping all of the fine arts 
events including: the musical revue, the concerts, drama produc- 
tions and many other arts events during the year as well as prize 
day / graduation. Copies of any of these videos may be ordered 
through the bookstore with all profit going towards the purchase 
and maintenance of video equipment. 

This year's most dedicated and active members were: Lucas 
Rankin, Amy Carruthers, Roland Von Schellwitz, Brian MacKay, 
Chris Finch and Nicolas Hume 


B.R.: Michelle Phipps, Bianca Besenyo, Chris Mavrikos, Mrs. Mary Humphreys, Mitsuru Delisle, Stephanie Anderson, Marisa 

Ishihara, Mr. Don MacKay. 

F.R.: Chantal Nowak, Kate Levering, Rae-Anne Ebl, Ashley Cornwell, Joy Liu, Yan Mak. 


Mrs Mary Humphreys 

Mr. Don MacKay 

Mrs Donna Williams 

The 19961997 school year for the senior music department was excrting.challengtng, busy and fun filled under the directon of Mr, Don MacKay. Ms.Donna Wtlllams and Mrs. Mary Humnphreys. The classes included: 

grade 9, 10,11 and 12 bands, c^rars and slnngs and musrccomposrtKxi in grades 10. 11 

and 12 Also, again this year, cross grade concert band. )azz band and orchestra were held at 7:X A,M We thank those parents who diligently got their children to school on time for those rehearsals. 

The chotrs started off the year performing beautrfully under the direction ot Mrs. Humphreys at the Thanksgiving Harvest Sennce This was followed shortly by auditions for the Prima Choir, a University group made up of 1 6 
to 25 year olds. The students selected from SMUS were: Van MaK Joy Liu. Patrick Gill. Anes Ng, Kim Barnes. Aian Chen. Alan Un. Christopher Tse. Robert Sin. Jack Chiu and Vince Lau 

The jazz band then had thar first performance of the year presenting an hour worth of music rn market square to a very receptive audience. 

In November there was the Remembrance Day Service at which the orchestra performed under the direction of Ms. Williams wrth Chantal Nowak performing "Remembrances" from "Schindlers Usf on solo violin along with 
the orchestra. We were also again privileged to have Mr. Buckingham piay the pfpes along with Anita Holtham playing very expressive verswns of "The Last Posf and "Reveille" The choir rounded out the service with a 
rendition of the "Prayer of St France" which featured sototsts Mrtsunj 
Delise and Van MaK 

This was fdtowed that evening by the the Symphony Spectacular Concert at the McPherson Theatre. The concert was one of the musjcal highlights of the year with solo performances by alumni as well as by students 

from the school. Featured solotsts were: Enc Kim (celkj). Anthony Dolhai (piano). Chantal IStowak (vionn). Amyrose McCue (votce). Susan Platts (voce) and Milos Reptcky (piano); all under the baton of Kees Bakels. The 

senior string orchestra under the direction of Ms Williams also performed 

Afbinonrs Adagio in G mtnor with Taylor Rankin and John Kwan playing the viofin and organ sotos respectivety. Then the alumni choir atong with members of the school char perfomied a medley of selections horn Gilbert 

and Sullivan, Also included in the evening was a performance by the jazz 

band with vocal sotos by Van Mak and alto solos by Alex Dunae It was an evening to remember. 

Rrst term also saw the grade 12 string dass being invrted to perform dinner music for the Lord of Shrewsbury at the Old England Inn They were costumed m medieval dress and pertormed m the toyer at the beginning of 
the Lord's form^ dinner. 

Our fall concert this year was held at the University Centre Auditorium on Dec 2nd and featured the bands, orchestras, choirs, alumni char and combos. Highlights of the concert included: the grade 9/10 band being 

accomnpanied by two fine dancers: Courtenay Bowman and Rebecca Taytor the choir charming everyone with a Korean folk song featuring Kore^ students dressed in traditional costumes, and Jory MacKay from grade 

5 along with Michelle Phipps ot Grade 12 singing a duet m "Once In Royal Davids City " The 

orchestra was also in fine term doing pertom^nces of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto t^Z. 

Prokofietf s Montagues and Capulets March, as well as Themes from 007 " Wrapping it all up was the jazz band with Van Maks beautiful renditions of "Willow Weep for Me" and "Angel Eyes " And who could forget the 

unforgettable chicken darK« by Patrxii^ Gill In "Hasta La Pasla , Mama" (atong witfi flying bananas) 

The concert was foltowed by the choirs along with the senior brass ensemble performing at the Carol Service in our Chapel and Mrs. Humphreys taking her groups out for various performances around Victoria including: 
the grade 12s singing with the grade 5s at the f^tonteray Centre Christmas Tea. the grade 9-12 chars perfomiing at varxxis sentors centers, the parent's auxiliary Christmas Bazaar and at the Christmas dinners- 

Also during the Christmas season several members of the orchestra were selected to perform in the pit for the twelve perfomiances of Stage's productkm "Oliver." 

The strings also accompanied noon hour carol singing outside the library dunng the last few days of school before winter break. These sing-a-tongs have become something of a tradition and are quite exuberant 

In February, twelve of our stnng students were chosen by audition from alt over B.C. to particulate in the Horxxir Orchestra which performed splendidly at the Bntsh Columbta Music Educator's Conference held in Bumaby . 
The participants were: Matthieu Bo^, Sarah Wilson. Charlotie Reid, Evan Crawford. Erick Calder. Ben Acton. Bronwen Bell. Megan Cassidy, Michelle Lee. Rohanna Green. Chris Smith {who ted the viola section), and 
Taytor Rankin (who was concert master) Also selected tor the Honour Choir were: Robert Sin. Yan Mak. Chns Mavrikos, Cara '^eates. Devon Hahn and Alan Chen. These string players and the choir members are to be 
congratulated for their fine performances 

Also dunng February, the jazz band and the jazz combo performed at the Greater Victoria Art Gallery atong with the grade 1 2 stnngs perfonning onginal works by the grade 1 2 n 

In this year's music festivals the concert band received excellent and superior ratings in all categones; the stnng orchestra was awarded 1st pnze for their pertormance and the j£ 

to the National Muse Festival in Ottawa.On March the 10th the choirs along with the grade 4/5 choirs and 

memt)ers of the Father Bressani Catholic School fttim Toronto presented a choral and solo evening in the old gym. In Apnt. the grade 12 stnng and choir classes were invited to perform at the Governor's Table at the Union 

Club The class provided "cocktail music" at ttie beginning ot the evening and then performed nrore formally for the dinner guests later on in the evening They were well received. 

May brought with it the alumni weekend, which is always a busy Ome for the music department The grade 12 stnngs were once again called upon to provide pre-dinner music lor visiting alumni at Reynolds House, foltowed 
by a Concerto Concert in the old gym This orchestra concert featured two of our finest string players performing sotos wrth the senior orchestra accompanying. They were: Christopher Smith (viola), and Enc Kim (cello). 
The concert was well attended, and the soloists were m fine form The next day the alumni choir along with members of the school choir performed in a chapel service and the jazz band entertained in the quad with a one 
hour preview ot their tour programme The following week the lazz band flew out to Onlano for a one week tour culminating in a performance at MusicFest Canada where they received a "Silver Medal" award. 

This year our final concert was held at the University Centre Auditonum on June 3rd and was a great success with all the students taking music in the school partiapating Mrs. Humphrey's choirs were again bnlliant. the full 
orchestra played selections from John Williams' "Empire Strikes Back" movie score, and the stnngs played "Star Dust", and "Palladio" by Karl Jenkins: the concert bands presented a big sound and the jazz band along with 
the vocals of Yan Mak and the very sensitive tnambone slylings ot Patrick Gill was excellent We also got to hear our pet rock band "D^^funkfionaT playing an onginal work. The jazz band finished off its year with 
performances for the Middle school and at the Ocean Pointe Resort 

On June 5th our fourth annual "Composers Concert" teatunng the works of Mr. MacKa/s music compositon students was held Many of the woiks were played by computer, however, we also had a jazz quartet, and a 
rock combo. The efforts of the students were well received and we hope this opportunity continues to present itself every year. 

The final perfonnance of the year was Prize Day m which the premiere perfomiance of Michael Kwan's ptece "A Theme tor AmarKJa■^«as pertormed by the string orchestra 

To finally wrap up this incredibly busy year. Mrs. Humphreys. Mr.MacKay and Mr. Tongue travelled with nnembers of the grade 1 1/12 choirs to New York for performances at Carnegie Hall and at the United Nations Plaza 
for July 1st Canada Day. 

The winrrer this year fo the Blerxxie Cup for best all around 

musician goes to Patnck Gill, 

Our ttianks arxi best wishes go out to all those grads wtTO have given so unselfishly to our music pnogramme over the years. It was yet another busy year for our musidans and we look fonward 

to next year being just as full 

Thaf s All Folks' 


B.R.. G. Nicholls, T. Kokubun, A. Van Tine. G, Wong, N. McCartney, K, Nundy, G. Fowler, M, Ho, K, Simon, P. Beverley, P, Lee, L, Wong, K. Cheung. 

M.R.: A. Martin, K. Chan, J. Ho, C, Somerset, T. Chadha. D. Ingle. A. Wey, J, Lam, A. Fairman. A. Law, D. Beswick, E. Findlay, J. Jennings, D. Weir, N. LIslnskI, 

Mr, D, MacKay, 

F.R T, Korki. E. Weng. D. BorzonI, R. Parton, S. Limbu, M. Glover, J. Chung, J.Thompson, S. Yao, J. Goldstein, A. Marshall. L. Scott. K, Wu. C. Kim. M. Yang. 

Missing E. Gibson. S. Gill. G, Gledhill. E. Goldstein. J. Helm, N, Hume. J. Randle. M. Wilson. D. Wood. E. Woodward. 


B.R A.Dunae. R.Jennings. L.Lee. S.Khaneia. M.Wighton. H.Orr, N.Tumer, C.Callendar, C. Mills 
iVI.R Mr, D MacKay, A. Hutchison, S.Lawrence, N.Stipp, R.Dacre. C.Mclean. J.Andrachuk. M.RItter 
F.R K.D'Byrne, J.Evans, J.Tugwell, C.You, K,Leong, K.Nordlund, C.Smith. A.Weng, N.Brown. A.Payne 
iVIissing. C.Eun, B.Naismith, K.Watson 


B.R B Soderberg.S Noureddm.P Gill.CCallendarG FowlerV Chu. H.Lee. S Thomson, RMagnussen.K Phillips. A. Holtham. A Wilson. J Amdrachuk, A. Hutchison. HOrr. B. MacKay.V. Law. NChng, K.Cheung 

3rd R L Wong, C Huang, D Hong, P Kim, K Kim, R Sin, A Lin, E Hung. M Delisle, L. Wilkinson K Bourne, M Kwan. A Dunae, M.Hau. Y Mak. R.Jennings 

2nd R. M Wightoh, S Sugimoto. C Smith, J.Thompson. J Goldstein. S Wong. J Ng. K.Larsen. J McFeely. E Clough. M Jung, S Yoon. N.BIumberg, Y.Nakanishi, Y Harsono, P,Frisby 

F.R Y Yang, N Turner A Payne, R Parton, S Came, M Lee, E Kim, A Huang, Y Au, J Franklin, K O'Byrne, K Leong, T Chiu, J Coelho, D Arnold, C Murdoch, Mr D MacKay 

Missing T Chadha, J Chiu, E Goldstein, S Hirao. J Kim S Lawrence, D Lee, P Lee, B Naismith, K Nordlund, K Nundy M Yang C You 


B.R B. Soderberg, A.Hutchison, S. Thomson, P.Gill, S, Lawrence. B. MacKay, C, Palmer, J. Helm. 
M.R.. J. Chiu, J. Andrahcuk. S. Hirao, H. Lee, A, Holtham, Mr. D. MacKay. 

F.R R.Greenwood, B. Naismith. D. Hong, R. Sin. A. Dunae, M, Kwan, Y. Mak, M. Hau, R. Jennings 
Missing A. Wey, M. WIghton. 


B.R.: C. Hall-Patch. G. Chou, S. McKee, J. Reeve, M. Maloney, L, Newton, C. Adair. J. Gordon, 

M,R.: A. Lee, C. Jung, J, Hung, C. Tec. R Chlan, J. Chen, R. Khaneja, I, Hayashi, I. Woolliams, M. Passmore. E. Jawl, K. Dawson, L, Chilton. 

F,R.: J, Lawton. S, Hudson, B. Parsons, S. McCarten. C. Linger. M, Murgatroyd, K.Johnson, Mrs. Humphreys. 

B.R: J. Tseng. D. Hsu.V. Phetsiri, M. Adam. J. Bigwood, A. Hlldred. M. Mtdienovich. C. Kilshaw. J. Gainer. E. Larsen. D. Boticki. C. Clark 

3rd R: J. Ho. L, Ritson. M. Evans, C, Wilson. K. Buttery. R. Taylor, A, Sunderani, M. Su. K. Lee. J, Cummings. E, Novak. C. Eun 

2nd R: C. You. L. Chian. S. Chan, T. Ueda. E. Cheng, E, Herrera. H. Yen, G, Snowden, J. Weenk,S, Henwood-Greer. A. Weng 

F.R: M. Ikezawa. C. Wong. Y. Chen. T. Yu. J. Salcedo. T. Davis. K. Hill, J. Woodland, R. Grewal, S. Loiacono. K. Wong. V. Lee. Mrs. Humphreys 


$*- 1 R V f 


■ « f V i| \ 

S ' ^''-W^:^. 

^ M-y- 

B.R.: D.Hong, R. Knott. S.Paulos, C.Noel, R Yukawa, G,N.Delgado,B,Chiu, R.Large, Q,Bregg, A.Dowhy, A.Sunderani, J.Nash, J.Angus. S.Fellenz. 
M.R: A.Huang, R.Sin, J.Hwang. V.Lau. A.Lin. A.Wong. J.Lee. C.Yeh. A.Chien. A.Comwell. K.Bruce. S.Sugimoto, E.AItken. 
F.R: C.Huang, C.Tse, G.Cheung, G.Tseng. G.Koo. Y.Au. E.Lai. C.Yeates. A.Thomas. 
B.Harang, B.Halladay. C.McLean, S.Gill. E. Huddart, J. Daniel, T.EIson 
Missing: Y.Tanoyo 

B.R: I. Wan, K. Bourne, N.Vagvolgyi, B.Besenyo, P.Andrachuk, C.Stephens, C.Nowak. K.Barnes, A.Johnson, W.Davis 
M.R: S.Hirao, M.Phlpps, A.Hall, C.Paul, DHahn. A.SIegg. C.Nadolski, C.Mavrikos, R.Ebl, K. Levering, Mrs M.Humphreys 
F.R: Y.Mak. J, Liu. S.Liu, J.Poon, OLimbu, M.Delisle, J. Kim. P.Vephula. R.Naito, MIshihara 


BR; K. Guthrie, M.Lin, R.Lewis, E.Crawford, L Burnett. B.MacKay. C. Palmer, T.Johnson 

M,R: Mrs. D.Williams, R.Jawl, C.Jones, K.Barry. S.Turner, J.Fairhurst, J.lnkster, B.Acton 

F.R: T.Louman-Gard, S.Brown, E.Calder. B. Roberts, J. Miller, L.Cheimak, M.Wilson, B.Bell, S,Holberg 

Missing: J.Yoo 

BR: N.lssac, L.Rankin, M.Boyd, J.Saunders, B.Moss. T.Rankin, R.Greenwood 

MR: S.Chapheau, J.Kwari, C.James, E.Grant 

F.R: R.Sheng, N.Mogensen, A.Larsen, S.Wilson, C.Reid. D.KIaiburt, A.Arnett. Mrs D.Williams 


B.R: J.Bradbury, A.Dawson. E.Kim. M.Danskin. M.Lee. Mrs D. Williams 
F.R: R.Anglin, C.Bowman, M.Cassidy 

B.R: J.Wnile. R.Green, L.Lee, D.Wilson, N.Stanger, M.Kwan. N.Jupe. H.Gibson. Mrs D. Williams 
F.R; C.Saffrey, R.Featherstone, R.Gardiner 

student Council - Prefects - Peer Counsellors - Debating 
Recitation Competition - Book Lover's Club 

Back Row; Aya Larsen, Nathan Millar, Richard Greenwood, Greg Fowler, Mitsuru Delisle, Tara Elson, Yan Mak. 
Front Row: Robert Bateman, Kathryn Wynn, Mr. Peter Tongue, Mr. Keith Murdoch, Rohanna Green, Patrick Gill. 

It has been a pleasure to see the park benches in the quad being enjoyed by our students this year. 
The benches were placed there as a result of a Student Council initiative and financial help from 
the Parent's Auxiliary. 

We have held meetings on a regular basis throughout the year attending to the many and varied 
concerns of the student body. There have been questions about the uniform, the sports 
programme , the timetable , the tuck shop ,and so the list goes on. 

The Council is not a high profile organization but it is important to recognize it as a vital channel for 
the students at S.M.U.S. to voice their ideas and concerns. 
My thanks to the student representatives for a job well done. 

-Keith Murdoch, Chairman 


Back Row: Ivan Wan, Nick Stanger, Jennifer De Haan, Ed Callendar, David Wilson, Rachel Gardiner, Kathryn Wynn, 
Matt Turner, Sendjaja Desember, Patrick Gill. 

Front Row: Russell Morton, Maria Kwari, Colleen Saffrey, Robert Bateman, Yan Mak, Vanessa Yang, Andrea 
Horsman, Rohanna Green, Anita Holtham. 




Back Row: Tina Barrett, Jenny Reed, Matt Turner, Becky Bazzard, Andrea Horsman, Mrs. Jean Ives. 
Middle Row: Carol Lewis, Louise Ritson, Rebecca Anglin, Christine Wenman, Joy Liu 
Front Row: Emily Huddart, Roxanne Black, Sabrina Loiacono, Jen Ford 

Peer counselling at SMUS continues to involve an active group of people who volunteer their 
time to support their friends. They work hard to acquire basic counselling skills, as well as learning 
what resources are available to people who need help with life situations. The open house at the 
CRD Birth Control Clinic, and a visit from a volunteer on the Need Crisis Line helped us look out- 
side the world of SMUS. 

The time commitment is big, but so is the satisfaction of helping. An added compensation is that 
peer counselling hours can be counted toward CAPP work experience, or for the service compo- 
nent of the Duke of Edinburgh program. 

A major disappointment this year was that the Lion's Club Camp at Shawnigan Lake was not 
available for our annual "retreat". Between that and academic, athletic, and fine arts demands, the 
peer counselling trip never happened; this in spite of Becky's willingness to host us on Salt Spring 

In May the group did some work with the grade 8 classes on the topics of alcohol, smoking and 
marijuana. Mr. Yorath was very enthusiastic about this project and hopes to expand the contact 
between peer counsellors and middle school students in the future. 

As always it is hard to say goodbye to graduating students, although we wish them the best in 
whatever comes next. This year they are: Peter Andrachuk, Tina Barrett, Becky Bazzard, Jen 
Coelho, Jen Ford, Andrea Horsman, Joy Liu, and Matt Turner. Other members of the group are: 
Sabrina Loiacono, Louise Ritson, Rebecca Anglin, Roxanne Black, Emily Huddart, Carol Lewis, 
Kim Lobb, Jenny Reed, Christine Wenman. 



Back Row; Alex Martin, Andrew McVie, Keir Wilmut, Robin Featherstone, Matthieu Boyd 

Middle Row. Mr. Grenfell Featherstone, Patrick Frisby, Dixie Klaibert, Ashley Arnett, Rebecca Anglin, Megan Volk. 

Front Row: Timothy Louman-Gard, Marcia Wilson, Sarah Holberg, Angela Marshall, Sarah Hudson, Shao-Yee Yao 


Jenny Reed, All 
Staceson, Tara Elson, 
Claire Jones. Matthieu 

The recitation competition is always an exciting event and this year was no exception. The finals were held in the school chapel before 
an audience of perhaps eighty people and there were some wonderful performances. Lindsay Basarab began the evening with a 
polished delivery of the Desiderata. Peter Kim in the cultural then moved the audience with a heartfelt delivery, first in his native lan- 
guage and then in English of a poem called Birthplace. He was followed by wonderful performances by Clare Jones, Morgan Evans, 
Jessica Miller, Vanessa Lee, Bronwen Bell and Tara Elson. After the interlude, Chris James instructed the audience in The Addressing 
of Cats and Goldie Chan delivered another moving cultural piece called Tradition. Matthieu Boyd then delivered a very mature rendition 
of two Leonard Cohen poems and was followed by two equally strong performances by All Staseson doing a monologue which goes 
dreadfully awry and Jenny Reed delivering a dignified recitation of a Louis MacNiece poem. The evening ended with an engaging 
performance of Angels in America by Rachel Magnusson. Matthieu Boyd won the award for the top junior. All Staseson was the top 
Dramatic piece by a senior and Peter Kim won the grand prize for his wonderful performance of the poem Birthplace. My congratulations 
to all of the participants and I hope that the tradition of excellence which this competition represents will continue well into the future. 

J. Grenfell Featherstone 

Head of English and Inventor of this competition! 

From L to R: Miss Greer, Mrs. Snowden, Michelle Phipps, Kathryn Wynn, Cathy McCarten, Ashley Cornwell, 
Katherine Johnson, Philip Beverley, Lindsay Basarab, Mrs Tweedie, Mrs Waksel. 

How to provide students who love to read the opportunity to share their interests in bool<s and reading with 
others? The answer lay in formation of the first Booklover's Club. Our goals were to share favourite books, nneet 
with other booklovers in the school, of students from Grade 9-12, three staff members and an honorary patron, Mrs. 
Anne Snowden as part of the Club. 

We listened to Ki t Pearson, Tim Wynn-Jones and Karen Cushman at the Children's Literature Round Table 
evenings, and visited the Junior School to hear storyteller. Nan Gregory(How Smudge Came!) The 7.15am start for 
the Princess Mary Restaurant Author Breakfasts on mid-winter mornings did not deter us from listening to authors 
and artists such as Roy Vickers and David Bouchard. Mrs. Snowden hosted a Christmas lunch at Reynold's 
House where we shared new books, excellent company and Christmas cheer. 

In February we browsed the bookshelves at Bolens and chose books which now have yellow SMUS Booklovers' 
Choice stickers on their front covers (look out for orange SMUS Student Choice and green SMUS Staff Choice!) 
designed by Mrs. Waksel. 

We finished off the year with a t-shirt competition (thank you Miss Greer, Ashley and Lindsay) and a wonderful 
potluck bartecue at Reynold's House with Mrs. Snowden where we said farewell to Kathryn Wynn and Michelle 
Phipps and made plans for next year. In the Fall we will welcome all interested new members. 

Thank you Kathryn, Michelle, Cathy, Lindsay, Katherine, Philip, Ashley, Mrs Waksel, Miss Greer and Mrs. 
Snowden for your contribution to the first Booklover's Club! We look forward to another enjoyable year sharing our 
common maxim: "I cannot live without books" (Thomas Jefferson) 


Joan Tweedie, Librarian 

B.R: S.Hirao. A Hutchison, BSoderberg, R, Greenwood, B,MacKay 3rd R: M Kwan, S,Thomson. R.Sin, A.Holtham, P.Gill. Y.Mak, D.Hong 

2nd R: C. Palmer, H,Lee, JAndrachuk, J. Helm, J.Chiu, S.Lawrence F.R: MrG.Belliveau, A.Wey, A.Dunae, Mr.D.MacKay, B.Naismith, M.Hau, Mrs.A.MacKay 

This year the jazz band under the direction of Mr. IVIacKay did a tour of Ontario . We started the trip by flying to Toronto 
where we connected with our hosts from Upper Canada College and Bishop Strachan School. The next day we played an 
extremely well received concert for the girls at Bishop Strachan. After that we went to the CN Tower and then did a nice 
walking tour of Toronto with Mr Belliveau as our guide. He along with Mr. MacKay's wife, Audrey (the band mom) were the 
other chaperones on the trip and appeared to enjoy themselves immensely. 

The next day we headed out to Woodbndge, an Italian community on the outskirts of Toronto. Mr. Lettieri had brought his 
band out to our school in March and his students were extremely receptive to us and treated us royally. We played a one 
hour concert for them, settled in with our billets for the night and the next day visited Canada's Wonderland, an outrageous 
roller coaster park. It was great fun and even Mr. MacKay did the"Drop Zone" a couple of times. There was no way, 
however, that Mr, Belliveau was going to do that. 

Our next stop was Lakefield College where we again were treated most kindly by Mr. Grasmuck and the students. The 
concert there was one of the finest any jazz band from SMU has ever played and the students of LCS were very respon- 

On Saturday we bussed to Ottawa, spent some time touring and then settled into our hotel where Alex, Patrick and Bryce 
put on a mini jazz show around the pool. The next morning we were off to the National Music Festival in Hull. We listened 
to a few bands then played our set and waited for the results. What a pleasant surprise for our group to win a silver medal 
at this level. Everyone was ecstatic. We then went to the closing ceremonies and flew home the next morning. All in all it 
was a very good trip and a fine time was had by everyone. 

The tour band members were: 

Alex Dunae 

Alto sax 

Patrick Gill 


Ashley Wey 

Alto Sax 

Samantha Lawrence 


Michelle Hau 

Alto Sax 

Sarah Thomson 


Yan Mak 

Alto saxA/ocals 

Brian MacKay 


Robert Sin 

Tenor sax 

Anita Holtham 


Daniel Hong 

Tenor Sax 

Jack Chiu 


Ben Naismith 

Tenor Sax 

Shingo Hirao 


Michael Kwan 

Baritone Sax 

Helmut Lee 


Colin Palmer 


Jordan Helm 


Adam Hutchison 


Bryce Soderberg 


Richard Greenwood 



Boarding Prefects - Barnacle House - Bolton House - Harvey House 
Symons House - Timmis House - Winslow House - Candids 

1: Grace Koo, Helmut Lee, Alfred Wong, 

Goldie Chan, Jason Lee, Chris Tse, 

Gordon Cheung, Vince Lau, Elaine Lai, 

Donna Lee, Jamie Chung, Yvonne Au. 

2: Kelly Dillon, Joelle Hatton 

3: David Barbour, Chris Challendar 

4: Amy Fellenz, Susan Fellenz, Natalie 

Lisinski, Kathryn Buttery 

5: Maya Ikezawa 

6: Lorien Chilton, Karen Dawson 

7: Gordon Cheung, Gerald Wong, Alfred 

Wong, Renee Chung, Grace Koo, Jason 

Lee, Yvonne Au, Vince Lau. 


'-« Back Row: Sendjaja Desember (Head of House), Sunny 
Kim (Assistant Head of House), Glen Gibbons, Borden 
Tseng, Lucas Lee. 

Front Row: Mr. Bill Greenwell, Mrs. Sylvia Greenwell, Mr 
Kelly Greenwell, Mr. Mike Ison, Mr. Bruce Kuklinski. 


Back Row: Eric Hung, Gary Tongue, Keith Philips, Ed 
Callendar (Head of House), Irvinn Teo. 
Front Row: Mrs. Eva Cameron, Danny Tang, Youn-Keun 
Lee, Vincent Law, Mike Preston (Assistant Head of 
House), Mr. Rob Cameron. 


Back Row: Mitsuru Delisle, Pat Vephula, Martin Jung, 
Ivan Wan (Head of House), Dan Sander, Simon Lau. 
Front Row: Mrs. Joan Jones, Mr. Melville Jones 


Mahat Johnson, Rob Bateman (Head of House), Chris 
Lau, Yoshi Nakanishi,Shingo Hirao, Ken Yeh, Nathan 


Jen Ford, Amber Hall, Vanessa Yang, Michelle Hau, Mrs 
Lisa Hyde-Lay, Alisa Cooper, Andrea Horsman (Head of 



Mrs Marain Tongue, Tina Barrett, Coille Atchley, 
Marisa Ishihara, Jennifer De Haan (Head of 
House), Yan Mak (Assistant Head of House), 
Connie Sze, Sharon Om, Mr. Peter Tongue. 

B.R: S. Desember, S. Kim, O. Alasaly, J. Lee, B. Tseng. J. Vertes. G. Gibbons, E. Larsen, B. Johnson 
2ND R: K. Lee, J. Kim, D. Tseng, J. Bigwood, C. Yeh, J. Hampson. M. Berg, Mr. B. Kuklinski, Mr. K. Greenwell 
F.R: Mr. B. GreenwelL Mrs. S. GreenwelL R. Yukawa. L. Lee, R. Sin. C. Tse, C. Stolarski, Mike Isom 
In the words of Robert Herrick, "Old time is still a-flying" and this year is no exception. It seems like only yesterday that we welcomed everyone back 
from summer vacation. We were joined by lyiike (son and Kelly Greenwell, two new house assistants who adjusted quickly to their new jobs. New 
students were Ken Lee. Omar Alasaly and a latecomer from England, Jon Hampson. Greatly reduced in size due to the top floor take-over by Winslow 
girls, our twenty-two Barnacle Baselisks fought bravely in the battle of the housepoints to maintain their second place finish. 

The year has been both hectic and rewarding for most of us. House dinner at Earl's, barbecues at the G's, inner-house basketball nights and ten 
pin bowling, movie and Pizza nights, are just a few of the popular activities in which we participated. Other things, somewhat less advertised, have also 
been recorded: the return of Ryota's long-lost yen; the late night excursion of BJ and Mafu; the extraordinary flood in J and O's room [ugh!] GG and J's 
morning sleep-a-thons; GG's strange cackling laughter emitting from rooms all over the house: weird noises from Winslow disturbing the dead zone of 
the upstairs hallway: talkathons in the front hall: strange disappearances: GG, J and S's marathon morning sleepins: strange smells- Korean cooking 
?'-!*$# - was that music? GG, J, S and J-W sleepins: the yucky award-winning room of J and S: K's yellow specs and silk pj's; and 01 pacing the 


On a serious note, there was a lot to be proud of this year. There has been so much that we cannot mention everyone, but you know who you are. 
On the academic front, most Bamaciers made satisfying progress. Well done! Hearty Congratulations to all those who have given their untiring effort to 
Drama. Rugby, Basketball, Soccer, Badminton, Scorekeeping, Choirs, food Committee, pop-can collecting and volunteer wori<. Better luck next year to 
those who did not participate. Tsk! Tsk! 

There are some bouquets to be handed out: to Mr. Kuklinski [Mr 3K Coy], our able assistant, who is fast becoming a world renowned Rugby 
referee: to Mr. Mike Ison, [Big Red] who came to us from Ridley College and is moving over to Bolton to become the Grade Eight Supervisor: to Mr. 
Kelly Greenwell, [I hate Vancouver] an alumnus of SMUS, who will remain next year; thank you for your many contributions throughout the year to life in 
Barnacle House. 

A big thank you for the excellent leadership of our Head of House Sendjaja Desember. ably supported by Assistant Sunny Kim and prefects Lucas 
Lee, Borden Tseng and Glen Gibbons. Finally as we say goodbye to our grads, Sendjaja, Sunny, Lucas, Jae-Won, Ben, Borden, Glen, Jeff and Jon, 
and to James, who will continue his education in England, we Bamaciers wish you all good health and happiness as you pull out of the SMUS station. 
May the next section of track on your journey along life's railroad be stimulating, rewarding and smoke-free. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Sylvia Greenwell 

1 - Brigid Halladay, Lauren Ingle 2 - 
Steven Hsu 3 - Susan Sin, Joanne Poon, 
Grace Koo, Sylvia Suen, Donna Lee, 
Andrea Sam 4 - Bolton House Game 5 - 
Michelle Phipps, Andrea Horsman 6 - 
Barnacle Basketball Night 7 - Charles 
Huang, Hilo Yen, Daniel Hong, Tad 
Kokubun 8 - Kelly Dillon, Kim Bruce 9 - 
Ms Hannan 

:*' ' :5Q%:_^ 


B.R.: Mr T Milford, K.Simon, DTang : . ■ iidar 

3^R:Mr,R Cameron, D Hsu, G Wooliiaii-^ ^ Im^.. ^.^.yauv u v.m i i^M.^.y^, , u^c ^ v^i.^ii ^ . .-r^iw--. D Bartrour. Mr. C. Culham 

2™ R: S. Mitchell. V.Lau, N.Chng, Al Wong. G Snowden, E Hung. E.Cheng. M Su, V.Law. Mr. C. Bumett 

1* R: Mrs.E. Cameron, D Yukawa, I.Woolliams, K Cheung, J. Chung. A. Law, J.McCallum, G.GIenhill. N. McCartney, Mr. J. Goodwin 

This was a year of a lot of ups and two big downs I'll start with the good news Within the last twenty-four hours the secunty blanket surrounding the identity of the House Competition champions was finally lifted. 

to a yawn from Yos and polite applause from the other five houses. This year's version of the competition was a tight affair that came down to the last event on the last day and produced a result that was a tnbute 

to all who participated, but in particular to the grade twelves, who set a great example of commitment and leadership Bolton performed well in all areas of the competition, showing exceptional musicianship in 

basketball games and a deftness of touch in taping a fellow student to the gym wall: disqualified in the orange-passmg contest for eating the orange, we rebounded in the wrap-a-studenl-in-toilet-paper competition 

to win with a straight flush. My one regret was that the boarding community did not get the opportunity to witness the speed and skill of our soccer and floor hockey teams, but this was partly offset by the 

performance of our relay teams - Vmce. Ed. Chns and Danny in the 4X50-metre relay and Jesse and Gustavo in the race to fetch a replacement egg for the egg-and-spoon race after we lost the hard-boiled one. 

Other houses might be interested to learn that our success this year has been due to avoiding vegetables and having mothers who. to judge by their phone calls dunng prep, are much younger than you would 

expect; the tendency of the basement to flood at the start of the year also kept us alert and fit. 

The year marked the end of an era. to represent it in any other terms would be to understate the impact that Messrs Jeremy Goodwin and Todd Milford have had on Bolton House, the school and westem 

civilization in general since the beginning of the nineties The announcement of Mr Goodwin's impending retirement from boarding did not come as a shock, since his shift in the vineyard has been a long one and of 

late his glance has strayed with increasing frequency and ardour to his golf clubs Nonetheless, it was not long before the implications of his move began to sink in and we realized that next year the comdors 

would no longer resonate to stentorian sounds ot displeasure as JJG discovered grade eights under a pile of laundry, or underwear that contravened most of the provisions of the Geneva Conventon; or Yos in 

bed; no longer would we be treated to the spectacle ot JJ attacking a toilet bowl with his redoubtable plunger in a manner reminiscent of Don Qui)Ote and his windmills: no more would the pocket money be 

distnbuted by colour rather than by amount Like the well-worn but beloved jacket of an elderly golfer, JJ was as much a part of Bolton House as the walls and doors - more dependably so. in fact, since he didnl 

sag or spnng leaks as often and his handles didn't fall off. 

He will view his six years in the latest edition of Bolton House with a mixture of tolerant amusement, fnjstration. despair and, we hope, affection: amusement at our attempts to establish any kind of routine; 

fnjstration and despair as some rooms turned into archaeological middens; affection for what has become a large, unnjiy but extraordmanly loyal family. I can say with some conviction that certain memones of his 

association with the House will haunt him to the end of his days: his weekly duels with Chns Fulton, the king of the bath mat; Dermott Hutlon, the singing nun, Bawo Daibo and Euan Frew, whose room provided 

living evidence of the ability of matter to expand and occupy a space larger than that available, and Yos, who spent more of the year asleep than awake and is probably unaware that Mr Goodwin ever addressed 

him. These ghosts will cause him to shank the occasional dnve, but he will remember them fondly in the secunty of a distant bunker or clubhouse. The bronchial moaning of the vacuum cleaners on Thursday 

evenings will be more mournful, and there will not be the same snap to the closing of drawers on a week's worth of detntus at the approach of the Grand Inquisitor. He will be missed. 

The vacuums will also be playing a lament for the departure of an assistant, a fnend and a mentor whose sojoum in the House has been shorter than JJ's but nonetheless amazingly nch in human warmth, 

commitment and vitality Todd Milford joined us in September, I993.and, in a world of uniforms, protocol and adolescent stnving for sophistication, at once stood out as a beacon of straightfonward integrity and 

canng. Whether as House Assistant or Grade Eight Advisor, he spent most of his waking hours helping students with their academic work or personal problems, or refining esotenc fnsbee techniques, his 

congenital inability to refuse a favour enmeshed him m such disparate tasks as house- sitting, bike-mending and bootlegging Starbuck's coffee for the duty staff and prefects, and he narrowly escaped a gnsly end 

at the paws of his temporary roommate last Chnstmas Todd has been so much of the heart and soul of Bolton House that we will require a penod of chrysalis- 1 ike introversion before emerging as a new and, we 

tnjst, reinvigorated body. In casual conversation with Ed and Mike the other day I alluded to the possibility that the prefects would consider a grade 1 3 tenn to tide us over the loss of Messrs Goodwin and Milford; 

their hystencal laughter suggested that I might have to wait some time for an answer in the affirmative. 

Considenng that we shall also be losing one of the strongest corps pf prefects m living memory, we might have been tempted to circle the waggons. Fortunately, we can face the future with perhaps more optimism 

than we might have had reason to expect In Mr Charles Bumett we have an Assistant House Parent who understands the vaganes ot Bolton House and bnngs considerable expenence of the SMUS boarding 

system, on lx)th sides of the fence, to the job of filling Mr Goodwin's shoes; in Hywel Jones we have one of the people for whom the fence was built. And. of course, our peripatetic troubadour, Cam Culham, will be 

back to set every duty evening to music Our slate of prefects for next year is strong and imbued with the tnje Bolton virtues, whatever they are; despite the occasional nostalgic glance over the shoulder, we are 

looking forward with confidence to another fine year. 

Farewell to David Hsu and Geoff Gledhill: we have enjoyed your company and hope that you will visit soon To Ed. Mike, Danny. Vince, Gary. Enc, Keith, Voun-Keun and Irvin - thanks for everything: your loyal 

leadership has been responsible for so much of what has gone nght this year, especially for the warm relationships that are so vital for the smooth operation of a student residence. You pass on a healthy torch; it is 

now up to Nick and company to get Yos up m the morning (perhaps by using the healthy torch), to separate David and Scott from their skates, and to find the toilet plunger. Our fingers are crossed. 


Harvey House 

The spirit lives on... 



liMft .TIT- V 

1. Y.Au, J.Poon, E.Lai, D.Lee, S.Sin, A.Sam 

2. M.Yang, C.Kim, K.Wu 

3. R.Bateman, G.Belliveau 

4. A.Ng, D.Tang 

5. S.Chan, S.Sin, K.Cheung, M.lkezawa 

6. A.Staseson, A.Thomas 

7. J.Chiu 

8. C.McCarten, L.Novak. B.Halladay, K.Cox, G.Koo, 

9. S.Hirao, M.Mrdjenovich 

10. L.Edillon, D.Yukawa, L.Wei, LHayashi, K.Simon 

11. P. Kim, J.Yoo, S.Won, J.Kim, C.You, A.Lee, K.Lee, 
K.Kim, M.Jung 

12. V.Yang, R.Ebl, A.Cooper, M.Volk, K.Emsley-Leik 

13. R.Bateman, S.Hsu, Y.Nakanishi, C.Lau, S.Hirao, 


B.R: Mr E. Jones, M.Johnson, R, Williams, R.Bateman. N, Millar, S.Tate, J.Hwang, Y.Harsono, K.Yeh, Mr.G. Belliveau 

M.R: A.Chen, D.Summers, A. Lin, M.Mrd|enovlch, S.HIrao, D.Hong, C.Huang, S.Hsu 

F.R: Y.Nakanishi, T.Kokubun, C.Teo, H.Yen, S.Wong. R.Chian, A.Fairman. G.Chou, J.Chiu 

Missing: Mr.H. Jones. Mr. S. McQueen 

1997 marks a major turning point in the demographics of the boarding community. Symons House, it was decided, was 
to become a girls' residence for the '97-'98 campaign. So, despite their unanimous conviction to stay there anyway, the 
stallions pictured above represent the last bastion of testosterone ever to grace the halls of the building. This year's 
Sassenachs did not "go gentle into that good night" but forever etched their names into Symons House lore. For example, 
legend has it that Yusuf anf Jack were once found awake during prep. And, although records of the event are spotty at 
best, it has been speculated that Dave may have at one time sat quietly at his desk for almost two straight hours. Ji, 
historians now claim, once endured a whole half hour without talking on the phone. Word is still out on whether Ross may 
have done the same. Daniel and Charles, many say, set an unofficial school record for the most number of consecutive 
tutorials spent in a state of non-attendance. Rigorous scrutiny of the log book also suggests that Gary may have at one 
time been in bed at lights out and that Richard once took in a breath of fresh air (a claim supported by the sharp decline in 
the state economy of Virginia at that same moment). Records also point to an incident in which Milan is reportd to have 
passed a mirror without assuming an interminable series of buff postures. And perhaps most shocking of all, a member of 
the school community reportedly spotted The Artist Formerly Known As Andy on campus during the third term. A rare 

sighting indeed, for that time of year. And speaking of sightings, Shingo was once seen outside the well, these are just 

rumours after all. So, as the year draws to a close and our graduates scatter to the four winds (and the others to the three 
other male houses) a big thank you must be sent out to all for making the year such a memorable one. Mr. Evan Jones and 
Mr. Scott McQueen also take with them our best wishes as they take their leave from life in the residential bubble. 

Remember chaps: The boys may be gone, but the legend lives on. 


BR: A.Hall, LWilkinson, J. Ford, M.Volk. R.Ebl, A. Staseson, K.Hill. K.Emsley-Leik. A Huang. LChian, J. Ho. K.Watson. A.Horsman. A.Cooper. Mr.C. White 

3rd R: N.Lisinski, J Weenk, Y Yang. S Umbu. C.Kim, A.Fellenz. C.Kim. C Wong, M.Wong. K.Wong. L.Basarab. Mrs.J. Walinga. A.WhIte 

2nd R: Ms.J Hannan. Ms.G. Miller. Mrs.S. Belliveau. M.Phipps. G.Chan. C. Mitchell. V.Yang. B.Harang. K.Birttery. M.Evans. S.McKee. T.Chiu. A.Thomas 

F.R: C Chou. A.Ng. Y.Lee. K.Cheung. T.Yu. JChung. M Hau. A.Weng. V.Lee. Mrs. L. Hyde-Lay, G. Hyde-Lay, Mr.l. Hyde-Lay, D Hyde-Lay Missing: M.Yang 

The year began as a tumultuous one with an extended house (50 girls), four new assistant housemums and me, new to the position of senior housemum. 
Many of the returning girls felt distressed by the lack of familiar faces on staff. However, the new housemums were enthusiastic, optimistic, and ready to 
commit to the house and the girls, and it wasn't long before they proved themselves kind, caring and supportive. By second term relationships had been 
formed and the girls were into a positive routine. There was never a dull moment as our lives seemed to be one (melo)drama after another with the girls and 
housemums swept up in the constant ebb and flood of emotional experiences. Jamie (grade 1 1 ). in a farewell speech to her roommate. Mellissa. at the year 
end picnic, eluded to the often intense relationships that develop in boarding when she stated that "you either hate or love your roommate!" Thankfully she 
loved her roommate ("even more than Ivan!"). However not every roommate painng is so fortunate, and many girls go through the experience of learning to 
compromise, to communicate specific needs, and hopefully, to develop compassion and diplomacy in the process. 

The year was extremely eventful with weekly activities such as swimming and Family Time (baking cookies and watching 90210 were favourites). Also, 
there were numerous seasonal activities, Girls nights at Wenman Pavilion, and house dinners and picnics. Then there was the house event of the year, the 
Winslow Raid!! The housemums, aliases Vice, Thunder, Coug, Lucky Lady and Jimmy, dressed in black and donning sunglasses, whipped the girls into a 
frenzy of excitement and house spirit. The war paint came out. the house chant resonated throughout the quad, and the Winslow girls were left shocked and 
thoroughly crushed in games of Shoes and tug of war! One of the girls commented she felt the Timmis spirit "pulsing through her veins!" 

Besides these many and varied house events, the girls were witness to the progression of two pregnancies. On the eve of January 06, a few hours 
before our house meeting to welcome the girls back from Christmas holidays. I phoned Ms. Walinga to say I would not be able to run the meeting because I 
thought (though I was not convinced ) that I was in labour. Word traveled quickly and within minutes the house was in hysteria. I had continual knocks at my 
door from excited and expectant faces offering everything from good luck hugs and a dream catcher for the baby, to chocolate chip cookies!! I drank raspberry 
leaf tea (supposedly reduces the intensity of labour) with the other housemums in between contractions. It was wonderful and very supportive to be able to 
share this emotional and awesome experience with the girls and the housemums. and just before midnight. Graeme was born (in the hospital)! And as I write 
this, Mrs. Belliveau sits beside me with a very distended belly, being only 3 weeks away from her delivery due date. We wish her a safe, gentle and speedy 
delivery of her baby. There are many more such tales and each girl will have her own favourite stones and memories of the year. 

Thank you to our prefects: Andrea Horsman (head of house), Vanessa Yang, Jennifer Ford. Michelle Hau, Amber Hall, and Alisa Cooper for their 
sterling efforts and leadership throughout the year. To the housemums: Ms. Walinga. Mrs. Belliveau. Ms. Miller, and Ms. Hannan, my dear friends, thank you 
for your unwavehng support and love of the girls. To the graduates, we hope you have learned from your experiences here and are now ready for the years 
ahead. We wish you all the best and expect you to keep in touch. To Mrs. Belliveau and the girls who will be moving to Symons house (the new girls' house), 
we are sad you will no longer be apart of the Timmis family, but comforted by the knowledge that you will still be living in the building and that we will see you 
daily. Thanks to Ms, Hannan, affectionately known as Jimmy, for such a warm and compassionate spirit. You have given yourself so completely to this school , 
and especially to our house. You are loved dearly and will be missed beyond words. We wish you a safe trip home to Australia and a wonderful reunion with 
your family. To the girls returning, we look forward to a smaller house and a fabulous year along side our new sister house. 

Mrs. Hyde-Lay, Senior Housemum 


1 - Joy Liu, Marisa Ishihara 2 - Ryota Yukawa 
3 - Nick Chng, Chris Callendar, Nathan 
IVIcCartney 4 - Jonathan Hampson, Vania 
Gamache 5 - Steve Tate 6 - Keith Phillips 
7 - Robert Sin 8 - Joelle Hatton 9 - Kimberly 
Emsley-Leik, Vanessa Lee, Michelle Hau, 
Alice Wang, Goldie Chan, Ms Hannan, Sarah 
Limbu, Alisa Cooper, Anna Huang, Jamie 
Chung, Courtenay Mitchell 


Barrett, B. Bezzard. O- Atchiey. J De Hann 

Peng, C- Sze. 

B.R: S. Liu, A. 

C. McCarten 

3RD R: J. Wong, S. Sugimoto, N. Kim, K. Cox, K. Bruce, L. Ingle, B. Halladay, D. Lee, G. Tseng, K. Dawson. M, Lee, Y. Au, A. Sam 

2ND R: V. Gamache, J. Tseng, R. Naito, M. Ishihara, S, Ctian, M. Ikezawa, Y. Chen, C, You, E. Novak, J. Hatton, Mrs. S. Hamilton. P. Hamilton, 

Mr. C. Hamilton 

F.R: Ms. A. Hunter, Mrs. M. Tongue, Ms. S. Hart, A. Lee, S. Won, R. Chung, K. Cheung, J. Poon. J. Yoo, K. Dawson, K. Dillon, Mr. P. Tongue 

The year passed far too quickly in a whirlwind of activity and change, September arrived, as did 28 new girls, 21 returning 
house vets; and new house staff Ms. Hart. Ms. Hunter and Mrs. Forbes. The increase in girl boarders caused the third floor of 
Winslow to extend across to the third floor of Barnacle. The prefects and house staff held their breath in anticipation- what 
would this year bring and how were we going to effectively manage and connect with girls? 

The year was good to us and the girls are to be credited for creating a home which was filled with warmth and spirit. The 
girls learned and practiced the value of good friendship and sisterhood. This year's prefects, Jen deHaan, Head of House, 
Yan Mak, Coille Atchiey, Marisa Ishihara, Sharon Om, Connie Sze and housekeeper Joy Liu, are to be commended for their 
outstanding contributions to the house. 

This year's "sanctioned" house activities included: dinner at Macaroni Grill, movie nights, video nights, waterfights, the first 
annual house ski trip to Mt. Washington (tagged by the girls, "chick trip 1997"), pizza and ice cream cake nights and Mrs. 
Tongue's snack nights. We topped the year off with an elegant evening out on the town - the girls were dressed to the nines 
and we started the night with a Tally Ho Carriage tour of Beacon Hill Park, then moved on to the Grand Pacific Hotel for dinner 
in our own pnvate dining room. 

Beyond the classroom and the house, the girls were also very generous with their time and energy. Many of the girls 
performed volunteer duties at the local hospital, spending time with senior citizens, volunteering with alumni weekend and 
working with the Global Society. 

Thank you girls, for a wonderful year. To our graduating Winslow girls, we wish you success and happiness in your life 
ahead and beyond the doors of your home at Winslow House. 


Mrs. Sylvia Hamilton 


Benjamin Acton 

David Beswick 

Lila Cheimak 

Lorien Chilton 

Evan Crawford 

Andrew Fairman 

Earson Gibson 

Kentaro Guthrie 

Clare Hall-Patch 

Jordan Helm 

Merlin Ho 

Jacqueline Hudson 

Nicholas Hume 

Christine Kim 

David Ingle 

Jessalyn Jennings 

Michael Lin 

Natalie Lisinski 

Angle Lee 

Angela Marshall 

Nathan McCartney 

Bryce Parsons 

Jason Reeve 

Bianca Roberts 

Kevin Simon 

Jennifer Thompson 

Sarah Turner 

Ashley Wey 

Jennifer Yoo 

Erick Calder 

Jacqueline Goldstein 

Jonathan Gordon 

Tadanori Kokubun 

Joshua Lam 

Rhys Lewis 

Chad Linger 

Timothy Louman-Gardiner 

Robyn Parton 

Michael Passmore 

Lauren Scott 

Elizabeth Woodward 

Shao Yee Yao 

Bronwen Bell 

Supreet Gill 

Mary-Ellen Glover 

Eric Goldstein 

Elizabeth Jawl 

Scott McCarten 

Marcia Wilson 

Mahanna Yang 

Tara Chadha 

Carley Somerset 

Sarah Holberg 

Greg Fowler 

Claire Jones 

Sarah Hudson 


Distinction in Strings 

Outstanding Effort in Math 

Distinction in German 

Distinction in Physical Education 

Distinction in Science 

Outstanding Effort in French 

Outstanding Effort in Math 

Distinction in Japanese 

Distinction in Choral 

Outstanding Effort in Band 

Outstanding Effort in Drama 

Distinction in French Honours 

Outstanding Effort in Math 10 

Outstanding Effort in Math 10 

Distinction in Drama 

Distinction in Spanish 

Distinction in Geography 

Distinction in Drama 

First in Choral 

First in German 

Distinction in Geography 

Outstanding Effort in Choral 

Distinction in Choral 

Outstanding Effort in Math 

Canadian Honour Roll - Pascal 

Distinction in Physical Education 

Distinction in Physical Education 

Distinction in Band 

Outstanding Effort in Science 

Distinction in Strings, Japanese 

Distinction in Spanish, French Honours 

Distinction in Choral, Physical Education 

First Equal in Science, First in Math 10 

Distinction in German; Outstanding Effort in History 

Distinction in History; Outstanding Effort in Physical Education 

Outstanding Effort in Choral, Math 

Distinction in English, History 

Distinction in Band; Outstanding Effort in History 

Distinction in Physical Education; Outstanding Effort in Choral 

First in Japanese; Distinction in French 

First in English; Distinction in Science 

Distinction in French; Outstanding Effort in History 

First in Strings; Distinction in French; Outstanding Effort in Spanish 

First in French; Distinction in History, Spanish 

Distinction in French, Japanese; Outstanding Effort in Math 

Outstanding Effort in History, Band, Math 10 

First in Geography; Distinction in Choral, Physical Education 

Distinction in History; Outstanding Effort in Choral, Physical Education 

Distinction in Geography, Math 10; Outstanding Effort in French Honours 

Distinction in Japanese; Outstanding Effort in Geography, ESL 

Distinction in Drama, Science; Outstanding Effort in Math 10, History 

First in Physical Education; Distinction in French, Geography 

First in Japanese, French Honours, History; Distinction in Strings, Science, Geography 

First in Band; Distinction in Spanish, French Honours, English, History, Science; Outstanding Effort 

in Math 10 

First Equal in Science, First in Spanish; Distinction in Drama, French Honours, English, Math 10, 


Distinction in Spanish, Math, French Honours, English, Geography, Science, Choral; Outstanding 

Effort in History 


Michael Adam 
John Andrachuk 
Nigel Brown 
Lilian Chan 
Brienne Coleman 
Joywin Cummings 
Ravina Dhillon 
Morgan Evans 
Chris Eun 
Christopher Finch 
Maude Henri-Bhargava 
Andrew Hildred 
Kathryn Hill 
Maya Ikezawa 
Samantha Lawrence 
Lawrence Lee 
Kathryn Leong 
Christopher Mills 
Darren Mason 
Ben Naismifh 
Kimberly Nordlund 
Alex Payne 
Vasin Phetsiri 
Lucas Rankin 
Taylor Rankin 
Jamie Saunders 
Rebecca Taylor 
Kathryn Watson 
Karen Wong 
Yvette Yang 
Danny Boticki 
Raid Chambers 
Serlene Chan 
Kelly Dillon 
Alexander Dunae 
Vania Gamache 
Olivia Ibell 
Dan Ishuhara 
Ryan Jennings 
Kimberly Smith 
Graham Snowden 
Rebekah Stackhouse 
Nicholas Stipp 
Chris You 
Chris Callendar 
Susan Hayes 
Christopher James 
Brian Moss 
Krystal O'Byrne 
Heather Orr 
Charlotte Reid 
Takaya Ueda 
Michael Wighton 
Carol Wong 
Hilo Yen 
Joelle Hatton 
Vanessa Lee 
Christine Wilson 
Richard Greenwood 
Dixie Klaibert 
John Kwari 
Elizabeth Novak 

Aya Larsen 

Rebecca Sheng 

Matthieu Boyd 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in Geography 

Oustanding Effort in Chemistry 

Oustanding Effort in Choral 

Distinction in French Honours 

Outstanding Effort in Physical Education 

First in French 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in Biology 

Outstanding Effort in Drama 

Outstanding Effort in Physics 

Distinction in Choral 

Outstanding Effort in Math 

Outstanding Effort in Math 1 1 

Distinction in Band 

Distinction in Art 

Outstanding Effort in Physics 

Outstanding Effort in Math 

Outstanding Effort in Computer Applications 

Outstanding Effort in Band 

Distinction in Band 

Distinction in Drama 

Outstanding Effort in Choral 

Outstanding Effort in Computer Applications 

Distinction in Strings 

Distinction in Physical Educations 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in Biology 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in Art 

First in Physical Education; Outstanding Effort in Math 

Distinction in Phyics, English 

Distinction in Chemistry; Outstanding Effort in Art 

Outstanding Effort in Drama. Math 

First in Band, Music Composition 11 

Distinction in Drama, Choral 

Distinction in Geography; Outstanding Effort in History 

Distinction in Math 11; Distinction in Outstanding Effort in English 

Distinction in Chemistry; Outstanding Effort in History 

First in Spanish; Distinction in French Honours 

Distinction in French Honours; Outstanding Effort in Physical Education 

Distinction in History. English 

Distinction in History; Outstanding Effort in Math 11 

Distinction in Band. Choral 

First Equal in Computer Applications; Distinction in Spanish, Physical Education 

First in German; Distinction in Geography. Computer Applications 

Distinction in Strings, English, Computer Applications, Music Composition 1 1 

Equal First in Computer Applications: Distinction in Geography, Physical Education 

Distinction in Physical Education; Outstanding Effort in French Honours, Biology 

Distinction in German; Outstanding Effort in Physics, Biology 

Distinction in Biology, Physical Education; Outstanding Effort in Physics 

Distinction in Physics, Math 11. Chemistry 

Distinction in Math 11, Drama, Physical Education; Canadian Honour Roll - Caley 

First in Japanese; Distinction in Choral. Beginners Spanish 

First in Japanese 11; Distinction in Math; Outstanding Effort in ESL 

Distinction in Computer Applications; Outstanding Effort in Art. German. Biology 

First in Choral; Distinction in Biology; Outstanding Effort in Art, English 

Distinction in Geography, Choral; Outstanding Effort in French, Chemistry 

First in Strings, Art; Distinction in English, Physics, Math 11 

Equal First in Geography; Distinction in History, English, Math 11, Chemistry, Biology 

Distinction in Biology, Geography, Physics, Strings. Advanced Japanese; Outstanding Effort in History 

First in Beginners Spanish; Distinction in Geography. French Honours, History, Chemistry, Biology, Computer 

Applications, Choral, Physics; Outstanding Effort in Math 

Equal First in History, First in Advanced Japanese; Distinction in Biology, Chemistry, Geography, English, 

French Honours, Mathll, Physics, Strings 

First in French Honours, Physics, Math 11; Distinction in Geography, Spanish, 

Chemistry, Biology, Computer Applications 

Equal First in Geography, History, First in English, Chemistry, Biology; 

Distinction in Advanced Japanese, Computer Applications; Outstanding Effort 

in Physics 



Elizabeth Aitken 
Mathew Berg 
Matthew Boulton 
Kimberly Bruce 
Goldie Chan 
Alan Chen 
Brandon Chiu 
Nicholas Chng 
Mike Danskin 
Jenny Franklin 
Stephen Hsu 
Anna Huang 
Alec Johnston 
Elaine Lai 
Kanoux Larsen 
Donna Lee 
Jason Lee 
Michelle Lee 
Carol Lewis 
Mariko Miller 
Joann Nash 
Christopher Noel 
Daniel Saunders 
Katharine Saunders 
Christopher Smith 
Bryce Soderberg 
Sayuri Sugimoto 
David Tseng 
Megan Volk 
Lance Wei 
Leah Winters 
Jeremia Williams 
Jacqueline Wong 
Jonathan Zacks 
Megan Cassidy 
Gordon Cheung 
Genny Burdett 
Jean Daniel 
Vince Lau 

Distinction in Choral 

Distinction in Biology 

Distinction in Drama 

Oustanding Effort in Biology 

Distinction in Math 1 1 

Equal First in Choral 

Distinction in Physics 1 1 

Distinction in History 

Distinction in Physical Education 

First in Biology 

First in Computer Applications 

Outstanding Effort in Choral 

Distinction in Physical Education 

Outstanding Effort in French Honours 

First in Advanced Japanese 

Oustanding Effort in Chemistry 

Distinction in Math 12; Canadian Honour Roll - Fermat 

Distinction in Spanish 

Outstanding Effort in Biology Honours 

Distinction in Advanced Japanese 

Distinction in Physical Education 

Distinction in Physical Education 

Distinction in Biology 

Outstanding Effort in Drama 

Distinction in Spanish 

Oustanding Effort in Band 

Outstanding Effort in Choral 

First in Art 

Distinction in Drama 

Distinction in Art 

Distinction in English 

Distinction in Spanish 

Distinction in English 

Distinction in Spanish 

Distinction in Strings; Outstanding Effort in History 

Distinction in Chemistry, Math 12; Canadian Honour Roll - Fermat 

Distinction in Biology Honours; Oustanding Effort in Math 12 

Outstanding Effort in Choral, French 

Distinction in Math 12, Choral 


Kimberley Lobb 
Rachel Magnusson 
Courtenay Mitchell 
Sam Paulos 
Steven Romanchuk 
Christine Wenman 
Laura Willihnganz 
Cosmos Yeh 
Sheryl Dodd 
Peter Kim 
Grace Koo 
Jenny Reed 
Christopher Tse 
Cara Yeates 

Ryota Yukawa 
Jayne Bradbury 

Kelly Cox 

Eric Kim 
Joanna Lee 
David Lynch 

Robert Sin 

Chris Stolarski 
Steven Wong 
Nathan Millar 

Grant Woolliams 

Lindsay Basarab 

Rebecca Anglin 

Alfred Wong 

Jack Chiu 

Distinction in Biology Honours, Physical Education 
Distinction in Geography, English 
Outstanding Effort in Math 1 1 , French Honours 
Distinction in Choral; Outstanding effort in Biology Honours 
Distinction in Physics, Math 1 1 
Equal First in English; Distinction in History 
Distinction in English, Biology Honours 
Distinction in Math 12; Outstanding Effort in Physics 
First in French 12; Distinction in Geography, History 
Distinction in Physics, Geography, Art 
First in Chemistry, Physics; Distinction in Biology Honours 
Distinction in Biology Honours, English, Art 
Distinction in Math 12, Choral; Outstanding Effort in Japanese 
Equal First in Drama; Distinction in Choral; Outstanding Effort in Biology 

Distinction in Physics, Physical Education; Oustanding Effort in Chemistry 
First in Geography; Distinction in Biology Honours, French Honours; Out- 
standing Effort in Physics 

Distinction in Geography, French Honours, Physical Education; Outstanding 
Effort in History, Chemistry 12 

First in Spanish, Strings; Distinction in Chemistry, Math 12 
Distinction in Chemistry, English, Geography, Japanese 
First in History; Distinction in Geography, Art; Outstanding Effort in Physical 

Equal First in Choral; Distinction in Math 12, band; Outstanding Effort in 

Equal First in Drama; Distinction in History, English, Physical Education 
Distinction in Geography, History, Band; Outstanding Effort in Physics 
Distinction in Chemisty, Spanish, French Honours, Physical Education; 
Outstanding Effort in Math 12 

Distinction in Geography, Chemistry, French, History, Physical Education; 
Oustanding Effort in Math 1 1 

First in French Honours; Distinction in English, Geography, Biology Honours; 
Outstanding Effort in Chemistry, History, Math 12 

First Equal in English, First in Biology Honours; Distinction in Math 12, Phys- 
ics, Strings 

First in Math 12, Computer Programming; Distinction in Chemistry, Geogra- 
phy, Physics; Outstanding Effort in Choral; Canadian Honour Roll - Fermat 
Fisrt in French, Band; Distinction in Chemistry, Math 12, Physics; Outstand- 
ing Effort in English 


Devin Arnold 
Kimberly Barnes 
Tina Barrett 
Nicolas Blumberg 
Michelle Butler 
Edward Callendar 
Sean Carrie 
Tina Chiu 
Emily Clough 
Jennifer Coelho 
Alisa Cooper 
Mitsuru Delisle 
Rae-Anne Ebl 
Patrick Frisby 
Hayley Gibson 
Patrick Gill 

Rohanna Green 

Michelle Hau 
Anita Holtham 

Jacqueline Hudson 
Marisa Ishihara 
Allison Johnson 

Martin Jung 
Jae-Won Kim 
Sunny Kim 
Michael Kwan 
Christopher Lau 
Vincent Law 
Lucas Lee 

Distinction in English, Scholarship winner of Canadian Math League 
Distinction in Choral 

First in Geology, Outstanding Effort in Chemistry, Physics 
First in Computer Programming. 
Distinction in English Lit, Geology, Geography 
Distinction in P.E. 11 
Distinction in English, Art 
Outstanding Effort in Physics 

Economic Investment Prize, Distinction in Physics, Economics, English 
Distinction in English, Biology, English Lit. 
Outstanding Effort in Math 

Equal first in Math, First in Econimics; Distinction in Choral, Calculus. 
Outstanding Effort in Calculus 
Distinction in French, Outstanding Effort in English 
Distinction in French 

First in Chemistry, Physics, Band; Distinction in Music Compostion, Biology, AP 
Calculus. Canadian Math Honour Roll-Euclid, Medal-Euclid, $500 Math 


First in English, English Lit., Spanish; Distinction in Chemistry, Physics, AP 

Calculus, Euclid and AHSME. 
Distinction in Geography, Band; Outstanding Effort in Math, French , P.E.1 1 
First in Biology, Distinction in Chemistry, English, English Lit, Physics, Band, AP 

First in Art, Outstanding Effort in Biology. 
Outstanding Effort in Physics 

Equal First in Geography, Distinction in Geology, Choral, Outstanding Effort in 
Survey Math 

Equal First in Math, First in Calculus. 
First in Japanese 
Equal First in Survey Math 
First in Music Composition, Distinction in Band 

Distinction in Math 
Distinction in Physics 
Outstanding Effort in Chemistry 


Youn-Keun Lee 
Joy Liu 
Silvia Liu 
Alex Martin 
Chris Mavrikos 
Janika McFeely 
Russell Morton 
Aries Ng 
Sina Noureddin 

Sharon Om 
Keith Phillips 
Michelle Phipps 
Michael Preston 
Jaclyn Reid-lvany 
Robyn Reid-lvany 
Colleen Saffrey 
Daniel Sander 
Amy Slegg 
Nicolas Stanger 
Connie Sze 
Danny Tang 
Irvin Teo 
Mellissa Wong 
Kathryn Wynn 
Vanessa Yang 
Ken Yeh 

Robin Featherstone 
Rachel Gardiner 
Maria Kwari 
Gary Tongue 
Keir Wilmut 

David Wilson 

Distinction in Survey Math 
Distinction in Choral, AP Calculus 
Distinction in Calculus 

Distinction in English Lit., Outstanding Effort in Chemistry 
Distinction in Choral, Outstanding Effort in Geography 
Distinction in Art, Outstanding Effort in Math 
Distinction in Geology 
Equal First in Survey Math 

First in AP Calculus, Distinction in Chemistn/, Physics, Canadian Math Honour Roll- 
Euclid, $500 Math Scholarship-UVic 

Outstanding Effort in Physics 
Outstanding Effort in English 
Distinction in Choral, Drama ;Outstanding Effort in English , English Lit., P.E. 11 

Outstanding Effort in Biology 
Outstanding Effort in Physics 
Outstanding Effort in Math 

Distinction in French, Biology, Strings, Outstanding Effort in AP Calculus 
First in P.E.1 1, Outstanding Effort in Math 
Distinction in Choral 

First in Drama, Distinction in Strings, Outstanding Effort in P.E.1 1, English Lit. 
Distinction in Spanish 
Distinction in Survey Math, Calculus 
Outstanding Effort in Calculus 
Distinction in Chemistry, AP Calculus 

Distinction in English Lit.; Outstanding Effort in History 
Outstanding Effort in Math, Geography 
AHSME Honour Roll 
Distinction in History, English, English LiL 

Distinction in Strings 
Outstanding Effort in Biology 
Distinction in P.E.1 1 

First in History, Equal First in Geography, Distinction in English English Lit, Calculus, 
Honour Roll Euclid ,AHSME 
Distinction in Strings, Art. 

Special Awards 


Taran Chadha 
Angela Marshall 
Evan Crawford 
Carley Somerset 
Jacqueline Goldstein 
Marcia Wilson 
Tadanori Kokubun 
Shao Yee Yao 
Richard Greenwood 
Elizabeth Novak 
Susan Hayes 
Takaya Ueda 
Christopher James 

Michael Wighton 
Vanessa Lee 
Carol Wong 
Hilo Yen 
Gordon Cheung 
Joanna Lee 
Brandon Chiu 
Nathan Millar 
Sheryl Dodd 
Jenny Reed 
Mellissa Wong 
Eric Kim 
Christopher Tse 

Grant Woolliams 
Emily Clough 
Joy Liu 

Jennifer Coelho 
Sina Noureddin 
Mitsuru Delisle 
Sharon Om 
Patrick Gill 
Colleen Saffrey 
Rohanna Green 
Keir Wilmut 
Anita Holtham 


Gregory Fowler 
Claire Jones 
Sarah Holberg 
Lauren Scott 
Sarah Hudson 


Matthieu Boyd 
Aya Larsen 
Dixie Klaibert 
John Kwari 

Rebecca Anglin 
Jack Chiu 
Lindsay Basarab 
Alfred Wong 
Jayne Bradbury 

Sean Carrie 
David Wilson 
Jacqueline Hudson 
Janika McFeely 
Nick Stanger 
Robin Featherstone 
Devon Hahn 
Kimberly Barnes 
Christopher Mavrikos 
Amy Slegg 
Joy Liu 
Yan Mak 
Rachel Gardiner 
Colleen Saffrey 
Patrick Gill 
Patrick Frisby 
Emily Clough 
Michael Kwan 
Sina Noureddin 


Michelle Hau 

Anita Holtham 

Eric Kim 

Christopher Smith 

Jack Chiu 

Robert Sin 

Matt Turner 

Dave Wilson 

Yoshi Nakanishi 

Chris Lau 

Deanna Age 

Kristina Kerr 

Whitney Davis 

Carys Jones 

Ria Mavrikos 

Jess White 

Rachel Gardiner 

Dan Sander 

Nick Stanger 

Ed FairhurstEd Catlender 

Shingo Hirao 

Deanna Age 

Kristina Kerr 

Emily Clough 
Mariko Miller 
In/in Teo 
Borden Tseng 
Ed Fairhurst 
Dan Sander 
Adam Dowhy 
Andrew Dewar 
Ria Mavrikos 
Kristina Kerr 
Deanna Age 
Emily Clough 
Jacquie Hudson 
Eric Hung 
Mariko Miller 
Matt Turner 
Dave Wilson 
Anita Holtham 
Kathryn Wynn 
Chris Mavrikos 
Sunny Kim 
Coille Atchley 
Alisa Cooper 




I ■ IHTfg 

mtm. ^' ^^^rfg 



Best Actress in Grade XI - Cara Yeates 
Best Actor in Grade 1 1 - Christopher Stolarski 


Christopher Stolarski 


Sarah Hudson 


Keir Wilmut 


Peter Kim 


Sarah Hudson 


Michael Adam 


Richard Greenwood and Aya Larsen 


Jenny Reed 



Patrick Gill 


Patrick Gill 


Michelle Hau 


Jacqueline Hudson 


Nicholas Stanger 


Blair Nelson 


Rae-Anne Ebl 

Keith Philips 

Sendjaja Desember 

Emily Clough 

Rachel Gardiner 

Matthew Turner 

Nicholas Stanger 

Jen Ford 

Rob Bateman 

Rohanna Green 

Chapel Warden 

Chapel Warden 

Boarding Head 

Prefect, Athletics, Top Academic, Musician 

Prefect, Musician, Athlete, Scholar 

Prefect, Athlete, Peer Counsellor 

All Rounder, Musician, Drama, Outdoor Sporting 

Boarding Prefect 

Head Boy 

Female School Captain Scholar 



Patrick Gill 

GOVERNOR GENERALS MEDAL - (98.75% over top four academic subjects including 


Rohanna Green 


Kathryn Wynn 


Robin Featherstone 


Van Mak 


Patrick Gill 





^C^^!".: "?'» "-'p.'? ^""S-.'i^ 




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